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Easy commute to London

As far as cities in Canada are concerned, everything is huge and vastly spread out. There are tall buildings and massive six lane highways everywhere. So when I made the move from Canada to UK, it was a big change for me. Not only is the weather...

Name: Sai Save
University: University of Surrey

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Exactly what I was looking for

Why did you choose Roehampton?Roehampton's Creative Writing course in the heart of London was exactly what I was looking for. As a university that is not too big, it was easier to make the transition. What made you accept Roehampton?I accepted...

Name: Elliott David Nixon
Course: Creative Writing
University: University of Roehampton

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Falmouth is my home from home

Why Falmouth?While on my hunt in finding the most suitable foundation course for me, I carried a mental checklist of must haves for the university I would end up attending. The student work had to be really good, as it’s a reflection of not only the...

Name: Carmela Wilkins
Course: BA Art and Design (Foundation Course)
University: Falmouth University

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Sarah from Wisconsin is studying MSc Clinical and Abnormal Psychology at Swansea University...What did you do prior to studying at Swansea University? I studied my undergraduate degree in Minnesota USA, took a year to work, then moved to Wales.Why...

Name: Sarah Salo
Course: MSc Clinical and Abnormal Psychology
University: Swansea University

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Far more enjoyable than I imagined

I was attracted to the UK’s three-year program that would allow me to focus on the subject I was most passionate about. Additionally, I was looking for a Biology curriculum that took an evolutionary approach. I ultimately chose the University of...

Name: Tiffany Slater
Course: Biology
University: University of Worcester

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Gave me the confidence I needed to make the move

Where do I start? I would have been lost without Across The Pond, especially my advisor! When I first started my research on universities in the United Kingdom, I just knew I wanted to study my Masters here; I had no idea of all it entailed....

Name: Elisa Summiel

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Great academic reputation

The main reason why I decided to come to Loughborough University was the academic reputation of the University as a whole, and more specifically the reputation of the school of Business and Economics. Physical fitness is also a priority in my...

Name: Justin Mosley
University: Loughborough University

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Great service, free of charge

I used the 'Study Across The Pond' service to help me apply for my Journalism MA in the UK. I remember asking over and over again if it there was a fee to pay because I couldn't believe such a great service was free of charge. From the very start,...

Name: Ahmad Al Hendi
Course: MA Journalism
University: Cardiff University

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Hands-on experience

The BSc (hons) maritime business is for you if you wish to pursue a highly international and multicultural career that few, perhaps no other, industries can offer. As shipping accounts for 90–95 per cent of total global trade, it is one of the...

Name: Henrik Sollie Klokk
Course: BSc (Hons) Maritime Business
University: Solent University, Southampton

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Hard to say goodbye

When deciding to pursue a Master's degree in the UK I was really excited for my year long adventure, but very stressed about the path it would take to get there. Browsing through the Internet I stumbled upon Across the Pond and their services are...

Name: Laura Spell
University: Durham University

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