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King's College London is one of the most central universities in London, and has five campuses in the heart of the city. As a student, you have access to academic resources at both King's and the University of London, as well as countless specialised collections, museums and speakers from around the world. King's was established by King George IV in 1829, and is recognised for world-class education and research.

As a student at King's, you will experience a variety of innovative teaching methods, which will teach you how to think, not what to think. The university promotes an enriching and stimulating learning environment, where you as a student work side by side with world-class academics as well as talented students from all walks of life.

King's has strong links to both the legal and financial sectors of London, as well as international organisations. As a student, you can also benefit from a comprehensive career programme, where you get help to get work experience and the opportunity to meet business leaders in various industries.

King's is very interested in research, and in one of the latest research assessments (Research Assessment Framework), it was concluded that 84 percent of King's research activity is either world-leading or internationally outstanding. In addition, King's is among the top seven universities in terms of earnings on research as well as one of the largest contributors of research to public agencies. King's has played an important role in many of the advances that have shaped modern society, such as the discovery of the DNA structure and research that has led to the development of radio, television, cell phones and radar.

As a student, you have the opportunity to raise the level of your studies by taking extra modules and take on additional projects. You can study abroad for a semester or a year as part of exchange programmes, learn an additional language, gain work experience or take part in the unique "Associateship" programme. In today's competitive society, everyone needs to have an advantage, and King's has an enviable reputation for graduating students who are sought after by employers. Students are at the top of the employment statistics, both when it comes to getting a job after graduation, and starting salary in the UK.

Student accommodation

King's College offers housing that is conveniently available on the various campuses. You can choose between different types of housing, including "en-suite", where you have your own room and bathroom, but share a kitchen / living room with other students, and "single room" where you have your own room, but share a bathroom, kitchen and living room. You can choose between "catered", where food is included (breakfast and dinner) and "self-catered", where you cook yourself in the kitchen that you share with other students.

The city of London

London is a metropolis and one of the world's most visited cities. The British capital has something to offer everyone, and can offer a huge range of history, culture, art, museums, dazzling architecture and shopping. London currently has a population of approx. 8.9 million. In the heart of this metropolis is King's College - located at Strand College and Waterloo College.

Strand is like a beach on the River Thames as central to London as it is possible to get, midway between Big Ben, the Parliament and St. Paul's Cathedral. The nearest underground station is Temple, and you can cross the Waterloo Bridge to get south of the river. It is just a 5-minute walk to the iconic Piccadilly Circus, and if you love shopping you have Oxford Street and Regent’s Street around the corner. For independent shops, restaurants and pubs, you can also easily head to the legendary Soho.

There is also no shortage of cultural alternatives. Covent Garden is well within reach, and here there are continuous shows, such as theatre, musicals and other events every night. Museums, historic buildings and galleries are in the immediate vicinity, and you will find an almost endless selection of restaurants and cozy cafes in the area around campus. The location makes it easy to head east to the popular Whitechapel, or just across the river to Borough, where there is plenty of evening activity.

If you need a respite from urban life, then you can walk to Green Park in half an hour. Bring lunch and study for your exams there on a sunny day, perhaps in front of Buckingham Palace, or continue into majestic Hyde Park. In the winter, there is Winter Wonderland in the park, which always gives a great pre-Christmas atmosphere.

Just across the river from Strand is the Waterloo Campus. If you study here you are on the south side of the river, but the experience will still be urban. The areas Borough and Southwark are vibrant in the evening with restaurants, pubs and cultural events. In the alleys there is a lot of life after 6 pm, when the office workers head out for a bite to eat, and the area attracts many young people during the weekends. During the day you can visit the famous Borough Market - bring a shopping bag to secure good food, or just explore the area which is constantly changing!



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Student population: ca. 33 000

International students: ca. 16 000

Location: Central London

City population: around 8,9 millioner

Closest airport: Gatwick, Heathrow, Stansted, City, Luton

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