UK university deadlines


You can apply to study in the UK as early as September of the year before you want to start, even if your degree is not yet ready. Most of our universities do not have an application deadline and you can even apply right up until the start of your course, but we still recommend that you apply as early as possible!  

No matter when you apply, we will do our best to get you in. So far, almost everyone who has applied through us and followed our advice and recommendations has got in! However, be aware that there are big advantages to applying early - both in terms of getting into the best courses and in terms of getting scholarships from the universities we work with. It is also a good idea to apply early so that you can apply to your preferred university, start your visa application and apply for funding.

Some master's programmes have their own application deadlines, but most have rolling admissions. Contact us for details if you are considering applying for a postgraduate programme. 


In the UK, admissions are on a rolling basis, which means that universities admit students to their courses continuously throughout the year. Popular courses or those with few places can therefore fill up quickly! For example, we have found that universities close admissions for some courses as early as January. If you know what you want to apply for, apply as soon as possible, but don't be sloppy with your application. The quality of your application is more important than when you apply. It is not worth it to postpone your application when you know what you want, because suddenly your course may be full or the university you want may have closed admissions. It is difficult to predict from year to year which courses will be the most popular, so it is always safest to apply before Christmas if you have the chance. 


1 September - around 15 October  

All courses and universities are open and accepting applications, so you can apply even if you do not have a degree. Please note that some courses and universities have an application deadline in October of the year before you start. This applies to all courses at Oxford and Cambridge, and to medical, veterinary and dental courses at all universities.  

If you are applying to study dentistry or medicine, you will need to take an aptitude test before you can apply. This test must usually be taken no later than the first week in October, and the deadline for registering for the test is usually mid-September. 

15 October - 15 December 

 Most courses and universities are still accepting applications (except Oxford, Cambridge, Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Medicine). If you are interested in applying for a health science course (such as nursing, chiropractic or physiotherapy) or a science course (such as science), you should apply now. 

1 January - 15 March  

Many courses are still open for applications, but many of the most popular courses fill up during this period. If you are interested in applying for an Art & Design course that requires a portfolio for admission, you should not wait any longer to apply. 

15 March - 15 May  

More and more courses are filling up and you can no longer rely on there being places available for a particular course at a particular university. If you have a favourite university, you should hurry to get your application in. 

15 May - 30 June  

Many courses are now full, but there are still opportunities for most types of course if you are flexible in your choice of course and university. 

1 July - 1 September  

It is still possible to apply, but the opportunities are much more limited. For undergraduate courses, there are only a few places left, and they go fast during this period. 

1 September - 20 September  

It is still possible to apply, but there are now very few universities with places available. 



We have taken a round in the back room to ask our advisors why you should apply as early as possible. Here are their inside tips: 

📌 "Apply before Christmas and you will have the best chance of getting into courses that fill up quickly"  

📌 "Apply before Christmas so that you have plenty of time to choose subjects or take an English test if required"  

📌 "Apply before Christmas so that you don't have to deal with the application at the same time as starting school/graduate studies"  

📌 "If you apply before Christmas, universities will be less busy, and you will get an answer to your application much quicker. Then you can get an answer with a conditional offer early in the spring. You will then know exactly what grades you need in which subjects, and you can then go into the exam period knowing exactly what you need to focus on".  

📌 "If you apply early, you will have the opportunity to question the universities at our events, or travel to visit the universities you are interested in if you have the chance."  

📌 "The earlier you apply, the earlier you get an answer and the earlier you can apply for accommodation, which then increases your chances of getting your first choice"  

📌 "If you apply early, you have time to look for and apply to different scholarships. Most scholarships usually have an application deadline early in the year".  

📌 "The earlier you apply, the sooner you will get an answer. The sooner you get a response, the sooner you can start working on your visa, accommodation, funding/scholarships, booking flights and planning your arrival in the UK". 



If you can apply before Christmas - do it. If you can't apply before Christmas, apply as soon as you can. You can apply until the start of your course, but the longer you wait, the fewer opportunities there will be. We almost always find opportunities for you, so don't panic if you think it's too late! 

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