Study Environmental Pollution and Remediation abroad

I got to meet people from all over the world

I came to Scotland with my daughter to Study a MSc in Environmental Pollution and Remediation in the University of Aberdeen. I wanted something related to the environment, and this program, apart from being the only one in Scotland, gave certain flexibility that allowed me to take care of my daughter. In the program, most of us were international students, and I got to meet people from all over the world. Two of my best friends are international students I met here.

The University offers a lot of opportunities, but it´s important to contact the right people and ask. Always ask. Career support is a great help, and there are lots of free seminars that you can take to help you in your professional life.

Things and timings work somewhat differently here than in Chile. Life has another rhythm and things are done in a different way. Appointments, applications, booking tickets and even social activities are arranged online or post. Most shops and stores close early, but you can buy almost anything online. About the city, I love the fact that Aberdeen is right next to the sea. There is always a fresh (or cold) wind from the sea, and it’s very open. I rented a small flat near the university, and from my bedroom window I just catch a glimpse of the Northern Sea. 

It has been a unique experience, and although it has been hard at times, I think it has been a way to open doors to a better future.

- Pia

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Study Global Health and Management abroad - study health sciences in the UK

This was a life-changing decision

Hi! My name is Salma, and I am a Mexican from a city called as a dog breed, Chihuahua. At the age of 25, I made the excellent decision to contact Across the Pond to study a postgraduate abroad, which had always been a dream of mine. I chose to study Master of Science in global health and management at University of Aberdeen. The focus on social research techniques to tackle global health concerns was my reason to select this course. Additionally, I fell in love with the idea of knowing a green and historic country such as Scotland. The first time I arrived at the university campus, I felt like entering to another era due to the extensive history beyond their walls. For me, it was thrilling to attend the same university where the first MRI scanner was invented.

Facilities and activities at the University of Aberdeen

Contrasting with the Mexican University system, the United Kingdom is organised in terms. During my first term, I met my course friends, who are from Canada, Malaysia, and Nigeria. Their diverse perspectives ignited a spark in within me, urging me to expand my understanding of inclusive public health solutions. We spend most of our time in the campus library, which overlooks the stunning North Sea. The library was open 24/7 and hosted unique activities such as relaxing dog therapy and coffee breaks. After class work, we enjoyed nearby bakeries and engaged in vibrant university activities. I remember attending the spring fair, where you could try curry, Italian sausages, and cady cotton while listening to live music.

Dynamic learning experience

Talking about the course programme, I assisted lectures where I had specialised lecturers from all over the world with high quality installations. Most of the lectures encouraged us to analyse the subject content through open discussions that fed us with engaging energy. Moreover, I had the opportunity to participate in a work placement at a health charity, where I established a good relationship with the CEO and made new friendships.

Charming Aberdeen

Living in Aberdeen was a good place to start as an international student because of the peaceful environment. By living in this beautiful town, I could enjoy long walks in the forest or visit charming spots on the beach. One of my favourite things about living in Aberdeen was spending time exploring ancient castles with breath-taking landscapes. I loved visiting Dunnottar Castle and having the best UK fish and ships next to the bay on a Saturday.

Knowing extraordinary people in extracurricular activities

The universities in the UK have multiple and exciting extracurricular activities! I joined the baking, wine, and Mexican societies, immersing myself in Halloween cookie baking, wine pairing escapades, and cross-cultural celebrations of Mexican independence. Due to my membership in the Mexican society, I was invited to join the organisational team for the symposium of Mexican students in the UK. This platform did not only foster a sense of union between students but also facilitated connections with professionals. The symposium culminated with a formal ceremony featuring a lively bagpipe performance and the traditional ceilidh dance, which is a Scottish energetic tradition. Through this event, I met one of my best friends in the United Kingdom, who lives in Edinburgh. It was great to take a two-hour train to spend the weekend with her!

Getting to understand each other with classmates

Adapting to the Scottish accent and explaining my Mexican accent was a challenge. I always found my national/international classmates and teachers quite helpful and understanding, which helped me to overcome the initial struggle. At university, there is always this supportive atmosphere fostered by a willingness to address queries and uncertainties that you might face.

Tips for future students in the UK

For further students in the UK, two tips: embrace the significance of communicating your needs. There are a lot of services provided at UK universities to which you can be directed. For example, I remember having trouble during the adaptation time, and the school redirected me to a counselling service. This specialised support allowed me to organise my school activities and my personal life. Additionally, the unpredictable British weather requires a versatile jacket collection, from extreme winters to sunny summers. Do not get stressed if you don’t pack everything from your country! There are lots of options to acquire jackets and coats in the United Kingdom, including charity shops and swap markets.

Contact with Across the Pond

My advisor from Across the Pond was supportive from the first meeting with my advisor until the last time before flying to the United Kingdom. I remember having a last-minute question before taking my plane to London, and my advisor supported me to clarify my doubts even when it was off working hours.

Studying for a postgraduate degree abroad not only made me understand health challenges all over the word but also opened windows to diverse life perspectives. With every memory and experience, this was a life-changing decision.

- Salma

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Study Creative Writing abroad

The Experience of a Lifetime! 

Moving to the UK has always been a dream of mine. With the help of Across the Pond, they were able to turn this dream into a reality. I always knew that I wanted to study abroad in the UK – I mean, who wouldn’t? The UK is absolutely stunning; with picturesque sceneries, more castles than you can count, unlimited pubs, and the people are incredibly friendly. Moving away from home can be scary, but it can open you up to amazing opportunities. Like the chance to connect and meet new people, broadening your horizons, and having the experience of a lifetime. So, let me tell you about mine! 

When I thought about studying in the UK my brain immediately thought of universities solely in England, until Across the Pond helped me in exploring my options. They informed me about prestigious universities in Scotland –  a place I never imagined myself living. After I informed Across the Pond about specific degrees I was interested in applying for, they sent me the universities and their programs that would be most fitting. This is when I discovered the University of Aberdeen – and the rest is history. I now get to wake up to a cozy rainy morning or a beautiful sunny day in the charming granite city of Scotland. 

The University of Aberdeen

The decision to move to the UK was an easy one, however the decision of where to study within the UK came down to three factors: 

  1. The University’s reputation 
  2. The safety of the city 
  3. The beauty of the city

I informed Across the Pond of my three concerns and they did not disappoint. They sent me a list of top UK universities, all while settled in safe cities with beautiful sceneries. Many of these schools were, in fact, in Scotland – again, a place I never thought of living. 

When I officially decided to pursue a masters in Creative Writing, Across the Pond was more than willing to help me achieve this dream. They helped to connect me to different UK universities, all with prestigious reputations. In the list of schools, they sent me, they highlighted the University of Aberdeen. It has been ranked as a Top 20 UK University and ranked as number 2 in the UK for Creative Writing. I was very impressed. Not only with the school’s reputation but with its safety ranking as well. Compared to other major UK cities, Aberdeen ranks very low in crime across the UK and their beautiful picturesque campus had me hooked. Thus, Aberdeen became one of my main choices. 

MLitt Creative Writing 

I am currently obtaining a master’s degree in Creative Writing. It is a one-year program that I began in January. The program focuses on courses in writing short fiction, poetry, screenwriting, and other English literature. My course is extremely enjoyable. I look forward to writing new stories, learning about poetry from experts, and developing a new skill in scriptwriting. The professors for my course were not only experts in their fields but also incredibly kind and approachable. Their teaching methods encouraged me to think out-side-the-box and collaborate with other Creative Writing students. One of the most valuable aspects of my experience at the University of Aberdeen was the opportunity to collaborate with students from, not only the UK, but across the globe. My classrooms were filled with students from all different cultures, languages, and perspectives. Engaging in group discussions provided me with a broader perspective which benefited my writing undoubtedly. It also helped me to develop essential teamwork and communication skills that can benefit me in the future. 

Making New Friends can be Scary… But it Doesn’t Have to Be!

The historic architecture of King’s College, the lush green surroundings, and the warm Scottish hospitality made me feel at home the minute I stepped foot onto Aberdeen’s campus. The University staff was extremely welcoming, along with its student’s during Fresher’s Week. Fresher’s Week was an unforgettable experience and I encourage anyone and everyone to participate once they arrive at the University. It is a chance to meet people and make new friends. It is also the opportunity to join multiple societies and connect with the university’s student associations. Joining societies and attending campus events was one of the main ways I met my long-term friends.

The University of Aberdeen offers a boat-load of societies. If there isn’t a society in your field or one that you are interested in you could even create one! You would think as a Creative Writing student I joined the Creative Writing society, I did not. Writing is a passion of mine, not a hobby. Therefore, I wanted something that separated me from my studies. I joined Aberdeen U’s Wine Society – one of my best decisions. I was able to meet new people who shared the same love for wine as I did. We would host events, meetings, and parties which allowed me to meet a wide range of different people who enjoyed similar things as I did. This made meeting new people and making friends much easier when moving abroad to a new country. 

Prestige Living in Aberdeen

One of the best decisions I ever made was living off campus. As a 25-year-old Master’s student, I was not up for the challenge of living with four to seven flat mates. As I did my own research regarding Aberdeen U’s accommodation, I realized this wasn’t going to be an ideal fit for me – I can be quite picky with where I live. But, it was good that I was because I ended up discovering that Aberdeen has student accommodation housing across its city for students studying at the Universities. The one I ended up applying for suited my needs in every way. Its modern studio design was absolutely perfect for what I was looking for. Spacious rooms with a private ensuite bathroom and kitchenette were of top priority to me. All studios also came with a large bed and study area. Its communal spaces allowed me to socialize with new friends. Such as hanging out in the cinema room, playing ping-pong or pool, or just catching up by the couches; these areas opened my opportunities to meeting new people from the University who I never would have met at Fresher’s or in my course. It is also in the perfect location – only a 10-minute walk from the University of Aberdeen and just a 10-minute walk to the city center: best of both worlds!

The Beautiful Granite City of Scotland

Aberdeen is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever seen. From the cobblestone streets of Old Aberdeen to the stunning beaches along the coastline, every corner of the city is just picturesque. My weekdays were filled with exploring new cafes, pubs, and Aberdeen’s exquisite nightlife. While my weekends were spent hiking through the Scottish Highlands and visiting ancient castles (which some were only a short drive away)! I love this walkable city that is filled with delicious local bakeries alongside fair-trade cafes. I love it for its unlimited access to pubs and clubs. As well as its incredible beaches. I love taking a stroll down Aberdeen’s Beach Front. After grabbing a coffee and dessert from one of the carts at the beach. I would plop myself down at one of the benches and look out at the beautiful, peaceful sea – which is sometimes filled with dogs playing by the sand. As a nature lover, I am always keen to spot wildlife. So, I jumped at the chance when I was told about seal watching at Newburgh Seal Beach, only 20 minutes north of Aberdeen. The Greyhope Bay Cafe in Aberdeen is another wonderful cafe with the opportunity to see marine life. A historic site of Torry Battery offers panoramic views of the coast and is the best place in the UK to spot dolphins from the shore. The cafe even provides its guests with binoculars! 

Aberdeen is regarded as a safe and welcoming city. I can confidently say that I have felt nothing more than safe and comfortable while in Aberdeen. The city’s well-lit streets, efficient public transit system, and the University's safety app contribute to a sense of security. It has a strong sense of community and a very low crime rate. It has offered me a peaceful environment for me to explore the city during the day or night.

Beyond Aberdeen’s breathtaking sceneries, Aberdeen’s warm and welcoming community adds to my sense of belonging here. The city’s rich history and medieval architecture and museums, adds to the city’s mystery and curiosity. Whether sipping on a cup of tea or locally brewed coffee in a cozy cafe, strolling through Seaton Park from campus, or enjoying the lively atmosphere of its traditional pubs, I found that Aberdeen offers a balance between tradition and modernity. I absolutely love it here! 

Missing Home is Okay

While my time abroad was one of the best experiences of my life, it had its struggles too. Adapting to a new culture, being away from loved ones, and having to navigate life in a foreign country is not easy. But, this experience helped me grow into an independent, resilient, and adaptable young woman. Overcoming these challenges made me feel a sense of accomplishment that, overall, boosted my morale and confidence in all aspects of my life. Because if I can do it, anyone can! 

Reflecting on my own journey abroad has reminded me of just how amazing this experience has been. I can confidently say that I have not only gained a world-class education from the University of Aberdeen in a degree that I am extremely passionate about while being taught by the top experts in my field, but I have also gained many new memories, long-life friendships, and experiences that will shape my life for years to come. Studying abroad has ignited a lifelong love of learning and curiosity about the world and the people in it and I have Across the Pond to thank for it!

- Ashley

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Study Immunology and Immunotherapy abroad

Everything’s So Different

Study Immunology and Immunotherapy in the UK

I have always wanted to pursue a scientific career, focusing on improving medical treatments, particularly for cancer and autoimmune diseases. As such, studying at one of the leading universities in medical sciences in the UK had always been a part of my goals, and to see that opportunity materialize was one of the best feelings in the world. I chose to pursue a MSc degree at the University of Aberdeen largely in part because the program I studied (Immunology and Immunotherapy) not only teaches the basic science of this subject, but is also constantly improving and up to date, including the latest developments in the field.

Additionally, the facilities (in particular, the laboratories) and equipment are state of the art, and the best part is that if you need it, you can get training and can use them as much as you need it. During my practical research project, I was able to work on some pretty advanced equipment in order to carry out my very own research project. This was one of the parts I enjoyed the most during my program. I was able to do procedures and use equipment that I had previously only known in paper. The fact that a major part of the program is based around practical research really gives you a taste of a scientific career, you get to experience by yourself how is daily life in academia and science. Likewise, the faculty is composed of authorities in their respective fields that are not only concerned with making better students, but also better professionals.

Having studied all my life in Mexico, I knew no other system. As such, I was deeply surprised by the contrasts I encountered in the UK. Notably, this program was way more intensive and immersive than what I was used to. In Mexico you usually learn everything in class and sometimes have homework about that. Here there is a lot of independent study and revision necessary before every lecture. Additionally, lectures are much more participative and you are really expected to ask questions and contribute to answers and debates. However, this fast-paced and dynamic environment was one of the things that made the courses so thrilling and interesting. Overall, I feel like I gained a lot of knowledge and developed communication skills that will be invaluable for my future career.

Regarding the language, at first it was hard to understand the local accent. All class materials are in English, so it is necessary to have a working knowledge of the language in order to navigate the courses. Simple English is not enough, you will require specialized language used in your specific area. It is also very important to be able to engage in informal conversations for daily tasks. But if you have a pretty decent level of English, it will only take you a few days to understand different accents. In no time, you will even hear yourself greeting others with things like “Oi mate! Fit like?” and know what is going on in the conversation.

Meeting New People

While a great amount of time will be focused on assignments, studying, and exams; you are bound to make new friends. Being in the same class allows you to be in company with like- minded people, with similar interests. Additionally, the wide variety of sport clubs and student societies means that you can meet people with the same passions as you, who you may not necessarily meet in class or anywhere else. In my case, I joined the MMA (mixed martial arts) team. I was able to train and spar with people from a lot of different places and different levels of experience.

I was able to make friends both from my classes and from the sports club. With them I went to parties, on pub crawls, we swam at the beach, and we even went to the graduation ball. It is true it may not be easy to make friends at first, but you just have to put yourself out there. It is very likely that the others feel as anxious as you and that they also want to make friends. Now I can say that I have friends from the UK, China, Italy, Spain, Iraq, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Slovenia, and Finland. Socializing was something that felt awkward at first because let’s face it, it is not easier to make friends the older you get. I really managed to form special bonds with these people; and I am certain that the friends I made will last for the rest of my life.

Living in Aberdeen

Aberdeen was a very comfortable city to live in. Perfectly walkable or cyclable, but with plenty of bus routes to go anywhere you may need to. It may be a small city, especially when compared to Mexico City, but it does have something for everyone. Gyms? Got it. Fancy, internationally acknowledged restaurants? There. Fast food for night cravings? Yeah. Nightclubs? For every taste. Theatre and live music? You know it. And if nothing like that appeals to you, you can always take a hike to one of the surrounding forests that may very well come out of an old tale, take a stroll and get a tan at the beach. Got a couple days off? You can also take a train or plane and go to nearby cities and towns, such as Edinburgh, Inverness, Stonehaven; or even places further away with breath-taking landscapes, such as the Isle of Sky. You could even try and find the mythical Loch Ness Monster. No matter what you prefer, you can easily find something for you.

Something that came as a shock to me was the fact that a lot businesses close early. I am used to being able to go for coffee and some bread at night, or I can go shopping until 9:00 pm; but in Aberdeen most shops close early. However, it is just a matter of managing time and getting used to these different opening hours.

Also, finding accommodation was relatively easy and there are plenty of options to choose from. You can play it safe and go for the student residences, or you can try a more adult experience in flat. You can find roommates, or live on your own. Choice is yours. In my case, I chose to live in a flat. I enjoyed having the space for myself and, I learned a lot about how to maintain it: cleaning, planning meals, grocery shopping, paying rent and services on time; essentially looking out for yourself.

The First Step Is the Most Important One

The say that the journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. At first it may seem overwhelming, with all the documents and steps needed to go to study in the UK. And while it is important to have an idea of what you want to study, luckily it is a process where Across the Pond can guide and help you. They will help you find the programs and Universities that are right for you. And then they will help you with every step of the application process. From checking your previous qualifications, proofreading your essays, and reviewing your documents before you submit them, their highly qualified personnel will be with you every step of the way and support you as you make your dream happen. And their support does not end when you receive an acceptance letter. They will help you navigate the visa process, which at first may seem intimidating, and they will also let you know of any scholarship/funding opportunities that you may apply to, and they will be happy to guide you with this process as well. The best part is that it is very easy to get an advisor: you just have to write an email and someone will get back to you and accompany you every step along the way.

It was a long process but, in the end, it was totally worth it. All the memories of my year in Aberdeen are some of my most treasured ones. And if you ask me, would I do it again? The answer will always be yes. A million times.

- José Diego

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Study Psychology abroad in Scotland

Choosing the UK for my study destination was surprisingly easy

Study Psychology in Scotland

Living in a different country has been a wish of mine since I was very little. I have always been curious to explore cultures and ways of living other than my own. So, once I had the opportunity to study abroad for university, it was a surprisingly natural choice for me. The choice of studying in the UK came down to a few factors. While studying abroad, it was important to me that the travel home to friends and family was not too long. Therefore, UK was a conveniently close, unique, English-speaking place to explore! Scotland is country filled with old buildings, mysteries, and gorgeous nature. You can feel it walking through the various towns, some towns look straight out of an old TV show. It was easily the country that had the most charm and mystery to it within the UK when I explored my options.

Aberdeen; the charming granite city of Scotland

Although the town is known for being a granite city, referring to its many grey buildings, it certainly has its charm. For me it was a perfect choice for a first place away from home. The city is not overly big yet has a modern feeling city centre and even a beach! Scotland has a reputation of being rainy, but that’s actually one of my favourite parts of living here. The rain and wind hitting the window outside makes it super cosy with a hot chocolate and being huddled over a book. Aberdeen university looks like a Hogwarts-type, old building rich with history. One of my favourite places on campus is the unique looking, giant library with seven floors. It makes studying a lot more motivating when you’re looking at the sun rise over the beach in the distance. 

Living alone for the first time in a different country

Moving out and being independent for the first time can be scary. As someone who has recently experienced it, I believe it’s not as scary as it looks! We sometimes forget how good we are at adapting to a new environment and how fast a new experience becomes our normal. Me and my partner live in a shared studio apartment. The positives about living at the studio are: The staff at the student apartment are lovely and know everyone, there’s 24-hr security so it feels very safe, and the studio was furnished with the most essential items before we moved in. These factors were helpful in reducing the anxiety of moving away from home for the first time.  At first, it was difficult to be without my family and old friends but remembering that they are just a phone call away always helps me. Also, when we first moved in, we made sure to print out and hang up photos that would make us feel more at home! The studio is located about a 15-minute walk from the city centre, and about a 20-minute bus journey to the university. One thing that’s fantastic about living here is that everyone under 22 are entitled to a free bus card, that’s one thing I wish I knew before starting!

University societies are a great tool for making friends

The university has a ton of societies, from everything you can imagine. If there isn’t a society in your specific interest field, you can establish one! I have personally explored the psychology, Nordic countries, and board-gaming societies. They host events such as pub crawls, talks by experts in their field, and movie nights, and much more. Recently, I went to a talk by an expert in LGBTQ+ mental health in Scotland with the psychology society and I felt surrounded by people wanting to make a difference. Through going to these events, I met a whole range of interesting people who enjoy the same things as me. That made socialising and making friends much easier when moving to a new country.

Studying psychology at Aberdeen university

I am currently in my third year of studying a bachelor’s degree in psychology at Aberdeen university. In Scotland, a bachelor’s degree takes four years, and what that means is that within the two first years, every semester you get to choose any subject of interest! I chose Spanish and physiology next to my main degree. The psychology course is very much based on coursework, such as essays, reports, partaking in experiments, etc. rather than being based mostly on exams at the end of a course. The school of psychology in Aberdeen focuses a lot on research within psychology, for example research on memory, how our brain understands and ties together the information it gets from the environment, language, and much more. The professors are all experts in their fields and encourage anyone who is interested to reach out and help them out through lab-work for example. Therefore, it’s a very hands-on experience with your interests! Personally, that experience and talking to professors about their work has helped me find the next steps I want to take after my degree. Compared to Norway, I feel the choices within my field of study are endless in the UK. I can specialise in areas of my interest I didn’t even know were possible.

- Lucas

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Study Finance and Investment abroad

The experience of your life, go abroad!

Study Finance and Investment in the UK

Hey, what’s up! My name is Julio from Mexico. I did my MA in Finance and Investment at the University of Aberdeen. Choosing among prices, quality, times, challenges, levels, etc. was really a challenge but in the end, I live a wonderful time been a student in the UK.

Since the beginning at looking for advice, getting ready all my international documentation, looking for funds to pay, planning where I should gonna live, and how would I gonna deal with the language if it would be that hard to live alone or if could I be enough to meet new people was all an adventure with so many hard but such a great times that taught me how to be a better person in so many personal and professional profile.

The main point of this adventure was learning from a whole different culture which lids a huge part of the world. Since I started with the English language, I could see how step by step it flowed out, enhancing my knowledge with a different perspective of how I learned Finance in Mexico. Developing my skill of communications help me a lot to get my targets and go above what I was looking for as just learning. Now I get more contacts, experiences, and a more international point of view on how to trade different situations.

I remember how a daily day at the University started with classes with lectures already red and with questions done to enhance our professional profile and talk deeply about the topics and their issues. On the other hand, my personal life gave me the chance to go to so many places by scheduling, budgeting, and enjoying such easy but great moments with others around me.

Developing yourself is a must that brings this opportunity to go further as a person and as a professional. And it is always good to hear from others, so you can do your own criteria to do the best decisions among topics and link them to do them better.

Finally, each decision makes who you so give to yourself a chance to go far and accomplish your goals; catch your dreams, and carry people around you to do an impact on what you wish to do.

- Julio

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Study Microbiology abroad

Finding this enriching for my professional and personal development

Study Microbiology in the UK

Hello everyone! My Name is Jorge, I am from Mexico and also a student not once, but twice in the UK. The first time I came to the UK was when I started my MSc in Microbiology at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland. I had the privilege of studying in the University that was considered that very same year as the “ Scottish University of the Year”.

The reason I chose Aberdeen to study my postgrad was due to the history itself of the University as well as the program I was aiming to study and the quality of research that is performed there. Moreover, As time passed and I learned so many things that I was interested in and some others that really opened my eyes into new subjects, I was making friends from every single nationality, language, parts of the world, and I mean this, every continent was represented by various students of diverse countries, finding this enriching for my professional and personal development as well as communication skills! The Scottish accent is something I find fascinating regardless of what many people including the very same British may say about it; nevertheless, at the beginning it was somehow hard to understand when in lectures. It is something no one prepares you for, but definitely enjoy living and learning. Furthermore, finding out that the lecturers that were included in our program or the facilities where we were able to perform our project were in many cases renowned professionals for their skills or state of the art facilities was inspiring, and somehow scary but fun!

Studying at University of Aberdeen was also for me living there, since I stayed at the University´s student accommodation, at Trinity Court, place where I shared many laughs, gatherings and study sessions with my lads but also with my housemates, another excellent place where to meet people from all around the globe and from where I personally made what I consider my best friend so far. Both, Uni and student accommodation are located in a very central part of the Granite city, thus access to supermarkets, leisure places, pubs and sports facilities are very handy.

About my Masters program, it was a course that just as it was full of new experiences also was it full of  big challenges, some of them making me develop in record time certain skills needed in order to pass to the next step; that was the research project, a step that once results were obtained and understood what they meant, the sensation of satisfaction  was completely worth it with that kind of previous pressure. As a matter of fact, I fell in love with research in such a way that I am currently now doing my second postgrad, here in the UK, my PhD in Microbiology as well, but now at the University of Nottingham.

Finally, some tips that can be truly helpful, small details but they do create a big difference is not to bring so much clothing over here, UK weather is so unpredictable but fortunately UK people have shops for any kind of day, thus, come lightweight and enjoy shopping here. Also change your standard credit/debit for a contactless, and finally avoid much currency exchange, save money, and go contactless for (almost) everything.

- Jorge

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Study Spirituality, Health & Disability abroad

Surrounded by a truly global community

Study Phd Spirituality, Health & Disability in the UK

If you are a student considering the opportunity to study abroad, I HIGHLY recommend Across the Pond! Their assistance throughout the entire process - from deciding which universities to apply to, how to contact professors and request supervision for a PhD, to filling out the application, gathering the necessary documents, and writing a personal essay and research proposal, Across the Pond was there for me every step of the way.

The guidance and support I received translated into success, and I was accepted into the University of Aberdeen in Scotland. I do not think this would have been possible if I had tried to do this without the expertise freely shared with me by the staff of Across the Pond. 
As a nontraditional adult student, I am finding the University of Aberdeen to be a welcome place for graduate study. My professors have highly successful academic careers, and I am surrounded by a truly global community of students. The facilities (Library, classrooms, campus) are both high-tech and user-friendly. The people are the same way, very media-savvy and super friendly!

- Lynne

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Study Medieval & Early Modern Studies abroad

The opportunities here are immense

Study Mlitt Medieval & Early Mordern Studies in the UK

I'm from California, and I am studying for a taught Master's of Letters in Medieval and Early Modern Studies at the University of Aberdeen. The opportunities here are immense. 

There is archival access in the city center and a special collections in the new library that's just right next door. I live on campus with four other girls: one American from the east coast, one from Indonesia, one from Cambridge, and one from Ireland; we have a blast comparing slang and alternative definitions, as well as trying to appropriate each other's accents. The postgraduate community here is extremely tight-knit, and there is a larger percentage of them who are also international students from all over the globe, so there is access to a wide range of cultures.

I've found that the academic style is very different from the States, as it doesn't rely as heavily on the prerequisites and the professors; instead, studying here is much more independent and individually motivated. You pick and choose which courses you want, which is the same, but there isn't a generic History 101. Instead, you can choose topics that are more geared towards your personal research interests. Consequently, examination is generally written work rather than tests. But the professors are very interested in your work and will often bend over backward to make sure that their course fits into your timetable.

My experience applying through the Across the Pond program was one of gradually decreasing anxiety. If I hadn't had this program to help guide me through the process of applying and the logistics of the visa and moving in, I really don't think this would have worked out the way it did. Instead, I received offers from every UK university to which I applied. The step-by-step processes helped give me a format for my worries, by just taking it one step at a time. This gave me the confidence to apply for a PhD program after completing my Mlitt, and I got it!

- Lauren

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Discover UK Universities

Digital meeting with a Student Advisor

Book an online session with an advisor with Across the Pond to learn more about studying in the UK! 

  1. Make sure you book the meeting at least 2 days ahead of time
  2. If you want to talk over Skype, make sure your Skype is working as it should and that you have connected with your advisor before the meeting starts to avoid losing valuable meeting time 
  3. If you do not use Skype and prefer to talk over for instance Teams, just type that into the "Skype-ID" field and we´ll arrange to send you a meeting link via Teams (you do not need a Microsoft Teams user) 



Fill in the form below to register your interest, and your advisor (if you already have one) will contact you directly. If you do not have a Student Advisor we will of course make sure that you get to talk to an advisor who will contact you to confirm the time!
Which country are you from?

We noticed you chose the United States.

We would love to be able to help all students in all circumstances but unfortunately US federal rules prohibit third party involvement for candidates anticipating making use of federal funding.


Your advisor will contact you directly to confirm the time as soon as you have registered your interest. Please note that we can not promise that you will receive an appointment at the desired time, but will do our best to comply with your wishes. If the advisor does not have the opportunity at the desired time, the advisor will agree directly with you to find an alternative.
Dates of the event
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Skype, Teams or similar depending on what you prefer. If you want to use Skype, remember to share your Skype-ID with the advisor in the form when you sign up!

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