Study Creative Writing & Journalism abroad

Being so close to Central London has been an amazing experience

My experience as a student within the UK University began when I was a student in the states. Back when I was a freshman at a small school in North Carolina, and by small, I mean there were 1,200 students normally, but during my year there, only the freshmen class was on campus, and there was not much to do outside of class. With all the time I had on my hands I found myself wondering what it would be like to study elsewhere. I began to search up on TikTok “life during study abroad” and then realized that maybe I didn't have to wait to study abroad and could instead do all my study abroad! I turned to google and began to search for schools and universities in the UK, inspired by a peer from High School who had gone to study in Scotland.

It was time to get serious. What did I want to do? Who did I want to be? I knew since I was young that it was going to be creative, and so I decided on writing, having always enjoyed it. When Middlesex University popped up on a list of universities with good writing programs, I added it to my list. It wasn’t long before I was convinced it was the Uni for me, and since I arrived, I know that is both in and out of the classroom.

The MDX Community

From the moment I stepped on campus, I was greeted with kindness from the teachers and other students and three years in, this feeling of community has yet to waiver. I credit a lot of my student experience to joining the Student Ambassador scheme, a decision that changed my life. Each event I've worked at introduced me to new people, from different courses, with different interests and stories, and have made amazing friends, all of whom make time on campus unforgettable.

The Location

Finally, one of the most incredible experiences of being a student in the UK, well, is being in the UK! Especially being in London.

It’s no secret that the application process, no matter where in the world you are applying, can be overwhelming, and location is a huge consideration. For me, I was so overwhelmed I didn’t double check & realized only after firming my choice that Middlesex was the only London based university I applied to. Luckily, it is still the only one I can see myself being a student. Being so close to Central London has been an amazing experience. The quiet life of campus in Hendon has allowed me to have a place to focus on my studies, and the wealth of culture and abundance of experiences right at my doorstep a few stops away on the tube is something I am deeply grateful for. Furthermore, being here has opened doors to opportunities for jobs in different sectors of the city, that coming from a small town I might not have otherwise been able to experience.

Each day I spend here studying in the UK I wake up excited to find what the day holds for my future!

- Lillian

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Study Journalism and Creative Writing abroad

London is a great city to live in as a student

Study Creative Writing and Journalism in the UK

I am studying at Middlesex as an exchange student thanks to the ERASMUS+ programme. I was given a list with universities to choose from for the exchange by my home university, and Middlesex stood out to me for three reasons. One is the location. It had always been a dream of mine to live in London for some time, and the exchange seemed like the perfect opportunity for that. London is a great city to live in as a student. There is always something to do or see. And while living here can be a bit expensive, there are lots of student discounts that make it more affordable, and Middlesex’s MDXworks not only helps students find part-time jobs, but even has flexible employment opportunities itself. 

My second reason is the university’s diversity. Much like London itself, Middlesex is home to students from various nationalities, and I had hoped that this would make me feel more welcome. My expectations were definitely exceeded. With their International Orientation, Middlesex made it really easy for me to find friends and settle in right from the beginning. And when classes started, the other students in my course as well as the staff made sure I felt accepted.

Thirdly, I found the course particularly intriguing. At my home university, I study German and English Philology, which is quite theoretical. My Middlesex course, Creative Writing and Journalism, however, promised a very different approach. The teaching is much less formal than what I am used to and more practical – instead of writing only academic texts, I am mostly graded on the creative content I produce. Since I had never really done any proper creative writing and knew only very little about journalism, I was a bit worried at first. But my classmates and teachers were incredibly helpful, and having the Learning Enhancement Team there to help me is also really reassuring. Being at Middlesex allows me to learn skills and gain knowledge I could not have gotten otherwise, and I am convinced that my time here will prove very useful for finding a job in the book publishing industry after I finish my studies.

- Sandra

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Study Criminology and Forensic Psychology abroad

A smooth and enlightening experience

Study Criminology and Forensic Psychology in the UK

I found Across the Pond while doing research for UK programs. At first, I did not believe the website due to being skeptical that a program existed in which there would be advisors who help students to apply to universities all across Britain. My experience in working with Across the Pond has been a smooth and enlightening experience of what another country has to offer.

It has also been wonderful getting to work with my advisor and knowing that I can count on her to answer every question and doubt I may have. She has made it an easy change by letting me know that I am not alone in this transition. I really liked the personal feeling I got instantly when my advisor reached out to me and made sure to give me all the help I needed.

I would summarize this experience on a whole as amazing, helpful and the greatest decision I have ever made. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone and everyone who is looking to study abroad in Britain. This program is everything I hoped it to be and more. Anyone who joins this program will be grateful. I cannot wait to finally be in the UK and fulfill my goal of completing my master's through the help of my advisor at Across the Pond!

- Kimberly

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Study International Human Resource Management in London

Middlesex has provided an excellent atmosphere

Study Human Resource Management in the UK

I first discovered Across the Pond while attempting to apply to post-graduate programs in London on my own, by simply searching “studying in London” in an Internet search. When the site popped up I thought I would give it a try, and am thankful every single day that I sent that email asking for more information.

Before getting in contact with Across the Pond, and more specifically, my advisor, the application process seemed impossible. After making contact and speaking with someone who was more experienced with these processes, my applications were finished and sent off in no time. There was no question my advisor couldn’t answer for me, and I felt incredibly supported in the entire process, from getting letters of recommendation to making my final choice of University.

I am currently finishing up my MA at Middlesex University in London, and cannot believe how fast the time has flown. Deciding to get my master's abroad was definitely the best choice I could have made in terms of time and quality of the course, and Middlesex has provided an excellent atmosphere for learning as well as gaining practical experience for my subject of study. The MA program was much what I expected for a one-year course, very intensive at times, but very rewarding when you consider it would have taken two years for the same degree back home. The classes and coursework were very similar to my undergraduate courses, papers, exams, presentations, and quite a bit of group projects, but all of the lecturers and program leaders were incredibly supportive and available for extra help with all assignments, and feedback was always constructive and helpful for the next assignments.

I chose to live in halls for the year, it seemed to make the most sense when going through the application process because I knew it would be safe, close to the university, and a good way to socialize when first arriving in London. My flatmates ended up being a good mix of postgraduate and undergraduate students, and the experience has been very pleasant overall. Living in London has been one of the best experiences of my life so far, and I am planning on staying after completing my degree. Having the support of Across the Pond really helped me in achieving my goals of traveling abroad and getting my master's degree all at the same time, and I would recommend this service to anyone who is interested in studying across the pond.

- Kelly

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