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Why do the UCAS application alone when Across the Pond can help you? Maybe you have started the application already and feel lost? We are here to help you through the entire application process - for free! 


Filling out the UCAS application as an international student

Did you know that only around 40 percent of international students who apply to British universities through the Universities and Colleges Application System (UCAS) are successful at navigating that process by themselves and end the process accepting an offer of a place?

The reasons for this statistic vary. Some students find the application miserably complicated; others unknowingly apply to universities beyond their academic ability and end up without offers. Others are daunted by the process at the very outset and never proceed. It is discouraging, especially when the goal to study in the UK is such an admirable and worthwhile pursuit, offering amazing benefits and advantages.

Across the Pond deeply believes in the value of studying abroad and an international education, especially at universities in the United Kingdom, which consistently rank as some of the best education in the world. A key component of the free service we provide is to help with filling out the UCAS application, and we are proud to boast a high rate of application success. Almost every student we work with receives multiple offers from UK universities. How does this happen? 

It all boils down to our focus on providing each student with customised, personal, one-to-one advice.


We start by looking at your grades and test scores. Based on that information, we guide you to a selection of universities where you have a good chance of application success. We know the UCAS application limits students to just five universities and/or programmes, so no choice should be wasted. By helping students identify where their chances of success are high or within reach in the first place, the majority of Across the Pond students end up entertaining more than just one offer.

Did you also know that some institutions insist on certain classes for acceptance to some courses – even if your school did not offer those classes and you had no way to take them? In other words, you would automatically be rejected from that course and have used one of your five options, no matter how good your grades were. Across the Pond can help you avoid that pitfall.


We also support you in writing your personal statement, ensuring it is tailored and appropriate for a British audience. Very often the approach to a statement of intent from international students is much different from what a British admissions board wants to receive. We help students communicate their goals in a direct, academic manner that also serves to boost their chances of success and make them more attractive candidates. For example, did you know that listing too many achievements outside of school could make you seem unfocused, like you are not passionate enough about the academic area you want to pursue? There are many potential pitfalls, and we will help ensure your statement is appropriate and written with the correct audience in mind.


Which teacher or professor should write your letter of recommendation, and what should it include? Did you know there is a good and a bad way to make your request? Asking for this favour appropriately could result in a fantastic letter, whereas otherwise it could weaken your overall application. The reference letter is like the glue that holds all the pieces of the application together. You want your letter to be strong. Our guidance will help you make the best choice possible. We also help your teacher or professor with some guidelines in terms of how to write the letter. 


Can’t wait to get started? Across the Pond offers you a free service to navigate this tricky but important first step into a British university with ease and confidence. We strongly recommend that you contact us for your own personal advisor today who will guide you through the whole process and work with you on your application.

If you have started your application already, you can always enter our buzzword (studyacrossthepond2024) in the application to connect it to our UCAS Centre. You will then be linked to us, and we can start working on your application together. We recommend getting in touch with an advisor first though, so we can work through the process correctly!

Not sure how to accept or decline an offer? Not sure what it means when you are eligible for UCAS Extra or UCAS Clearing?  Not to worry. Your personal advisor will help you with this, too!


Possibly one of the harder sections of the UCAS application, the Education section consistently causes the most confusion for the students we assist. Most questions stem from how to accurately input your test scores, along with credits from your university, university college or school back home. Another source of confusion is the use of British English as opposed to American English that people around the world struggle with. What is a module? What does UCAS mean when it asks for a qualification? And is my qualification below honours? Your personal advisor understands British English and can help you fill this section out accurately! 

Why do the UCAS application alone when Across the Pond can help you do it more quickly, more accurately, and with much less stress?

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