Study Physiotherapy in England

Studying Abroad in the UK: A Transformative Experience

Studying abroad has always been a dream of mine, fueled by a desire to immerse myself in new cultures and experiences. When I didn't secure admission to a Canadian university, my husband introduced me to the idea of studying in the UK through Across the Pond. Little did I know, this decision would lead to an experience of a lifetime.

Choosing Brunel University:

Initially drawn to Scotland, my interview with Brunel University convinced me otherwise. Located in London, UK, Brunel offered the perfect blend of academic excellence and vibrant student life. The convenience of its location and the provision of individual tutors for each student stood out to me. Moreover, the opportunity to learn from professors who were experts in their fields, like the tendinopathy lecture taught by a renowned researcher, was truly appealing. The presence of a significant Canadian student community also made me feel at home.

Accommodation and Campus Life:

I opted to stay off-campus, just a short walk away from Brunel. Living with two fellow Canadian PT students forged strong friendships and added to the sense of community. Brunel's dedication to student experience was evident through its myriad of clubs and activities. I particularly enjoyed being part of the weightlifting and CrossFit team, where I had access to top-notch facilities and learned from experienced athletes.

Academic Pursuits:

Enrolled in the Master of Science in Physiotherapy program, I appreciated Brunel's evidence-based approach and emphasis on practical learning. The availability of pre-recorded lectures allowed for flexible learning, with class time focused on hands-on experiences and consolidating knowledge. 

Exploring Uxbridge and Beyond:

Although Uxbridge wasn't the most exciting city, its proximity to Heathrow Airport and easy access to central London made it convenient. I often found myself exploring the vibrant heart of London or venturing to areas like Ealing, Camden, and Covent Gardens became a regular part of my routine, with the opportunity to visit a new country every month—a perk I cherished.

Social Life and Personal Growth:

Beyond academics, I embarked on a placement with a professional rugby team, which provided invaluable real-world experience. Weekends were filled with adventures and cultural exploration, fostering friendships with people from diverse backgrounds.

Reflecting on my time in the UK, I am grateful for the support of Across the Pond throughout the application process. Despite the challenges and expenses, studying abroad was undoubtedly worth it. The experience broadened my horizons, enriched my academic journey, and provided memories that will last a lifetime. For anyone considering studying abroad, I wholeheartedly encourage it—it's an opportunity of a lifetime.

- Jessica

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Study Public Relations, Communications and Media abroad in the UK

I earned a world-class degree while seeing the world

I first got in contact with Across the Pond just after graduating with my Bachelor’s Degree. After some looking and job opportunities, I put my applications on hold. I contacted my student advisor again and picked up where I left off. After looking at universities and programs in the states, it became clear that many programs were both longer and more expensive in the US than in the UK. Once I added the international exposure, experience, and the opportunity that schooling would give me to secure a visa abroad, I knew a UK degree was what I needed.

Studying in the UK was definitely different than an education in the US, but in the best ways for my learning style. Unlike schools here, the UK places a greater importance on research, writing, and applying lessons in the real world. In my course, I had 4 graded term papers, a thesis research project and a thesis portfolio. No tests, no quizzes, no busy work. Read assigned books, papers, articles, and watch assigned videos, then discuss with the class each day. Class sizes were smaller than what I’d been accustomed to in undergraduate studies, which was a welcomed change. Both professors spent lots of time meeting with students individually, talking about research topics, and guiding them throughout the course.

I chose Brunel University London for a number of reasons, including its proximity to London and Heathrow Airport, its strong research base, and the opportunities for job placement and extracurricular activities. The classes were diverse in a way only the UK could offer. I had classmates from India, Kuwait, France, Italy, Ghana, Bangladesh, China, Poland, and across the UK. That diversity contributed to a classroom of varied experiences, points of view, and interests that expanded our understandings of the world.

Brunel has a University kart racing team, sports of every kind, clubs and student unions, dance parties every week on campus, a campus pub, and great facilities across campus. I got a gym pass and used the facilities each week, ate at on-campus restaurants, had morning coffee at their coffee shop, and spent many hours and days at the library preparing my papers and thesis projects. Student life was more relaxed than US schools, with an emphasis on strong studies balanced with exploring the country while you’re there. Classes are only a couple days a week, so it’s definitely manageable to do your coursework while exploring all that London, the UK, and continental Europe have to offer.

The city of Uxbridge, where Brunel is located, is a perfect British town with a great Underground station and bus system. I often took a bus a mere 5 minutes to the tube line, and I made it into London 30-40 minutes later. The high street had shopping, grocery stores, fantastic restaurants, a movie theater, mall, postal services, a gym, and pubs showing all kinds of sporting events. A rainy Sunday in Uxbridge was as quaint and calm as it was frequent. Christmas in the UK is magical, and even Uxbridge made the holidays bright even as the sun went down earlier and earlier each day. I miss trips to the Tesco or Primark after classes, or visiting the Odeon cinemas to catch a movie.

Flying in and out of the country when visiting friends or family was very convenient, and you can easily catch a bus or tube from Heathrow to Uxbridge. Flights to other countries, in addition to the rail and busses across the UK, made it a perfect spot for the traveler in me. I earned a world-class degree while seeing the world.

I have told many friends about Across the Pond, Brunel, and studying in the UK. The advice I wish I’d known before I went was that it would be tough adjusting to a new country for the first 3-6 months. Your student advisor will prepare you, the blogs and videos you watch will help you, but then you’re in a new place and it’s up to you to be dedicated and resilient. At times, British government agencies with their paperwork and delayed responses got under my skin. But it was no different than visiting a DMV here in the states! The minutiae of life it just that, and going abroad means immersing yourself in the daily life of another country. While getting a bank account, choosing a mobile phone plan, getting a replacement ID card, or applying for a license took a little time to figure out, it gave me understanding and appreciation for the things I took for granted growing up and living in my own country for so long. Traveling abroad doesn’t make you a strong person on its own, that’s something I wish everyone knew. Instead, with determination and the right mindset, studying abroad gives you the opportunity to become a well-rounded, empathetic, well-educated, and global-minded citizen of the world who can understand and work with people of all backgrounds and nationalities in new ways. My best friends from the program and my dorm are from countries around the world. We shared memories in class and around London that I’ll forever cherish. I’m forever grateful for the opportunity Across the Pond gave me to open myself to another part of the world, to new friends and connections, and to an education that has advanced my career in new and exciting ways.

- Tristan

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Study Physiotherapy in the UK

Given me opportunities that I never thought possible

My experience studying in the UK has been amazing so far! I am originally from Canada and leaving home to study abroad for two years was hard and scary at the beginning but now halfway through my UK experience it has given me opportunities that I never thought possible.

My school and program are wonderful, I have made friends from all over the world, and I have been exposed to so many different cultures, traditions, and lifestyles that have broadened my perspective. Living in the UK has also exposed me to travelling, being able to take a one-hour flight, be in a completely different country, and get to try delicious foods!

Apart from living in the UK, my experience using Across the Pond service was positive. My senior student advisor was wonderful. She provided quick responses and was super helpful in guiding me to select the most appropriate schools, preparing me for school interviews, and helping me write my statements. This made my application process easy and moving to a new country stress-free. My advisor was reliable and trustworthy to guide my new start in the UK. Overall, moving abroad has challenged me to come out of my comfort zone, push myself to be the best I can be, and take the experiences around me to learn and grow into a better version of myself.

- Olivia

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Study Physiotherapy in London

I absolutely have no regrets!

I took a significant leap, and I absolutely have no regrets! Studying abroad has always been a dream of mine. I was in a challenging phase in my life, and I decided it would be the best time to challenge myself and embrace a new experience.


I reached out to Across the Pond, where I was fortunate to be paired with an advisor, a guiding light throughout the entire process. Her support was truly indispensable in navigating this long process. There was so much to do including drafting a personal statement, undergoing a DBS check, initiating the student visa application, and assembling transcripts and reference letters. It all seemed overwhelming, but my advisor's assistance and patience were instrumental! I still can’t believe that Across the Pond is a free service! Advice: start gathering your documents as early as possible, have a checklist and stay organized! Talk to your advisor if you have any questions and they’ll be able to direct you better. Thank you so much to my advisor for all your help!

On-campus accommodation

I opted for on-campus accommodation as it would be more accessible, and I also felt more at ease. The ensuite bedroom is small but comfortable. There is a dedicated study desk that I often use but the library is also a great alternative. Sharing a communal kitchen with nine other students can be challenging! Although the cleaning crew comes in the kitchen once a week, your bedroom is your responsibility. It’s an adaptation to live in community and I would say that for me this is the hardest part.

Physiotherapy degree and social life

I love my program! It is quite demanding as there is so much to learn in little time and so you’ll be studying A LOT. To be honest, I feel that’s the only thing that I am doing most of the time but I’m learning so much! It is rewarding and significantly prepares me for a future as a skilled physiotherapist. I’ve made good friends, and we depend on each other for note taking which has helped tremendously. To excel in this program, be sure to form a study group and ensure that you’re on track with your studying as if you fall behind, it will be much more difficult to catch up as you’re learning something new every day.

Placements are demanding as well since you’re new to the field and can be quite overwhelming, but the university offers great tools to support you and you can talk to other students as most of us feel the same way. But once you get settled in, placements are great and invaluable to improve your clinical knowledge and practical skills. They are interesting and varied from sports to women's health, pediatric physiotherapy and more!

Although the bulk of my day is devoted to studying and going to class, I also use the university's gym to stay active and I ensure to spend time with my friends to explore London’s bars and nightlife. There are also a multitude of student societies that you can join to meet new people.

Final thoughts

Entering the second and final year of my master's degree, I'm happy to say this is by far one of the best experiences of my life! Although this program is very demanding and I can’t wait to be back home with my family, the insights I’m gaining into my future profession and the friendships I’ve made overshadow these challenges. I can’t wait to look back to this adventure in years to come and be proud of what I’ve accomplished! But for now, I’m taking everything in as it goes by fast and I’m enjoying every bit that I can!

- Marla

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Study Culture and Evolution Psychology abroad

Get a master’s degree in 1 year

Study Culture and Evolution Psychology in the UK

I had no experience of living alone and in another country. I never thought of studying in English and abroad until I found out that my friend was doing it and that it is possible to 1) study masters in psychology without the requirement of a bachelor in psychology, as required in Norway, 2) get a master’s degree in 1 year where usually 2 years is normal for masters.

I currently have a bachelor in social work, but I always wanted to study psychology. Through Across the Pond, I had a chance to study Psychology, get a master’s degree within 1 year and the experience of living alone and in another country. This caught my interest and after talking with friends and family I thought «why not try it» and

get the experience of living on my own in another country, and I contacted Across the Pond.

Brunel University London

I have always been interested in human behaviour, why we are how we are and do what we do. I found the MSc Culture and Evolution Psychology very interesting and the modules in the course caught my attention. I didn’t really expect anything special from Brunel University from their course structure and lecturers as I don’t have any experience with studying abroad and never had an interest until recently. For me the decision to study abroad was very last minute and not something I had always planned or envisioned for myself.

I was very stressed in the beginning with all the new modules, the language and how the education in British universities work. I thought it was going to be very formal, and that I had to work a lot on my own to be able to catch up, but I have found the lecturers in my course to be available and helpful. They make time for you and help you out until you understand. I have also met wonderful people from my class and from other psychology classes who are in the same situation and we help each other.

Accommodation - living on campus

I chose to live on campus after I concluded that that will be more practical and also more social. I did try to look off-campus first but I just found it more convenient with campus. Also, I wasn’t able to visit and actually see the room, I did have video calls with some of the landlords but again you don’t really know how it is.

I have an ensuite with a bedroom and my own bathroom, but I share kitchen with 8 other flatmates. There is housekeeping that comes once a week to clean the kitchen and vacuum the hallway and we have maintenance as well in case something doesn’t work or needs fixing. The campus is also very green and surrounded with parks and benches, it is a nice way to escape and take a break.

My flatmates are amazing and I could never have settled in like I did without them, they gave me practical support which I needed as I came late to UK due to some complications with my visa. I learned that you are never alone and talking with others and socialize can make everything easier and better no matter what the circumstances are, you will always find comfort in the people around you. Of course, you will experience some stuff that you will not like, it could be the flatmates habits or attitudes kitchen being messy etc. Eventually you learn how to regulate around that. In my case, I am glad that I chose to live on campus and my experience with my flatmates were good, they will forever be close friends to me.

What to do on campus

There are a lot of opportunities and stuff to do apart from studying. I go to the campus gym to exercise and play badminton as well. I joined Brunel Volunteers which has been a nice experience, where you meet different people and local people as well. Every week they send upcoming volunteer events where you decide what event you are interested to volunteer for. There are a range of societies you can join, everything from book reading, dance to art. They also have job shops and can assist you in finding a part time job. Apart from campus, I have been exploring new places such as parks, markets, having afternoon teas and trying varieties of food. There is a lot to see and do from local pubs and malls to going out.

Still not sure?

If you are one of those who might be interested in studying abroad but are unsure if this is worth it, you find it hard to move out of your comfort zone and see no crucial need to study abroad. I felt the same. What I realized is that it is a good thing that you have it good where you are now but that is a reason in itself by challenging yourself to move out from that comfort zone and to be able to grow and experience new skills and sides of you that you might not have been able to do in your comfortable home.

Also, the study you have chosen will give you new ways of understanding and give you new skills that you could show on your CV and make you stand out in the job market. Your social network will expand and you will meet international people that also could be an advantage for future reference. And you will get to know yourself a lot more and be able to choose to do or try things you always wanted to try but haven’t

had the chance to regardless what the reasons are. This is a valuable experience both for your personal journey, but also for your practical experience that can open up doors for you in the job market.

Experience with Across the Pond

My supervisor from Across the Pond helped me throughout the process and told me what to do in each step. For one who doesn’t know where to begin and what to do in order to study abroad, this is an amazing way to get help to do it and it is completely free!

- Amanda

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Study Children and Youth abroad

Brunel has a strong and welcoming community

Study Children and Youth in the UK

The Master's in Children, Youth, and International Development suited my interests and passions better than any other program I had seen. The campus setting of the university, as well as the high level of international student enrollment, served to further encourage my desire to study here.


Aside from my specific program, I love that Brunel has a strong and welcoming community on campus. I have really enjoyed getting to know and building friendships with people from all around the world. I think that the free language classes are an incredible opportunity to get exposure to a language that one may not have in their home country. I also like that, in Uxbridge, we are connected to central London without having to live big city life all the time.


The accommodation provides students with everything they need to live comfortably. It's nice to have single rooms.


I would advise international students to look into applying for the International Scholarship. It's not only financial help, but an opportunity to network with many different people and become part of a small community within the larger Brunel community. I also suggest that anyone starting at Brunel take the time to really look into everything about which they may have questions. Everyone here is very friendly and willing to help, so take advantage to really get to know your future home.


Active Brunel, Arabic language classes


I plan to return to the US and work with a youth-serving organization in some capacity.

- Shahana

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Study Occupational Therapy abroad

State-of-the-art facilities

Study Occupational Therapy in the UK

I decided to study at Brunel because of the international reputation of the Occupational Therapy programme. I hope to someday be an occupational therapist that specialises in paediatrics, and the Masters in Occupational Therapy course at Brunel provides the opportunity to gain further experience working with children with disabilities. In addition, I was attracted to Brunel’s intensive, two-year programme, which combines classroom and practical experience in an urban environment.

The Occupational Therapy programme at Brunel also relies on practice placements. I am looking forward to participating in such placements, as I believe that hands-on learning will be critical to my education as an occupational therapist. While theory provides an important base, applying what you learn in the classroom to clinical situations is extremely important to the learning process.

I was presented with the opportunity to visit London for a week and attend an interview. During my stay, I toured the Brunel campus and saw the teaching facilities in the Mary Seacole Building. Utilising this venue seemed like an excellent way to learn about how to assist a client to learn a new way to perform an activity, while encouraging independence.

What do you like about studying at Brunel?

I very much enjoy studying at the Brunel campus, as we have access to state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, experienced lecturers and a lot of student support. I have also met some incredible colleagues in my department, and I have very much enjoyed sharing and learning from each other’s past experiences. On a larger scale, studying occupational therapy in the UK has enabled me to compare and contrast the public healthcare systems in both Canada and England, and to discover aspects of practice that could be applicable in Canada. It is my opinion that international study gives students a global perspective on issues in their respective fields. Learning abroad in England has provided me with the opportunity to understand what I am studying in a global context, to understand how occupational therapists function in different settings, and to help contribute my skills in a variety of communities in this increasingly globalized society.

What is your opinion of the university accommodation?

I am not personally staying in university accommodation, I elected to live in central London and commute to Brunel. However, several members of my cohort live in halls at Brunel, and they very much enjoy the facilities and the fact that they can live at such a short distance from their lectures.

What advice would you give to a new student at Brunel?

I would say that if you are new to Brunel, make sure you get involved with activities both within your cohort and the university as a whole. Also, make sure that you give yourself time to adjust to your new environment, choosing to study away from home can be a big change but it will be well worth it. And of course, a good pair of wellies will help you through the winter!

What social activities are you involved in?

While I am not currently involved in any formal clubs or societies at Brunel, we organise social activities through the Occupational Therapy department. One of the recent activities many of us participated in was a trip to the Science Museum as part of their "Lates" events. I was able to spend time with my colleagues away from campus, and explore the Science Museum at night with other young adults.

How do you plan to use your degree in your career?

I hope that my studies in Occupational Therapy at Brunel will enable me to pursue a career where I can help people, more specifically children. During my undergraduate degree, I became interested in how children cope with disabilities, which led me to consider how children could benefit from improvements in motor function early in life - specifically, how this would translate to increased overall function as an adult with a disability. My long-term goal would be to work in a paediatric therapy facility where I could help improve children’s lives through the introduction of occupational therapy.

- Julia

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Study Design Strategy and Innovation abroad

There is so much support and knowledge here!

Study Design Strategy and Innovation in the UK

After studying abroad in London previously, I fell in love with Britain. I knew I wanted to come back to study further and was searching for a course that would appropriately couple my Industrial and Interaction Design undergraduate degree from Syracuse University in New York. Always aspiring towards the role of a design researcher and hopefully, a future Design Manager, Design Strategy and Innovation was the perfect fit. I knew that it would give me the skills I desired to reach my future goals.


Studying at Brunel University has exposed me to the business side of the design world and has given me a new perspective of the level design can influence a company. I love the campus that has such a strong community, with everything you need nearby. There is so much support and knowledge here.


I am fortunate enough to be living in a studio flat and it is so nice to have everything I need in this beautiful living space, while being close to friends.


For future students, I would recommend being as involved as you can. Also, always be sure to make time to be with friends and explore London. You learn so much by getting out there and visiting events and museums in the city.


I am involved in Brunel Active and love the community and facilities the gym provides.


I plan to use my degree to further my potential career opportunities in design research, strategy, branding, and management. This will allow me to position myself in a variety of areas, coupling well with my undergraduate degree.

- Jaime

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Study Law abroad

Always someone to go to for help

Study Law in the UK

Brunel University was my choice out of the universities I applied to because it felt more like a community than the others. From the start I was given the opportunity to engage in discussions online regarding the school, my program of choice and the UK/Europe in general. They were with me every step of the way, unlike other universities which only contacted me to confirm choice and a 'thank you' for applying.


I like the relationship the professors have with the students. I am able to approach any of my lectures with ease and have a one-to-one conversation with them if I need help. My class is fairly small making it easier to get to know my fellow students and create a bond that will continue past graduation. If you ever need anything there is always someone there to go to for help.


Accommodation is interesting. It really depends on what building you are placed in but for the most part they are nice. I have lived in an en-suite room since my first year and have become used to it. I would not choose a standard suite as I like my privacy and prefer not to share toilets/showers. All in all, not having to worry about bills and simple payment structures makes it easier than living off-campus.


I would suggest new students try new things and get out of their comfort zone. It was especially difficult for me moving across the world to a country, a continent that I've never been to. I was able to make new friends and it make the transition easier for me. Also, volunteer whenever possible! It's an easier way to find something you like to do and grow as a person.


I am the current events manager for Brunel University Law Society. My latest project has been planning and executing the Law Ball (first law ball in over 2 years). I have also been involved in the Brunel Law School Buddies program, which aims to reach out to students who are planning to enter the next phase of their lives.


I plan to become a family lawyer and continue running my family's law firm back in Canada. I would also like to start a summer placement scheme for Brunel students to have an opportunity to gain work experience overseas.

- Jamaal

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