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The city of Lincoln is beautiful

Study Accounting in the UK

Deciding to study abroad to earn my master's degree was the biggest decision of my life. It was also the best. This experience is one that I certainly will never forget. Settling in was easier than I expected. 

At the University of Lincoln, we had a week of different welcoming orientations relating to your specific course, sports societies, clubs, and other organizations, and information regarding the university amenities. The city of Lincoln is beautiful. Lincoln can be very busy, but it is not a loud city by any means. There are various restaurants, pubs, and clothing and tea shops along the High Street and continue up Steep Hill, where you will also find the Lincoln Castle and Lincoln Cathedral. Lincoln is quite a small city, so exploring the city is easy (and cheap) to do because you can get around on foot.

I chose the University of Lincoln because it had a course specific for MSc Accounting, and was not a combination of accounting, finance, logistics, and management as some of my other uni choices offered. The campus itself is really nice and definitely helped with my decision to go here. It took me a little while to stop converting British pounds to U.S. dollars, but once that stopped it made the cost of living not to seem so different. But in reality, it is definitely more expensive for me to live here. I live in university accommodation for postgraduates. My building is new and had only been used one year prior to me. It is very modern and some of the nice student accommodation I’ve ever lived in.

In my spare time, I’m usually off exploring Lincoln; it’s a small city, but I always manage to find something new! My friends and I also go out to pubs and clubs on occasion as well. My favorite thing to do in my spare time is going on weekend or day trips. Traveling in the UK is really easy and often inexpensive, so my friends and I try to explore different areas whenever we can. I have only traveled around different parts of England so far, but I will be headed to Paris in the next few weeks! I also still have plenty of time left here to continue traveling when my free time is extended a little more!

My advice to new students would be to make the most of their time abroad. Being able to get my master's degree in Accounting while traveling throughout the UK and Europe has made this decision to study abroad the best experience of my life.

Across the Pond made the decision to study abroad a lot easier for me. They were extremely helpful from the beginning planning stages all the way until the end when I actually left the country. I don’t know if I could’ve done all of it, especially the application process and visa process, without their help and support!

- Belinda

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Study Developmental Psychology abroad

Surpassed my expectations

Study Developmental Psychology in the UK

I was on the fence about graduate school ever since I completed my undergraduate degree. After exploring a few options that didn't feel "quite right", a colleague jokingly suggested I apply to grad school in the UK. I didn't waste any time! I jumped on my computer and instantly found Across the Pond. I sent an inquiry email and got a response from an advisor within a few hours. From that very first email until I came to Lincoln, my advisor supported me through my entire process, answered my seemingly endless questions, and offered infinite encouragement. I honestly would not be at Lincoln if it weren't for my advisor and Across the Pond! 

After getting accepted to Lincoln, I deferred my acceptance for a year. When I decided I was finally ready to pursue my degree, both Across the Pond and the University of Lincoln community made my transition as easy as possible. Through every step of the way from my visa and loan applications to choosing my accommodation, I had endless support. Right before I came I probably called and emailed the staff at Lincoln at least twice a day and they were consistently responsive, cheerful, and went out of their way many, many times to help me.

The uni was absolutely great in helping postgraduate students and international students (both of which I am) settle in. They offered a lot of events and socials for us to get familiar with the campus and meet people. I live in the newest Uni accommodation and I love it not only because it's new and gorgeous but because it is specifically for postgraduate & international students as well as mature students who want a more quiet building. Throughout Lincoln, there are tons of affordable housing options (both uni owned and private) that suit various needs and you're never too far from town or uni! The cost of living in Lincoln is very practical for those of us who don't want to take out major loans. There are many fresh produce markets where you can get your groceries dirt cheap (pun intended) and there are so many available discounts for students so you can save on shopping, dining out, going out, etc! 

My program is quite small so we joke that we're paying public school prices for private school education. I could not ask for a better program leader if I tried and all of my lecturers are accomplished researchers in their field. It's a great feeling knowing that I'm learning from some of the most knowledgeable people in my chosen area. The University of Lincoln on a whole has surpassed my expectations. Through the many societies the uni offers (and I mean "many!") I've been able to meet a lot of fun and vastly different people. In my spare time, I'm either out with a friend, discovering something new about Lincoln, or taking a class at the uni sports center.

I chose Lincoln because I wanted an environment markedly different from New York City. Lincoln in some ways is its own NYC: tons of wonderful restaurants, amazing boutiques, cultural events, fun nightlife for a city of its' size, and quite a few Starbucks! However, Lincoln also has charm that cannot be easily found elsewhere. The historic cathedral and majestic castle certainly lend themselves to making Lincoln unique in its' own right but the people in this city have a natural way of making you feel like you're at home no matter how far you've come from. There is surprisingly always something to do in Lincoln and I have not ventured further than London as yet! I do hope to see more of the UK and the EU during my remaining time and with the wonderful friends I've made, there's no telling what other adventures await!  

- Kay

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