Anti-Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement

Across the Pond recognises that slavery and human trafficking are significant global problems and that criminal organisations are committing such infringements on the basic human rights of the individual in increasing numbers. For this reason governments such as the UK’s have established legal frameworks to highlight such abuse and to try to ensure that businesses and other institutions are pro-actively doing what they can to eliminate such activity in their supply chain networks.  

As such Across the Pond formally states that it is aware of legislation such as the UK’s Modern Slavery Act of 2015 and agrees with the aims and goals of the same in terms of highlighting the problem, providing for tougher consequences and punishments for those found to be guilty of committing such activity and to encourage businesses to do whatever possible to carry out due diligence on those providing its services. 

Additionally Across the Pond agrees that it will act to comply with the recommendations of the 2015 Act by doing whatever it can to ensure that internally staff are made aware of the issue and encouraged to express any concerns they have regarding anything they identify in their dealings with other organisations with which the company conducts its operations. Across the Pond will actively seek to ensure that all business is undertaken with partners who are equally in agreement with such measures and doing everything they possibly can to prevent such practices existing in their business networks.