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Why I wanted to study in the UK

I mainly wanted to study in the UK to explore somewhere new and different from what I was used to. I love Norway, but I wanted to see what else was out there and meet new people. I have also always enjoyed speaking English and feel at ease speaking it with other people, so I thought going somewhere where English was the main spoken language would be a benefit. The University of Edinburgh is also a prestigious school with international contacts and an impressive reputation, which meant I could graduate with a degree from a respected place of education. 

How I find the University of Edinburgh

The Edinburgh College of Art (which is where I have all of my classes) is a lovely, inclusive campus with hundreds of opportunities to learn printmaking, woodcutting, sewing, photography, and many other crafts for the entire duration of your studies. I have learnt so many skills and explored the many rooms in the Main Campus, always greeted by a friendly technician or tutor as I went along. This has been invaluable to me, and to my fellow students. As well as having flexible learning and open briefs (meaning more control to choose what you want to do within your course) the tutors encourage us to explore and push the boundaries of what we thought we could make. I love this aspect of my course and I wouldn’t want it any other way. 

Living in Edinburgh and what I like about it

Having spent 3 years in Edinburgh now, I can safely say it is one of the most welcoming, safe, and lively cities I have ever been in. When I first moved, I was worried about feeling lonely or unsafe, however this city takes you in with open arms and is always bustling with people. I met some of my closest friends in my first week at Uni, and I am still very close with them to this day. People come from all over the world to study here, which makes Edinburgh an interesting melting pot of all nationalities and genders. I love the people here, and I am so glad I ended up here in Edinburgh. 

Tips I would have wanted to hear before moving abroad

The first few days may feel overwhelming or scary, it does get a lot better once you settle in. Go to any events organised by your accommodation or the university, this is where I met all or most of my friends. Don’t hesitate to call friends or family from back home, this does help and can make the transition period so much easier. Everyone feels nervous on the first few days of school, and I certainly felt like an impostor, this will pass, and you are where you are for a reason!

Application process and Across the Pond experience

Across the Pond made navigating the application, visa and moving parts of studying abroad so much easier to handle. Having an advisor who knew the system and could answer any questions quickly via e-mail helped greatly when things were complicated or stressful. I would have had a harder time figuring everything out without Across the Pond. 

- Olivia

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Study Environmental Protection and Management abroad

I would recommend you to study in the UK

The main reason I decided to study in the UK was that Mexico does not have specialized masters in my area of interest (Nature-based solutions for ecosystems restoration) but also because the master's programmes last just one year, teachers are well-known in their fields and Universities usually have better installations. But I will not lie, at the beginning, is quite difficult to get used to a new way of teaching and learning. I was expecting exams as in my undergraduate but in both semesters I just had essays and projects (3 at the maximum per semester). However, teachers supported me along the way and they provided me with guidelines about what they were looking for in each project and essay. Also, be prepared for grades not greater than 90, it is normal here and actually more than 70 is a distinction.

In the University of Edinburgh, the installations are excellent, they have specialized laboratories, glasshouses, libraries in each school and many buildings around the city with everything you need to write your essays, or dissertation or just hang out with classmates. The main library is 24/7, which could sound like an exaggeration but believe me, many students use that advantage during exams (undergraduates) and while writing dissertations (PG students).

In conclusion, if you want to improve as a professional, I would recommend you to study in the UK, because you will learn new ways to learn, challenge yourself and improve your soft and English skills.

Why Edinburgh?

First of all, if you are a fan of Harry Potter, this is THE city. After living here for almost a year, I can assure you that this city is magical and different from other cities in the UK, particularly England. I believe Scotland has a different vibe, warmer and friendlier. Although at the beginning, it can be difficult to catch up with the accent, the best feeling is when you’re able to do it. In this regard, Scottish don’t mind repeating what they have said even 5 times! so, no worries about it. They are also really funny, which is particularly important to feel comfortable and more welcome if is your first time living in a country with another first language. I mean, they make jokes about themselves! just like Latinoamericans.

The city is well connected and you can walk around the most important tourist places. But also, the city has many parks and is surrounded by the countryside, which is convenient for people who enjoy spending time surrounded by nature rather than buildings. About that, Scotland is a beautiful country, with a lot of incredible landscapes that can make you think you’re in a Lord of the Rings movie. But if you love to travel, Edinburgh also is well connected to the UK by train or to Europe by plane.

Finally, the University of Edinburgh is one of the best universities in the world for STEM careers because has joined programmes with other organisations such as the Scottish Rural College or the Edinburgh Climate Change Institute. In fact, that was the reason I decided to study at this university and I do not regret it because studying for a joint degree allowed me to take my electives with teachers from the ECCI, the University of Edinburgh and the SRUC. I really enjoyed my classes because each subject was taught by teachers specialised in that area. For instance, although my “Soil Management” class had 2 main teachers, each class was customized by the invited researcher.

International students at the University of Edinburgh

To be honest, when I applied to my programme, I was expecting to be surrounded by some international students, with the majority of my classmates being from the UK. However, just 1% of my classmates were from there, around 80% from China, 10% from other Asian countries and the rest of them were from other countries. I think that was the main obstacle for me to socialize since Chinese students usually prefer to hang out with other students from China, though there were some exceptions. This was not only in my programme, since talking with students from different masters, they also agreed that Chinese students are the majority in the cohort and that they prefer to socialise with each other. However, the other international students are more open and I have learned about their cultures and respective countries.

My best friends here are from Malaysia and India, and I enjoyed spending time with them talking about the differences in our countries. In my free time, we go to museums (which are mainly free in the UK), hiking in places near Edinburgh or do picnics in the Meadows (the biggest park in Edinburgh).

Applying with Across the Pond

Probably it was thanks to my advisor that I decided to study for my MSc that year. She insisted I should apply to programmes and Universities even when I was not sure I was ready. I needed that push to believe in myself. She helped from search for programme options according to my undergraduate degree and career interests to apply for scholarships and information about funds. She also was for me all the way and gave me advice and guidance for achieving the English requirements by universities. She helped even when the University was delayed in giving me the unconditional letter of acceptance needed after winning the Chevening scholarship. Therefore, I will always be greatly grateful to her for smoothing my path to achieving my dream of studying in the UK.

- Mirely

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Study Human Anatomy abroad - study in Scotland

This is a dream experience

My name is Sara, I finished my master's degree in Human Anatomy at the University of Edinburgh. Since the first time I visited Scotland, I fell in love and have been looking for a way to study in this beautiful place ever since. Fortunately, I found Across the Pond and they guided me throughout my process to fulfill my dream. I finished my medical degree in Mexico and as soon as possible, I applied to do my master's degree in Edinburgh. I knew that this University was one of the pioneers in medicine and that if I wanted to continue my path to be a surgeon this was the right place.


At first, it was difficult to find a place to live, so I recommend you come 1 month before your master's degree begins so that you don't neglect your studies to find housing. It's a bit heavy, but 100% worth it.

The University of Edinburgh: A dream

At the University of Edinburgh, in the building where I studied, it is the dream of any medical student. She could literally study in the anatomy museum, surrounded by specimens dating back to the 13th century. The staff is prepared to give classes, something that does not happen in my country; normally in Mexico, it is doctors who give us classes, however, in Scotland they are first anatomists and they also have a bachelor's degree in some other health science (in my opinion a plus). My master's degree taught me both theoretical and practical knowledge and I achieved something I thought I would never do, writing a thesis.

Is my English knowledge enough?

I have to say that when I started my master's degree, my English was a C1 and now I have a high C2, I already understand a lot of UK accents (and yes, there are a lot). If what stops you from studying in the UK is English, don't worry little by little you will improve it and the staff is very patient with that issue because there are many students who come from abroad.

People are really nice

Something that made a big difference this year was the group of friends I made. We are 4 in total and come from different parts of the world such as the United States, England, and Iran, we toured Scotland and you can learn from the different cultures of all. In Mexico, I did not consider myself sociable, but in Edinburgh, it is so easy to talk to people and make friends that I can say that I became extroverted. You can literally make friends on the train, at the bus stop, in the supermarket, wherever...

A little glimpse into life in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is an excellent option if you want to get to know the current Scottish life surrounded by medieval, Victorian, and modern buildings (few), with the ease of public transport to go everywhere (bus, tram, taxis, airport). For me, it is the perfect city, it has the sea, first-class schools and hospitals, museums, festivals, markets, hotels, hostels, cinemas, shops, pubs, restaurants, clubs, a zoo and little else outside, the beautiful Scottish countries. If you like history and old buildings, but also enjoy the conveniences of modern life, Edinburgh is for you. In addition, you can experience the 4 seasons of the year, I was able to see the beautiful orange scenery in autumn, I was able to witness my first snowfall, cherry blossom trees in spring, and swimming in the sea in summer.

This is your moment

I highly recommend the Human Anatomy master's degree at the University of Edinburgh if you need to learn or reinforce your knowledge of anatomy. The staff is very capable and the learning tools they offer are invaluable. This is a dream experience worth investing your effort and other resources into. You are very close, do not give up.

- Sara

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Study Integrative Sensing and Measurement abroad in the UK

A life-changing experience in a world-class University

Studying in the UK was a unique experience that has brought many blessings to my life; that’s why I called this testimonial a life-changing experience. First of all, I chose the UK to study because of their high-quality study programmes and highly-qualified lecturers and professors. After five intensive, wonderful and unprecedented years – I completed my PhD in Electrical Engineering at the University of Edinburgh (ˈed.ɪn.brə), a worldwide renowned University in Scotland. When it comes to vibrant and busy places to live or study like Edinburgh –considered as one of the best places to live in the UK-, I was extremely lucky to live in a University-owned accommodation, that was quite handy, just a stone’s throw from the campus and many amenities around there.

Living in the UK allowed me to meet so many amazing and supportive people, my supervisor, teachers, administrative staff, colleagues, and friends beyond the academic environment. At the beginning it was hard to get used to the new culture and faces, but eventually Edinburgh became my new home. I learned their customs and celebrations including the Burns Night and the Hogmanay.

Personally, my experience in the UK was a bit different from other students, because I had the opportunity to have my wife and my son with me. I can proudly say they also succeeded there; my son completed his primary school and learned a new language –with a beautiful accent-, and my wife became a highly regarded chef in a five-star hotel. 

Five years later, I have returned home –and yes, missing Edinburgh already- with a refreshed and enhanced background, ready to contribute to the higher education in México as a specialist in sensors and semiconductors.

I cannot omit to mention how helpful Across the Pond was for this experience to become a reality. They were so supportive and accompanied my application process from A to Z. I particularly thank my advisor for helping and encouraging me over the entire application.

- Alberto

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