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If you want to study in the UK, you have come to the right place! Maybe you need to learn more about why doing your degree in the UK would be a good option? Maybe you are debating whether you should study in the UK, at home or in a completely different country? Let us tell you why universities in Great Britain are so well known across the world!

Why should you choose a UK university?

The choice is simple. Studying in the UK will boost your potential and open doors regardless of where you want to go in the world. If you are looking for the skills and experience you need to succeed in your chosen career, you have come to the right place! British universities offer international students a world-class education and access to world-leading research that is hard to beat. The United Kingdom has been providing the world with quality education for centuries and attract not only some of the best academics in the world, but also the very best students from around the globe. This means you get to network with some of the experts within your field of study, both current and future!

By studying in England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland you will get access to world-recognised universities who not only offer a great student experience and high-quality innovative teaching, you will also earn a degree that is respected around the world. UK universities consistently rank amongst the best universities in the world and has been the preferred choice for world leaders and some of the most important minds in history since before Columbus discovered America and the black death pandemic struck Europe.

Research undertaken by academics at universities in Britain shape our world and impact our everyday lives. The reputation of research carried out by UK universities is impressive and recognised as excellent globally. Having access to some of the best research and best academics in the world by doing a degree at a UK university will look great on your CV and employers around the world are always looking for high quality graduates with an educational background that stand out.

Why choose our UK universities?

Across the Pond represents a great selection of universities across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Together, these universities offer the vast majority of courses, at all levels and with opportunities almost no matter what kind of academic background you may have. We will help you find out which universities and courses you should apply to based on your wishes, academic background and experience as well as where and what you want to study. We have all studied in the UK ourselves, and we know what it is like to start the process of applying for studies in another country.

We have very good knowledge of the universities we represent, and many of the universities are among the best in the UK, Europe and even the world within their fields. We work both with so-called new universities and with some of the oldest universities across Great Britain.


The information on the university pages has been submitted by the higher education institution itself, and it varies how frequently they update it. If you want to know more, get in touch and one of our student advisors will answer all your questions!

Across the Pond is the official representative for this teaching institution for selected countries around the world which means we can help you apply to their courses and help with all the documents needed to submit an application. We can help answer questions about their courses and the institution itself as they do not necessarily have the capacity to deal with student enquiries from all around the world on a daily basis. This also means that they can ask us questions about your application and we can help explain if they are not familiar with your grades, academic background or the educational system in your home country. They also appreciate that students who apply through Across the Pond get the help they need, not only in terms of submitting the application and supporting documents, but also with everything needed pre-arrival in the UK, such as student accommodation, visa information, funding information and well as preparing for departure to the UK.

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