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Helped me every step of the way!

Name: Sara Phillips
Course: Criminology
University: Durham University
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Helped me reach my goals

My advisor and Across the Pond completely lifted the weight off my shoulders and helped me through every part of the application. And to top it all off, it was free!

Name: Kyle Shaughnessy
University: Essex, University of
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I am so thankful for Across the Pond for helping me achieve my dreams

Name: Mekenzie Toussaint
University: Essex, University of
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I couldn't be happier with my decision to further my education here

Name: Steven Szukielowicz
University: Loughborough University
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I fell in love with Queen’s and Belfast!

Name: Kimberly Mack
Course: MA in Irish Studies
University: Queen's University Belfast
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I got a high quality education

I knew I wanted to go to the UK due to the high standards for education, the language, and since the postgraduate degrees take around half the time than in the US.

Name: Andrea Duarte
Course: Global Marketing
University: York, University of
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I love the diversity that is in the classroom

There is a certain feeling of relief and happiness when you return to your home or to your family, and for me, when I'm in Worcester, I get that feeling, that feeling of being home.

Name: Ali Tappe
Course: MSc International Management
University: Worcester, University of
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I love the people here

I love how close Southampton is to London and the sea. It is easy to get to the beach or water from here.

Name: Allison Chambers
Course: Marketing Management
University: Southampton, University of
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I made so many friends

This course is for you if you love being creative and are willing to learn whatever is thrown at you.

Name: Sophie Mahmud
Course: BA (Hons) Fashion Graphics
University: Solent University, Southampton
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I want to move back

I was able to travel more than I ever thought possible. I am now obsessed with the idea of moving back.

Name: Tashiel Beckfors
Course: Clinical Applications of Psychology
University: Kingston University London
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