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This was a life-changing decision

Hi! My name is Salma, and I am a Mexican from a city called as a dog breed, Chihuahua. At the age of 25, I made the excellent decision to contact Across the Pond to study a postgraduate abroad, which had always been a dream of mine. I chose to study Master of Science in global health and management at University of Aberdeen. The focus on social research techniques to tackle global health concerns was my reason to select this course. Additionally, I fell in love with the idea of knowing a green and historic country such as Scotland. The first time I arrived at the university campus, I felt like entering to another era due to the extensive history beyond their walls. For me, it was thrilling to attend the same university where the first MRI scanner was invented.

Facilities and activities at the University of Aberdeen

Contrasting with the Mexican University system, the United Kingdom is organised in terms. During my first term, I met my course friends, who are from Canada, Malaysia, and Nigeria. Their diverse perspectives ignited a spark in within me, urging me to expand my understanding of inclusive public health solutions. We spend most of our time in the campus library, which overlooks the stunning North Sea. The library was open 24/7 and hosted unique activities such as relaxing dog therapy and coffee breaks. After class work, we enjoyed nearby bakeries and engaged in vibrant university activities. I remember attending the spring fair, where you could try curry, Italian sausages, and cady cotton while listening to live music.

Dynamic learning experience

Talking about the course programme, I assisted lectures where I had specialised lecturers from all over the world with high quality installations. Most of the lectures encouraged us to analyse the subject content through open discussions that fed us with engaging energy. Moreover, I had the opportunity to participate in a work placement at a health charity, where I established a good relationship with the CEO and made new friendships.

Charming Aberdeen

Living in Aberdeen was a good place to start as an international student because of the peaceful environment. By living in this beautiful town, I could enjoy long walks in the forest or visit charming spots on the beach. One of my favourite things about living in Aberdeen was spending time exploring ancient castles with breath-taking landscapes. I loved visiting Dunnottar Castle and having the best UK fish and ships next to the bay on a Saturday.

Knowing extraordinary people in extracurricular activities

The universities in the UK have multiple and exciting extracurricular activities! I joined the baking, wine, and Mexican societies, immersing myself in Halloween cookie baking, wine pairing escapades, and cross-cultural celebrations of Mexican independence. Due to my membership in the Mexican society, I was invited to join the organisational team for the symposium of Mexican students in the UK. This platform did not only foster a sense of union between students but also facilitated connections with professionals. The symposium culminated with a formal ceremony featuring a lively bagpipe performance and the traditional ceilidh dance, which is a Scottish energetic tradition. Through this event, I met one of my best friends in the United Kingdom, who lives in Edinburgh. It was great to take a two-hour train to spend the weekend with her!

Getting to understand each other with classmates

Adapting to the Scottish accent and explaining my Mexican accent was a challenge. I always found my national/international classmates and teachers quite helpful and understanding, which helped me to overcome the initial struggle. At university, there is always this supportive atmosphere fostered by a willingness to address queries and uncertainties that you might face.

Tips for future students in the UK

For further students in the UK, two tips: embrace the significance of communicating your needs. There are a lot of services provided at UK universities to which you can be directed. For example, I remember having trouble during the adaptation time, and the school redirected me to a counselling service. This specialised support allowed me to organise my school activities and my personal life. Additionally, the unpredictable British weather requires a versatile jacket collection, from extreme winters to sunny summers. Do not get stressed if you don’t pack everything from your country! There are lots of options to acquire jackets and coats in the United Kingdom, including charity shops and swap markets.

Contact with Across the Pond

My advisor from Across the Pond was supportive from the first meeting with my advisor until the last time before flying to the United Kingdom. I remember having a last-minute question before taking my plane to London, and my advisor supported me to clarify my doubts even when it was off working hours.

Studying for a postgraduate degree abroad not only made me understand health challenges all over the word but also opened windows to diverse life perspectives. With every memory and experience, this was a life-changing decision.

- Salma

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