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I wanted to kick off my mid-twenties by doing something bold

When considering doing postgraduate study – I knew there were a few options on the table. I could stay in the United States and pursue a 2-year Masters degree, or I could move abroad and complete my Masters in 1 year. Plus, I’d have the unforgettable opportunity to move to a different country at...

Danielle Reaves

Surrey, University of

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I'm so glad I found Across The Pond!

I'm so glad I found Across The Pond! My personal advisor counseled me through every step, from choosing which unis to apply to, to writing my personal statement, and then later helping me decide which program was right for me, and guiding me through the visa application process. He was always there...

Zeya W.

Exeter, University of

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Interactive learning experience

I chose to study at Nottingham because I believe the University best fits my idea of a higher education institution, with lecturers who are driven to teach based on the passion they possess for their respective fields. Within my program I have had the pleasure of being lectured by individuals from...

Eric Tetteh Boye Lomotey

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It’s ok to come here and not know anyone!

Why Falmouth? As a kid, my Dad took me traveling with him a lot. At the age of 9 he took me to visit England, France, Germany, and Switzerland. I loved Europe and knew someday I wanted to experience living here. As an undergraduate I did a summer abroad in Florence, Italy with the Fashion...

Ariana Safari

Falmouth University

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London is amazing!

What was it like to settle in to your university?Having never been to the UK (or even out of the country) before, the first couple of weeks were pretty tough. Fortunately, my uni had a Fresher’s Week fair the first week or two, which had all sorts of events to help you get settled and meet new...

Amy Hodgin

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Loughborough is really diverse

Leaving home and travelling across the Atlantic to come and study in the UK I wanted to make sure I was choosing the best place possible to study. I spent 4 months researching the rankings of the course and university as well as the location in terms of travelling within Europe. My first...

Tara Bailey

Loughborough University

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Made my plan to move to London totally realistic

Across The Pond made my plan to move to London totally realistic. With the help from my advisor, every application step, some of which were stressful and tedious, very easy! I couldn't be more relieved that I stumbled to the Across The Pond website. I have my advisor and this company to thank...

Jena Hatch

Kingston University

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Master's degree in one year

How I heard about LoughboroughI played basketball at college and heard through friends that the eligibility rules were different in the UK, so I could continue playing basketball whilst studying for my Master's. We happened to have a coach come over from Loughborough to deliver some clinics and he...

Kelsey Cuddy

Loughborough University

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Much cheaper!

With the first year of university at the University of Chester now completed, I have to say that Across the Pond played a crucial role in helping me get into university in the UK. With Across the Pond, you get very individualized help with every aspect of the university application process, all...

Holden Koepke Romero

Chester, University of

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Much more reasonable than expected

I am an international student studying Zoology, which is in the department of Life Sciences at Whitelands College, a ten-minute walk from main campus. The program explores various aspects of the animal kingdom, from cell biology and evolution to physiology and ecology. I really enjoy the practical...

Brooklynn Slone

Roehampton, University of

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