Study Environment Development and Policy abroad in the UK

I found warmth and smiles in the people I met

During my year in the United Kingdom, I was able to experience British lifestyle beyond any stereotype. I found warmth and smiles in the people I met. Additionally, I had the opportunity to learn at firsthand about the history and politics in the UK, as it is a topic that I am passionate about. I was amazed by so many initiatives in Human Rights. The identity and pride of being a British citizen is the result of the work of a nation that, for centuries, with a long line of inventors, scientists, and defenders like Winston Churchill, and their crucial role in World War II, makes us understand the great passion behind a British flag. Similarly, it was great to learn about the monarchy of the UK and the deep meaning that a large part of the population shares for it. I was lucky enough to witness the moment of Harry & Meghan's wedding, everyone was talking about it, and it was very exciting!

Not forgetting, of course, that my time in the United Kingdom meant a bridge between diverse people from different countries, and different cultures that I knew little or nothing about. This allowed me to expand my perspective and learn from different ways of life thanks to the friends I made there. We were able to have a very interesting exchange of ideas about life in the UK and how things are approached compared to our home country. It was great!

University of Sussex

I chose the University of Sussex because it caught my attention as one of the first universities called the "new wave" that emerged from the year 1960. It's progressive, critical, and socially committed. At Sussex, I not only found the master's program I was looking for, a combination of international development and a critical perspective on these processes, but I also had the opportunity to learn from indispensable voices like Dr. Robert Chambers, a reference in International Development Globally.

Student Life and Brighton City

My experience at the University of Brighton was extremely satisfying, as when I arrived, I found many initiation activities for international students about academic life, and every teacher always showed special attention to those of us who came from far away. Thanks to being connected with several students like me, I was able to celebrate various festivities throughout the year to celebrate the customs of my new friends. Along with my new friends, we explored the vibrant and lively city of Brighton. I enjoyed the beaches, restaurants, bars, and nightlife.

My Advice

Organize, focus, and enjoy! Arriving in the United Kingdom to study a master's degree. Living in a different place, and dealing with necessary paperwork regarding your new home, bank, phone, among other essential topics to settle in a new place, can be overwhelming. My advice is to organize yourself and focus on urgent, necessary, and important tasks. Use a list of your pending tasks and try to arrive in the country at least one week before classes start. For example, the University of Sussex has a week where they will show you step by step everything you need to know and learn to have a great academic year.

Once you are established, commit to your studies. Master's degrees in the UK depend entirely on the student, and you will not have a teacher behind you to make sure you have done your homework. Respect and meet your deadlines regarding the essays that will be asked of you. If you need help with this, ask for it. The University has departments that support you in such needs.

Finally, after having an established routine that allows you to make the most of your study program, do not forget to enjoy your new life. Take advantage of weekends and bank holidays to explore the various regions and wonders that the UK has to offer. The country is well connected thanks to its trains and buses, and you could start with your own region.

Across the Pond

The services of the company Across the Pond were key to me achieving, step by step, all the procedures and requirements demanded by both the Chevening Scholarship and the university application. The process was intense, but I never felt alone and received help even to know what to bring and not bring in my suitcases. I am very grateful for the support I received from Across the Pond to make my dream of studying in the UK come true.

- Fernanda

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