Roehampton offers a first-class educational experience, designed to help you reach your full potential and get the career you want. Roehampton is a parkland campus university located in southwest London within walking distance of the historic royal park of Richmond. In 1625 King Charles I brought his court to Richmond Palace to escape the plague in London and turned the area into a park for red and fallow deer. But don’t be fooled into thinking Roehampton is a country estate - London is a large city comprised of many different neighbourhoods with Westminster at the heart of the capital and it’s a short bus, tube or train ride to all of London’s landmarks. London is one of the world’s most important cities for business, finance and politics, and a gateway to Europe. It is a center of culture, history, entertainment, fashion and art. Whatever you are into, you will find it in London.

Roehampton has a proud history in higher education stretching back more than 175 years through their four colleges. Their character derives from this rich history, built on community, engagement and partnership, with a belief that no matter your background, Roehampton can help you realise your ambitions. The university has one of the most diverse student communities of any university in the UK with over 140 nationalities represented and offers high levels of contact with excellent faculty and researchers working at the cutting edge of their subject area.

Roehampton offers a personalised academic experience that will help you become the kind of graduate that employers value: a critical thinker, able to adapt to a changing world and with an ongoing passion for your subject.

Once you join Roehampton, you become part of something bigger: a welcoming community with students from across the world and from all types of backgrounds, taught by staff engaged in world-leading research. Roehampton values the shared experience of working together. You are the author of your own future, but the university can help you shape it. 


Roehampton is a lively place to get involved: you can volunteer, work, play sports or join one of the many student societies ranging from human rights groups to the Harry Potter Society. Studying at university is not just about getting a great degree, but also broadening your experiences, preparing yourself for the world of work and having a fantastic time while you are in London.

At Roehampton, your voice can shape your experience at the university. The Student Partnership offers you a say in how the university is run and has in place a number of initiatives to ensure the student voice is heard and acted upon. For instance through the Student Senate, a consultative and advisory body, students have the opportunity to discuss their priorities with key decision-makers and in 2014 implemented a campus bicycle-hire scheme.

The teaching facilities at Roehampton are designed to enhance student learning and include dedicated laboratories, a fully-equipped film editing suite and modern studios for dance and drama. The university has commenced an ambitious plan to enhance the campus, which is already the best and most beautiful in London. The master plan will modernise facilities across the university, create new student housing and further improve the landscape. The centerpiece is the creation of a state-of-the-art library - including a rooftop terrace with stunning views across London - designed by award-winning architects, which will be a visually impressive focal point that underlines the commitment to world-leading teaching and research. 

Roehampton are here to help at every stage of your university journey from application to alumni, so nothing can get in the way of your success. The university offer a range of inclusive amenities such as airport meet and greet, student counselling and an on-site medical center, and guarantees campus housing for all first-year international students who apply before the deadline. Every student has a Personal Tutor for academic advice and access to an Academic Learning Advisor to enhance your academic skills.

By embarking on this life-changing experience, you will make lifelong friends, immerse yourself in another culture and learn more about yourself than you ever thought possible.


The information on this page has been submitted by the higher education institution itself. If you want to know more, get in touch and one of our student advisors will answer all your questions!

Across the Pond is this university’s official representative for selected countries around the world which, depending on where you are from, means we can help you apply to its courses as well as with gathering all the documents needed to submit an application. We can normally offer a speedier route to help you since the institution is hugely popular and receives enquiries from all around the world on a daily basis. We also have close ties with the university’s international facing staff and as such can explain your grades, your academic background and the educational system in your home country. Our partner universities appreciate that students who apply through Across the Pond get the help they need, not only in terms of submitting the application and supporting documents, but also with everything leading up to arrival in the UK, such as student accommodation, visa and funding information as well as preparing for departure to the UK.

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Student population: ca. 8,000

Number of international students: ca.1,000

City population: around 8.9 million

Location: London, urban city

Closest airports: London Heathrow

Date of establishment:1841

Areas of expertise: Education, Media, Dance, Health Sciences, Human Rights

Notable alumni: 

  • Darren Shan (Author)
  • Tim Woolcock (Artist)
  • Deepak Tripathi (Historian)
Psychology, University of Roehampton

As someone who had always admired the United Kingdom, the prospect of studying there had been a long-standing dream of mine. However, for a time, it seemed like an unattainable goal. Despite having previously visited the country and been… Read more

Forensic Science, Psychology, University of Roehampton

For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to study abroad. At the age of 16 when I began my first job and received my first paycheck, I put it in the bank immediately, saving for the day I had an opportunity to travel and live abroad. In high… Read more

Nursing, University of Roehampton

I did not originally choose to study in London. I started at a university in America before deciding to transfer once I studied abroad for 3 months. I loved the diversity on campus, the freedom that came from living in a different country, and… Read more

Psychology, University of Roehampton

After finishing my undergraduate degrees in sociology and politics, I felt lost, confused, and without a clue as to what to do afterwards. I decided to try out different career options like working as a study abroad advisor for my previous… Read more

Psychology, Sports, University of Roehampton

Studying abroad has been one of the best decisions I have done in my life. Starting at high school I did a foreign exchange program to the USA where I had one of the best years in my life. Moving back home was great, but I was still eager to… Read more

Film and TV, Photography, University of Roehampton

My mom studied in London when she was my age and I grew up hearing stories of how magical and exciting it is. It has always been a dream of mine to explore and travel like she did, so once I had the opportunity I took it. Studying in London has… Read more

Psychology, University of Roehampton

I have had a dream of living abroad for most of my life and three years ago, decided to take the plunge to apply to graduate school in a foreign country. During my time in the USA, I had lived in all different regions of the country, but… Read more

Politics/International Relations, University of Roehampton

I found my entire time studying abroad to be life-changing. London, England is a whole new world in itself; with a much different culture, architecture, and atmosphere than my hometown of Austin, Texas. I choose to study at the University… Read more

Psychology, University of Roehampton

Let me introduce myself. I am a Norwegian, 22-year-old psychology student at the University of Roehampton, currently in the final moments of my bachelor's degree. I have been asked to write something about my experience as a student in… Read more

Drama/Theatre/Acting, University of Roehampton

I loved being so close to so many beautiful European countries. All I had to do to get to Paris, Rome, Athens, or anywhere else, was pay anywhere from 30-200 pounds (very cheap compared to cross-continental flights) and catch whatever bus… Read more

Education, University of Roehampton

Hi there! My name is Irene and I am a second-year student at Roehampton University in London. So far my experience here in London has been absolutely incredible; I’ve made amazing friends, travelled to thirteen new countries, and have had… Read more

Dance, University of Roehampton

With its highly specialized research program and the world-class faculty, Roehampton was, simply, the perfect fit for me when looking at MA possibilities. I found nowhere else in the world that had the modules directly linked to my… Read more

Business, University of Roehampton

Choosing to study abroad and complete my master's degree in a different country was the most nerve-racking, but most exciting decision of my life. One that I will never forget!

Studying at Roehampton University, London, has been… Read more

University of Roehampton

Going to the University of Roehampton has been the best choice I have ever made! It has given me invaluable experiences and amazing lifelong friends. I have felt supported by Roehampton's staff every step of the way, whether it be an… Read more

Art and Design, University of Roehampton

I was born and raised in the United States, in a town that I never had the chance to leave. The idea of traveling was always something that I yearned for, but couldn’t quite figure out how to do. In high school, I learned about doing my… Read more

Dance, University of Roehampton

I chose Roehampton because of the stellar reputation of its faculty in the Department of Dance, who are all leading scholars of dance studies. I wanted to continue my study of dance history with specialists in the field, and many of the… Read more

Creative Writing, University of Roehampton

Roehampton's Creative Writing course in the heart of London was exactly what I was looking for. As a university that is not too big, it was easier to make the transition.   


I accepted… Read more

Animal, Zoology, Veterinary, University of Roehampton

I am an international student studying Zoology, which is in the Department of Life Sciences at Whitelands College, a ten-minute walk from the main campus. The program explores various aspects of the animal kingdom, from cell biology and… Read more

Sports, University of Roehampton

I was looking for a world-class university that was known for its strong Life Science programs. Roehampton fit the bill perfectly. Roehampton also had the distinct advantage of being located in London with unique colleges each… Read more

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