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My master's degree has been better than some vacations!

I would have found it impossible to have found my graduate programme without Across The Pond. I was given a full detailed list organized by course, geographic location, and even by reputation. It was so organized and had someone to answer every single question along the way. I am in awe that I was...

Dylan White

Edinburgh Napier University

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My only regret was that I couldn’t continue studying for longer

I did my MA in Translation Studies at Cardiff University in 2015-2016, and my only regret was that I couldn’t continue studying for longer. I wholeheartedly enjoyed the whole course. My tutors were approachable and had a great deal of academic and professional experience.The other students on...

Spencer Russ

Cardiff University

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My tuition fees are well spent in Britain

I chose Nottingham because of its excellent academic reputation and its central location, with good connecting services to the continent as well as around the UK. Studying in the UK is so different in many ways to studying in the US: the grading system, the types of examinations and course work...

Melissa Cox

Nottingham, University of

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One of the top universities in England

It was by chance that I stumbled upon Across The Pond while I was figuring out how to apply to the UK. With such an opportunity available to me, I applied to their organization as soon as I saw it and I must say, they were great. Through every step of the way, they have provided crucial information...

Stephane Chui

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Personalized help

Across The Pond made the application process easy. Its centralization made applying to multiple universities unstressful and non-redundant. When I've applied to other universities on my own, I felt like I was typing in the same information over and over again, which doubled the work load and...

Jaime Benjamin

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Prompt, thorough, and incredibly helpful

Looking back on the experience of applying for graduate programs abroad, I think I would have been completely lost without Across The Pond! From day one, my advisor and the team at Across The Pond were there for me every step of the way to offer advice and recommendations and to answer my (many!)...

Jaime Fraser

East Anglia, University of

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Settling into Sheffield was a piece of cake

What was it like to settle in to your university?Settling into Sheffield was a piece of cake. The university provides loads of activities to help you meet people, and the people living here are very friendly and helpful. It's also pretty easy to navigate around the city.What is the town/city like?...

Alex Diemer

Sheffield, University of

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So much easier

Had it not been for Across the Pond and my incredible advisor, I don't know if I would have ended up studying here, in the UK, as I have always wanted to do. The whole process of applying to graduate school is extremely stressful in itself, let alone applying to universities in another country...

Shawna Lemanski

York, University of

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Study when it suits you

The distance learning format appealed to my work/life balance. It was very beneficial being able to continue to work and place what I was learning into the international media context within which I work. The ability to be able to study during the hours that suit me made this work.- MA...

Keith Parsons

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Surrounded by a truly global community of students

If you are a student considering the opportunity to study abroad, I HIGHLY recommend Across The Pond! Their assistance throughout the entire process - from deciding which universities to apply to, how to contact professors and request supervision for a PhD, to filling out the application, gathering...

Lynne V.

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