Study Global Literature and Culture abroad

I love interdisciplinarity!

My journey began in Mexico City, at a Euro-postgraduate fair with my friends from University. We were going through an after-degree identity crisis. I felt even more lost because I was passionate about many disciplines, but they were all very dispersed. I studied Hispanic Literatures at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, and I thought I could continue my studies at a Spanish university and decide if I wanted to study culture, history or literature. I saw the Across the Pond booth and filled out a form. Shortly after I received an email from my advisor, and from there we started talking about all the different master's degrees in the United Kingdom. After many more emails and a year of preparation I began my master's in Global Culture and Literature at the University of York. At the time I didn't really know why I chose this program beyond "how interesting!", but now I better understand why it was such an important part of my path, eight years later and just about to finish my PhD at the University of Nottingham: I love interdisciplinarity!

The educational experience was very different from what I knew. They are have short terms, with few subjects and few hours, and the workload compensates for that free time. I think the hard part about this, for me, was that I had to learn better self-management, and being alone in a new place! But it was worth it, and adjusting to university and social life was easier. I was surprised by the number of activities and events for all tastes. I even went to a “Retired Dog Petting Day.” Little by little I started making a family among the international roommates that I randomly had with the student accommodation, my classmates from the master's degree, and the community of Mexicans that Across the Pond helps you form from the moment you arrive.

I think the only thing I wish I'd known before moving (and didn't care to research) is that there really isn't much sun. I knew, from the movies, that it is a rainy and cold country, but I also knew that it rains more in Mexico City than in London, so it didn't seem so serious to me. What I didn't know is that during the winter it gets dark from 4:00 pm. And when it's daytime, weeks can go by without seeing the sun or the blue sky. But I also didn't know that Mexico had taught me to love the United Kingdom, and that the United Kingdom would teach me to love Mexico more.

- Alicia

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Study Renewable Energy and Architecture abroad - study sustainability in the uK

The best option for my career was the UK

When I started planning to do a masters, it was always in my mind to do it in Europe, however, the more research I did, the best option for my career was the UK. I am an architect and I have been always passionate about sustainability. After deep research, I found that they were way more advanced than in Mexico, with plenty of strategies already implemented all around the country, and even on the university campus. This was the main reason for deciding The University of Nottingham. The main campus is huge and astonishing, and the Faculty of Architecture had integrated many sustainable strategies that would be taught throughout the course.

Nevertheless, my first approach with Across the Pond was when I was not sure of which university to choose and my advisor helped me to do it. After lots of corrections to my application I finally was accepted by the university, but what I consider the main support, is to get the scholarship acceptance which, for me, was the most important factor to study abroad.

A few weeks before starting the course her help was an enormous support. She contacted us with other Mexican students who were going to the same university and she even told us where to buy duvets and warm clothes.

Student and social life in the UK

A couple of days before the start of the course I found lots of Facebook groups about activities for the new students at the university. There is also a “welcome week” where you can get to know all the available societies you can enrol. This was completely new for me, as when I did architecture in Mexico, we were only focused on our university studies. There were societies that I had never imagined before, like the magic or yoga society. So, besides doing your postgraduate course, you also had the opportunity of doing extra activities which was an excellent option to make new friends.

During my course, I had classmates from different parts of the world, such as Greece, Italy, China and of course, the UK. For me, it was really interesting to know more about their cultures and their perception about architecture and sustainability topics. It was enriching to see how things were being done by their countries to achieve sustainability goals.

In the same way, there were lots of things to do for social and nightlife. There were plenty of options depending on your mood. The public transportation system, even though it was a bit expensive for me, was incredibly awesome and easy to use. You could check on an app which tram or bus to take and how much time it would take you to get there, even though the city was not that big. However, if you decided to walk, you could feel safe anywhere at any time.

- Eduardo

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Study Architecture and Sustainable Design abroad in the UK

I am really grateful and don’t want this year to end

My name is Elsa, a Mexican student of the MArch Architecture and Sustainable Design programme at the University of Nottingham. My experience began two years ago when I decided to follow a long term dream I had: to study my master’s degree. I did not know where or how to start and Across the Pond guide me all the way. After one year of hard work applying to different scholarships and funding, I found the way and motivation to come here. I chose this university because of its broad available programmes, international student support and their compromise on teaching environmental strategies and help us get skills and knowledge to be part of the change for a better world. The MArch programme was in line with my professional goals and personal interests, and it was one of the only sustainable architecture programmes with a design focus, instead of only science and engineering. The course was very dynamic and practical, and I was able to develop research and report skills for my future career. At the end of year, I was awarded with the PGT Sustainable Prize and the Dr Wang Qi memorial prize for the best MArch portfolio.

The university campuses are amazing, all open and green. The views, the seasons changing on the landscape and the little bunnies and geese all around. The sports facilities are incredible, I was motivated all year to keep on exercising and getting stronger every day. I was part of the Intramural Football Tournament and won it with my team (go white team!). I lived on campus accommodation, self-catered in an en-suite room. I met amazing people here and felt always in good company even when loneliness came sometimes, because of course, the distance is difficult to handle, that is for sure. The university had lots of students’ societies and activities, everyone is enrolled in something. The Mexican Society was really welcoming and always ready to give us new students a hand and a safe place. The city is full of students for its two big universities. Every activity is thought for us. The locals are really friendly and welcoming. The city feels safe and always ready for a good night out for some pints!

The most challenging part was stress and uncertainty of the application process, the visa and finding the resources to come. Then, finding an en-suite accommodation without a UK guarantor in a short time, I suggest to try to get everything sorted with enough time so you have more options to choose from. Sometimes the different English accents are difficult to understand, but without noticing, you get more used to them little by little. And what everyone says, if you are Latin, get ready to miss the sunny days all year long... but it was worth it in every sense, I am really grateful and don’t want this year to end.

- Elsa

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Do a PhD in Mechanical Engineering abroad in the UK

When your career dreams come true

Since I finished my master's degree, I dreamed of doing a PhD. It was not an immediate process because I took my time to embark on that path. However, my whole life changed when I finally decided to do it and choose the UK as my study destination.

My name is Emanuel, and I am a PhD student from Mexico at the University of Nottingham. I am currently in my third year. My area of study is Mechanical Engineering. Due to the extensiveness of this knowledge area, at first, it was difficult for me to focus on a specific research topic. Still, thanks to the guidance and experience of my supervisors, this problem was solved after a deep analysis done by me and the two of them.

Nowadays, my supervisors and I are pioneers in analysing, designing and implementing magnetorheological dampers to suppress vibrations in on and offshore wind turbines. The results have been so satisfactory that not only have doors opened for me in the professional field, but the impact of this research work is so significant that I also have the option of continuing to develop research on this topic in a postdoctoral offer.

Life in the UK as an international student is fascinating. On the one hand, you have to adapt to many things; on the other, their cities' infrastructure makes this adaptation process happen naturally and easily. For instance, climate conditions are pretty humid, and it rains unexpectedly. Knowing this, Nottingham City Council has effectively designed the bus and tram stops to shelter many people from the weather.

Another example is the efficient way in which the bus and tram lines are interconnected with each other. This allows you to cross the city from north to south in less than an hour. Besides, if you want to stay in any city area, there’s no stopping you because each neighbourhood has everything you need to live well and peacefully. There are shopping centres, gyms, parks, churches, cinemas, theatres, hotels and recreational places in each city sector. It is impressive!

It doesn't matter if you are a student, professional or tourist; the city of Nottingham has all the entertainment options you can imagine. You have access to outdoor activities and many clubs to practice the sport of your choice. Everything is at your fingertips!

As far as English culture is concerned, it is one of the most interesting in the world. The English are an organised, punctual and hard-working people. They always hold on to their promises and follow their rules with extreme care. They are also sensitive to the presence of foreigners. They know we are there to contribute to developing their economy and life quality. Also, unlike other European countries, you can find multicultural environments everywhere, as they are an open-minded and diverse society.

Diversity is a reality. Everyone can be what they want without being criticised, disturbed or excluded. This creates environments of peace and tranquillity that favour British citizens' and foreigners' studies and professional development.

No country in the world is similar to the United Kingdom if what you want is to study and develop your professional skills. That is why I recommend whoever reads this post to look for a postgraduate degree at a British university. Broaden your perspectives and change your reality by studying in Great Britain; You won't regret it!

- Emanuel

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Study Finance and Investment abroad in England

Helped me achieve my goals

Hello! My name is Carlos, I am from Mexico, and I am a candidate for the master’s degree in Finance and Investment at the University of Nottingham. My experience as a student in the United Kingdom has been above expectations so far. I have been fortunate to live in such a wonderful country that welcomes students and professionals from all over the world.

The University of Nottingham has been a great ally that has helped me achieve my goals as a student and professional in Finance and Investment. Firstly, I was offered a great scholarship from the University of Nottingham Business School that enabled me to consider the United Kingdom as the country to obtain my master’s degree. Secondly, they assisted me through all the process to gain access to good quality accommodation and guidance to move around the campus. The University of Nottingham forms part of the Russell Group, a selected group of the top universities in the United Kingdom.

I studied my master’s at the Jubilee Campus of the University of Nottingham, which offers great facilities, with classrooms of all different types of sizes, computer rooms, study halls, cafeterias, libraries, sport facilities and much more. I was able to keep alive my student life at this amazing university. The University of Nottingham also offers free transportation across the different campus. I was able to discover amazing hidden places with huge gardens, fountains, and old classical English buildings. The university offers students the possibility to move around the facilities easily and smoothly, with indications and staff happy to help you if you have any trouble finding a place.

As for my master’s degree, I was learning content in Finance since the first day of classes. The program excels in its field and has given me the necessary tools to immerse myself in the financial sector. The quantitative and qualitative core modules offered by the course are state of the art knowledge that will be a valuable qualification in my CV for employment anywhere in the world. The United Kingdom has one of the biggest financial hubs, where hundreds of thousands of professionals work every day in different institutions and companies. From Investment Banking to Asset Management, the UK has a lot to offer for professionals interested in Finance. This is the main reason why I chose the United Kingdom as the country to develop my career further.

My accommodation is very close to the university, it’s a 3-minute walk to be exact. Nottingham Two by Student Roost is a great accommodation if you’re looking for a friendly place with a great location that includes security, comfort, and amenities. The accommodation includes many perks for a reasonable price. It has several common rooms for study, laundry rooms, gaming rooms, and you also have access to free postal delivery service. There are many different types of flats for different price levels. My flat included a shared kitchen for 4 large rooms with all the appliances needed to cook and store food.

Nottingham is one of the most exciting and student-friendly cities in England. Nottingham has a diverse and vibrant student population. The city’s rich history, combined with the legendary stories of Robin Hood, add to the city’s charm. From the hustle of Old Market Square to the serene serenity of Highfields Park. Students can enjoy a wide range of cultural experiences in Nottingham. From eclectic cafes to dynamic music venues and contemporary art galleries, there’s something for everyone. The city’s easy-to-navigate public transport system makes it easy for students to get around from one place to another. It has a welcoming atmosphere, cultural diversity, and abundance of student-friendly amenities. I’m glad to call it my second home now.

One thing I would recommend to people is to always carry an umbrella due to the unexpected changes of the weather. Most of the days throughout the year have been rainy, even when the sun is out it can get cloudy and rain. Another aspect I would recommend is to always stay ahead of deadlines for things like medical appointments. The NHS service is fabulous but it can take a while to get an appointment, so if you suddenly feel ill, it’s better to make an appointment as soon as possible.

Overall, my experience in the United Kingdom has been incredible. It has been one of the most amazing years of my life. I have traveled across the country and seen the wonders that the UK has to offer in natural scenery, history, culture, food, and many welcoming British people. I would totally recommend the United Kingdom as a country to study for people coming from abroad. My vision about the world has been enriched and my perspective about different topics has changed as well. It’s worth studying in this country, I have gotten so much more in return to what I have invested so far!

- Carlos Alfredo

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Study Building Technology abroad

Potentially the most beautiful University campus in the world

Study Building Technology in the UK

Hello everyone I am happy to share my experience doing my PhD in the UK.

Studying in the UK

I decided to do my PhD in the UK because I found a department in the University of Nottingham that really fitted the research topic that I wanted to investigate. The department was highly ranked in the UK ant the University ranked top 100 in the world, it was a no brainer.

The University of Nottingham

I was based in the University Park Campus, this is potentially the most beautiful University campus in the world, is like living in a forest. My office was on top of a hill with a view of the campus and it was definitely a motivation to go to work.

I was fortunate enough to be accommodated on campus as well, everything was at a short walking distance: the office, University buildings, gym, shops, restaurants. To be honest I do not think I will ever feel like living inside a forest again, so this was a positive experience.

My colleagues at the department were all friendly and my supervisors were generally available to answer my questions and doubts. They also supported my research by getting me involved with a company interested in the research topic so I felt that my work was actually reflected in the real world and not many early-stage researchers get that chance.

Both my professional and personal goals were being accomplished only by selecting the right University, department and supervisors.

Student life and the city of Nottingham

Even as a PhD I truly felt like a student: the Uni and the city are made for student life (despite the age) so do not feel shy if you are a mature student, there are plenty of options. Compared to Mexico (my home country) student life is more vibrant, there is no need to have a car or to use one, public transportation is very efficient and I had a bike so I moved around the city cycling, the city is relatively flat so I think that is the easiest and cheapest way of moving.

I really liked the way the city was organized and how it was prepared for students. You can find everything you need in Nottingham’s city centre or in Beeston (the town next to the University). But my favourite part of Nottingham, as I mentioned, was the campus and the student life.

Across the Pond

Across the pond helped me during all the process: finding a supervisor, application, funding, visa, accommodation. Therefore, most of my decisions were based on my advisor’s comments and experience. I don’t think I would have enjoyed my time as much as I did without Across the Pond. Thank you for everything.

- Alan

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Study an MBA abroad

I wish I had done this earlier!

Study MBA in the UK

I have always loved the UK since I can remember. Perhaps it's the history or its influence all over the world, culturally, its epic landscapes, or Jane Austen that made me eager to learn more about it. I always dreamt of living in a place full of history and things to see. I love the accent, even though I had a rough time getting used to it. Nottingham became the best option for me. The legendary thousand-year-old pub to its epic Castle, the people, the diversity of students, and the vibrant nightlife were fantastic for me.

When and why at that moment?

I received the best attention, service, and information from the University and from Across the Pond. My Across the Pond advisor, who helped me throughout the process, couldn't have been more helpful in critical steps during my application. Across the Pond opened a door that would have been harder to unlock. Even though I went during the most challenging time of the pandemic crisis, I would not change it at all. Being there during critical times makes you a different kind of learner. And, without knowing it, my MBA prepared me for my current full work-from-home lifestyle.

How different is too different?

I think that the Mexican and British education systems are very different, but I am not sure if I can fairly compare them. I enjoyed the research-oriented tasks, the data processing classes (although we received a few, I wish I had received more), and all the teamwork in general. I met people from places I didn't even know existed and learned different ways of doing things that I couldn't have experienced in other circumstances.

No se habla español...

You never know how accustomed you are to a certain accent until you live abroad. The UK accent is very different from the US, and I am used to the latter. For me, it took a while to understand fast-paced teachers. I remember having four-hour straight classes while getting used to this new accent. Let's say it was complicated. The advantage is that I am now proficient in the accents of Downton Abbey, Pride and Prejudice, and Peaky Blinders, and no longer need subtitles!

Thanks so much for helping me achieve this life-changing experience Across the Pond!

If you are hesitating, DON'T! STOP IT! Apply and just start! It took me years to make up my mind, but once I started the process, it only took a few months to see the light at the end of the tunnel! I wish I had done this earlier!

- July Samary

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Study Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Management abroad

Life-changing academic experience

Study Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Management in the UK

After working in the Marketing area of a multinational company in Mexico, I decided that studying a masters degree in the United Kingdom was the next step to take in my academic/professional life, my life plan has always been to own a business, therefore, I chose the MSc Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Management, I chose The University of Nottingham since it has a great position in the global rankings, which is beneficial when requiring student loans, additionally, I found the geographical location of the city convenient since is close to cities like London, Manchester or Liverpool but is much more affordable and calm.

Complete guidance

Thanks to Across the Pond it was possible for me to accomplish my goals of studying in the United Kingdom, since the first contact with the agency, the quality of their attention and responses was impeccable, even when I started this process with more questions than answers and not even knowing which course to take, they provided me with tools and information to be able to take the best decision in the most convenient way given my expectations and my means.

Financial aid

When starting to balance my financial possibilities and the requirements of a project like this, my Across the Pond agent could provide clarity about the loans options like FIDERH and FUNED to understand how they functioned and how to make a successful application, it was thanks to this that I managed to obtain the FIDERH loan, Across the Pond once again helped me through all the process and this guide was fundamental for this outcome.

Close contact and follow-up

When this goal started to get more and more real, my adviser kept always in touch until the last step of the process, helping me with practical advice regarding travel planning, looking for accommodation in the city and making the payments and completing the steps needed for the visa and health insurance, without a doubt everything would have been much more complicated and chaotic without their advice, I am very grateful.

Life in the UK

Living in the UK has surpassed my expectations, studying here has allowed me to connect with people from all around the world, there is an extraordinary variety of cultures here and everyday there is something to learn and to share, living in the university’s student halls, I have had the opportunity to engage closely with people from the other side of the planet and this is very enriching, besides there is always an event happening, I am definitely glad that I made the decision to live this experience for my professional and also my personal life.

- Sara

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Study Clinical Nutrition abroad

Living an academic dream

Study Clinical Nutrition in the UK

My name is Diana, I am 31 years old, and professionally I am a dietitian and diabetes educator from Mexico.

I wanted to accomplish my dream of studying for my master’s degree at one high-ranked university. Moreover, I wanted it to be a challenging experience that, at the same time, would help me broaden my global knowledge.  

As a student of the MSc Clinical Nutrition at the University of Nottingham, I feel very proud of this decision to study abroad. So far, studying in the UK has nurtured me greatly, from academic learning to cultural experiences.

Great programme & and experienced professors

I chose my course at the University of Nottingham (UoN) because it fulfilled my expectations about complementing my career. I investigated the modules, the optional courses, the professors’ work experiences and the facilities and opportunities for international students. I found everything I was looking for, so I engaged and applied for an unconditional offer. During this process regarding the communication with the university, my advisor from Across the pond helped me the most.

Scholarship: British Council for Women in STEM

At the same time, I also applied for the “British Council Scholarship for Women in STEM”, which I was fortunate to be awarded. It provides me with total funding for my postgraduate taught studies and a monthly stipend to live well and healthily in the UK. This scholarship, among other help, funded my visa application and my national health service (NHS), which I am glad I have as it is helping me achieve proper management of my Type 1 diabetes, an autoimmune health condition for which I need constant medical supplies and treatment for glucose management.

Before applying for this scholarship, I made sure I understood all the conditions. Then I started working on the essay questionnaire, for which I asked for feedback from several experienced people that have gone through similar situations and were fluent in English so they could provide me with their critics and advice. Across the pond helped amazingly in this process and with essential feedback for a robust essay.

Accommodation: House

As my husband is accompanying me in this studies adventure and given that the university accommodation could not provide a place for two people, we had to look out for ourselves and finally found a suitable house to rent. It was not easy or fast, but after some busy weeks of house visiting, we found a good and pleasant place to live, which is very accessible to the city centre by transportation and close to the main Campus: University Park Campus, where I can take the Hopper bus which will take me to my faculty in Sutton Bonington Campus every time. Here, in Nottingham, I live in an area called Lenton, which is safe and calm; we like living here very much. 

Student life: Uni life and social life

There are many opportunities to get together with other students from different campuses and backgrounds in the university; activities never stop, from clubs to sports or excursions; there is always something to do so the students feel at home and accompany.

There are as well excellent options to visit in the city. However, what I like the most is the city centre, the exquisite little restaurants, the beautiful and colourful streets and architecture, and the nightlife in pubs, with good music or live bands playing. Nottingham is active and alive, has great day and nightlife, and is secure and safe.

From all in Spanish to all in English

Before starting my master, I had done all my studies in Spanish in Mexico, so the transition was a little complicated, mainly in the speaking part. But I realised I’ve been progressively improving at communicating with others. I must mention that from the beginning, the teachers have always been respectful and encouraged the international students to participate and give their opinions; we are all comfortable sharing our thoughts and ideas in the classroom.  

Finally, I am delighted with my decision to study abroad, being the UK, a place that has welcomed us since the very first day. I will encourage everyone with this dream to apply for the different opportunities the universities give to international students to facilitate our immersion into their academic programmes.

- Diana

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Study Microbiology abroad

I have been able to find more room for personal achievement

Study Microbiology in the UK

Hello everyone! My Name is Jorge, I am from Mexico and also a student not once, but twice in the UK. The first time I came to the UK was when I started my MSc in Microbiology at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland.

On the other hand, here at the University of Nottingham located in the East Midlands of England, is very similar to my previous Scottish experience in many aspects, but in some others I have been able to find more room for personal achievement, learning and time management, as well as developing finesse in my research skills. I am under the guidance of two supervisors, matter that seems scary, but it is deeply enriching, and both of them are helpful and keen to teach, something makes me feel truly fortunate to be able to keep studying under such a caring and professional guidance. Moreover, Nottingham is a student city in all matters, hence there are many places where to go, visit, chill, study, travel, shop for every age.

Finally, some tips that can be truly helpful, small details but they do create a big difference is not to bring so much clothing over here, UK weather is so unpredictable but fortunately UK people have shops for any kind of day, thus, come lightweight and enjoy shopping here. Also change your standard credit/debit for a contactless, and finally avoid much currency exchange, save money, and go contactless for (almost) everything.

- Jorge

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