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I am planning on staying after completing my degree

Living in London has been one of the best experiences of my life so far, and I am planning on staying after completing my degree.

Name: Kelly Amber
Course: MA International Human Resource Management
University: Middlesex University London
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A great university town

Oxford is obviously a great university town and it is nice because it is a big city but at the same time it still has a very kind of small town feel almost. It’s the perfect size!

Name: Rebecca Peterson
Course: International foundation
University: Oxford Brookes University
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A lively student life

I love that Southampton perfectly combines the old school harbour town which the uni was founded on with updated modern facilities. I also enjoy the amount of parks and picnic areas available!

Name: Tessa Stark
University: Southampton, University of
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A very positive experience

We had a very positive experience with Across The Pond. We truly feel it made all the difference for our daughter Amanda and her admission to her University.

Name: Cindy Schroeder
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A vibrant, coastal location

The best thing about Brighton is the vibrant, coastal location and access to London and the rest of Europe.

Name: Amelia Hagen
University: Brighton, University of
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A wonderful experience

Newcastle University is a vibrant place full of awesome architecture, good places to eat, and has loads of student organisations to become involved with.

Name: Sam Grate
Course: MA Museum Studies
University: Newcastle University
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Aberystwyth is a lovely town with even lovelier people

The University is great, the diversity and amount of extra curricular activities is fantastic, there is always something for everyone!

Name: Emily Steele
Course: MA Theatre and Performance Studies
University: Aberystwyth University
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Aberystwyth is really a great place to live and study

Wales has some of the most beautiful landscapes I’ve ever seen. Aberystwyth itself is nestled between the hills right on the coastline.

Name: Michael Trn
Course: International Relations
University: Aberystwyth University
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For me the best part of university has been the independence I gained and what came with that.

Name: Emma Schultz
Course: Photography
University: Roehampton, University of
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An amazing university

The University of York is an amazing university! It is a beautiful campus, has great teaching facilities and friendly and supportive faculty and staff.

Name: Stefania Fulginiti
University: York, University of
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