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🎓 Most programmes are available at both undergraduate and postgraduate level and it is often possible to combine multiple subjects in a single degree. Most undergraduate programmes (and some Masters') also offer opportunities to study a foreign language, take part in an international exchange, or gain relevant work experience either in the UK or abroad.

🎓 Most Master's degrees take one year to complete and often have no requirement of a Bachelor's degree in the same subject area. This means that you can study for a Master's degree in a different subject from that of your first degree. 

🎓 Entry requirements vary depending on the degree programme and university. As you can imagine, this results in a large number of possible combinations, which can be very confusing. This is where we can help. As experts in this area, we can provide you with the most accurate information tailored to your academic goals and aspirations. Get in touch and we will be happy to assist you.

🎓 Across the Pond matches students with the perfect course and university based on your subject interest, academic background and any geographic preferences you may have. We can assist you with everything needed to help prepare and submit successful applications to UK universities and are available to help even after your studies commence if it's needed. 

Our help is completely free and without obligation!

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Study Forensic Investigation & Cold Case Unit at the University of Winchester (England)

Webinar: Continuously available
Always available (on-demand content)
Universities you can meet: University of Winchester

This session provides insight into Forensic Investigation and the Cold Case Unit at the University of Winchester.

Study Computing at the University of Winchester (England)

Webinar: Continuously available
Always available (on-demand content)
Universities you can meet: University of Winchester

This session provides insight into studying Computing at the University of Winchester.

Digital meeting with a Student Advisor

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Always available

Book an online session with an advisor with Across the Pond to learn more about studying in the UK! 

Forensic Science, University of Winchester

My name is Inda, and I am 22 years old. This year, I started my first year of a bachelor's degree in Forensic Science in Winchester.

When I visited Winchester (before starting here), I met Marie, a fellow Norwegian… Read more

Engineering, Cardiff University

Hello everyone! My name is Francisco — but you can call me Pancho :). I am currently a PhD student at Cardiff University. This university was my first choice due to its excellent reputation as a member of the prestigious Russell Group.… Read more

Architecture, Energy, Sustainability, University of Nottingham

When I started planning to do a masters, it was always in my mind to do it in Europe, however, the more research I did, the best option for my career was the UK. I am an architect and I have been always passionate about sustainability. After deep… Read more

Robotics, University of York

Hello, my name is Alan, proudly Mexican, I graduated as a mechatronic engineer, and since high school I wanted to have an international experience.

That's finally achieved!

Thanks to social networks I found a post from Across the… Read more

Electronics, Engineering, University of Edinburgh

Studying in the UK was a unique experience that has brought many blessings to my life; that’s why I called this testimonial a life-changing experience. First of all, I chose the UK to study because of their high-quality study programmes and… Read more

Engineering, University of Nottingham

Since I finished my master's degree, I dreamed of doing a PhD. It was not an immediate process because I took my time to embark on that path. However, my whole life changed when I finally decided to do it and choose the UK as my study destination… Read more

Silje Kristine
Astrophysics, Aberystwyth University

Studying abroad was not something I was seriously considering doing until I decided to pursue a career in astrophysics. The selection in my home country was rather slim, and in attempt to expand the horizon of possibilities I ventured to an… Read more

Engineering, Environment, University of Nottingham

Hello everyone I am happy to share my experience doing my PhD in the UK.  

Studying in the UK

I decided to do my PhD in the UK because I found a department in the University of Nottingham that really fitted the research topic that I… Read more

Environment, University of York

Hi! My name is Angélica, I`m a Mexican that studied a Master of Science in Green Chemistry and Sustainable Industrial Technology at the University of York, mainly because the course would complement my career as an Environmental Engineer… Read more

Engineering, Environment, Heriot-Watt University

First of all, the possibility of practicing my English and living in a country with a completely different culture than mine. University life, at least in Edinburgh, is extremely international, which makes the overall experience all the more… Read more

Engineering, University of Hertfordshire

Crossing half of the world has been difficult but studying in the UK has been worth it. The educational system here in the UK is incredible. Across the Pond help me found the perfect University for Automotive Engineering and help me… Read more

Engineering, University of Chester

With the first year of university at the University of Chester now completed, I have to say that Across the Pond played a crucial role in helping me get into university in the UK.

With Across the Pond, you get very individualized… Read more

Engineering, Management, Loughborough University

As an American student wanting to study in Europe, but not knowing where to begin, Across the Pond was such a great help. They were able to advise me on every step of the process, from applying to different universities, to… Read more

Computer/IT, University of Surrey

I am Holly, an undergraduate Computing student from Bellevue, Washington. I was born in California but have spent most of my life in Washington. If you know anything about Washington, I pretty much fit the stereotype. Rain, hippies, and… Read more

Engineering, University of Leeds

Being from the Caribbean (Trinidad and Tobago), moving to the UK, and adjusting to a completely different way of living was challenging. Managing this, whilst studying (especially as this is the first time I lived away from home), required an… Read more

Applying to study in the UK can be tricky and confusing when doing things on your own. Take all of the stress out of the process by using Across the Pond’s free expertise and guidance. To help you on your way here are some things to be aware of: 


In the UK, admissions are mainly on a rolling basis – meaning it is "first come, first served" until the programme is filled. We therefore recommend that you apply as early as you can, and preferably before Christmas if you want to start your studies the following autumn. Exceptions: Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Sciences as well as all courses at the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge, and also selected courses at master's level. Read more about the time of year you should apply to have the greatest chance of being granted admission. 


Choosing what to study and which university to go to can be a very difficult process, especially when you may not be able to go and visit to find out which option you like best. Our advisors regularly visit the universities and help hundreds of students apply to a wide range of subjects every single year. They will be able to help you determine which universities and courses are best for you based on your academic background and the universities' minimum requirements, as well as your wishes and needs for what you would like your study experience to look like and cost.


We make it very easy for you! We have our own application form where you fill in your information and upload your application documents. We check that everything has been entered correctly before the application is submitted and that way you do not have to worry that you have made any mistakes that may result in you not being accepted. 


To apply for studies at UK universities you need: 

  • One academic letter of recommendation if you are applying for undergraduate studies, and often two if you are applying for Master’s degree programmes. We have advice and tips that you can give to the person who will be writing this for you, so that together we ensure that they include all the information the UK universities are looking for. For postgraduate applicants you may also be required to submit your CV. Please note that how to write a CV for UK universities may differ from how they are expected to be written in your home country. 
  • Preliminary grades or final diploma (final diploma will be sent as soon as you have received it).
  • Personal Statement. It is very important that it is you who has written your personal statement, but we will help you with what is important to include (or not include!) based on what and where you are hoping to study, in addition to proofreading it for you. This is a very important part of the application and whether or not you get in may be decided based on this statement. Some universities and courses have additional requirements and expectations in terms of what they want to see here  and it is very important that you adhere to these indications. That's why we spend a lot of time making your personal statement as good as it can be. 
  • Note: Some courses will also require an audition, portfolio and other admissions tests. 



When applying for undergraduate programmes, an application fee is required which is paid to the admissions service. In addition, some universities charge an application fee for some of the Master’s programmes they offer. These application fees are payable directly to the University or the University and Colleges Admissions Service and not to us. We will never ask for any payment or card information from you and all help from us is free of charge. 

Some universities will require a deposit to secure your study place after you have been granted admission, this will later be deducted from the tuition fee. After you have been granted admission and your place has been confirmed, you will have to pay a fee to apply for a student visa in order to access healthcare in the UK during your studies. If you wish to live in the universities’ student housing you must apply to be allocated a room before the housing application deadline and once this has been processed you are often required to pay deposit to secure the accommodation. When you eventually enrol in the university, you will pay the tuition fee. Prices in the UK vary greatly and if you have any questions about the cost of studying in the UK, please get in touch. We are happy to help you find affordable options! 


We will walk you through each step of the application process and help you with everything you need to consider before deciding whether or not you want to apply to study in the UK. If you choose to complete an application we will help you with absolutely everything from start to finish. 

We are here to help you whether you have questions related to studying in the UK or want more information about selected universities or courses. Contact us whether you just want more information or if you are ready to get started with your application! 

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