Study Nutrition abroad

I love the opportunity of being here, sharing knowledge and experiences

Study Nutrition in the UK

I love the opportunity of being here, sharing knowledge and experiences with my classmates from other countries, and learning about their manners. The security to be able to walk alone in the street, that in England they effort to avoid food wasting, in supermarkets or school cafeterias they reduce food prices when the expiration date is near.

Why did you choose this university? 

Because is a university with a good level of research in nutrition sciences, and for all the green spaces that they have in all their campuses.

How do you find university life? 

University life in UK is challenging, because the evaluation is very different from Mexico, mainly because of the grading scale.

What are you studying and why?

I’m studying a Master in Clinical Nutrition, because I want to improve the service and attention that I give to my patients, and the approach to manage the different disease that they could have.

Describe a typical day as a student/on your course

Usually I take classes in person between 2 and 3 days per week, for every class we have the slides and information about the topic of the day to review before the class. For my master, we are assessed with essays and systematic review, we have to read many articles. For classes we can have 2 or 3 professors which enrich the content of the classes due to their different experiences working as dieticians. I usually go to the gym or to swim, the days that I don’t go the school I go for my groceries, do some housecleaning or just go out for a coffee and a walk.

How is living in the UK different from home? 

Is totally different, I feel that is like another world because the food and culture is totally different as in Mexico, talking about celebrations and the way that they cook, for the weather.

Tell us about the town/city and what you love about it!

Nottingham is a city with a lot of green areas, wherever you go, you will see green spaces and I love that. Night life is quiet, but you can find many different coffee shops and places to go to eat.

Tell us about your accommodation

My accommodation is a place for undergraduates and postgraduates students, now I’m staying at Broadgate Park in Beeston, in here you can find “en-suite” with your own kitchen and bathroom, a “twin en-suit room” for sharing with a roommate, and a normal room in which you will share the bathroom and kitchen with between 3 and 5 more. The staff in the reception and maintenance are kind. You will find different activities each day to meet other students in the common areas, is a big places with green spaces as well.

What do you do in your spare time?

Go for a walk, for a coffee or just stay in my flat watching Netflix or talking with my family and friends.

If English is not your first language, how did you find the transition into studying in English?

Sometimes is difficult to completely understand the meaning of some topics or to explain myself.

Is there anything else you´d have liked to know before you applied, started university or went to the UK?

I would like to know more about eating habits, and opening times of restaurants, coffee shops and supermarkets.

- Brenda

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Study Forensic Psychology

Interactive learning experience

Study Forensic Psychology in the UK

I chose to study at Nottingham because I believe the university best fits my idea of a higher education institution, with lecturers who are driven to teach based on the passion they possess for their respective fields. Within my program, I have had the pleasure of being lectured by individuals from different aspects of the psychological field from those who work within a range of low to high secure forensic settings, including forensic and clinical psychologists and psychiatrists. Each lecturer has thus far brought their own experiences into the classroom along with the information being conveyed, in order to make the learning experience as interactive as possible. This is a characteristic I have noticed from professors not only within my smaller lectures of about fourteen students but also within the large ones consisting of a minimum of 100 students. 

Without obtaining the USA Masters scholarship, I would not have had the opportunity to experience the phenomenal teaching delivered by lecturers at the university without a serious financial constraint placed upon my family. To other international students considering Nottingham, rest assured that the faculty and welcoming atmosphere make easier the transition so that the University can one day feel like a home away from home.

- Eric

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