The Royal Agricultural University (RAU) has been educating leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs in the land-based sector since its foundation as the first Agricultural College in the English-speaking world in 1845. In 2020 the RAU celebrated its 175 birthday. 

The RAU offers courses in Business and Management, Agriculture, Food Security and Supply Chain, Environment, Agribusiness, Equine, Cultural Heritage, Property and Rural Entrepreneurship among others. The career-focused courses are designed and updated to meet the changing needs of the employment market and combine academic excellence with practical application. Courses are managed and taught by experienced staff who are experts in their field, many of them informing national and international policy in areas including food, environment and animal welfare. 

The university maintains strong industry links, creating an unrivalled reputation in terms of the networking opportunities available and the calibre of work placements offered to students. Students have gone on to enjoy success and make a significant contribution in a wide range of professions around the world. The RAU has a strong entrepreneurial focus; students on every course can benefit from their award-winning enterprise programme. 

From student societies to organised workshops and awards, the RAU provides students with the opportunity to develop their business ideas and receive tailored support. As a result of this initiative the RAU is recognised as a Centre of Excellence by the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs (IOEE), as well as being awarded the title of Enterprising Learning Provider of the Year. 

In keeping with its heritage as a trailblazer in land-based studies, the RAU remains committed to ensuring that all its students receive a stimulating, innovative and challenging education that will equip them with the skills required to shape and build their careers. 

At a time of unprecedented global challenges such as climate change and the need to feed a growing population in a sustainable way while protecting the environment, informed graduates are needed more than ever. The niche courses offered at the RAU, combined with exceptional student support and academic expertise produce graduates equipped with all the necessary skills and knowledge they need to embrace the opportunities ahead. 



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Date of establishment: 1845

Student population: ca. 1,200 in the UK

Location: Cirencester in Gloucestershire

City population: around 20 000 in Cirencester and around 858 000 in Gloucestershire

Closest airports: London Heathrow and Birmingham

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