Study MBA abroad - do an MBA in the UK

Beyond a postgraduate degree

My desire to study in the United Kingdom began in my childhood, promoted partially by having received my primary education in a British-oriented Chilean school. Once I finished my undergraduate studies and had accumulated a few years of work experience, I wanted to materialize my desire. Thus, I decided to study an MBA at a British business school with worldwide recognition. However, I constantly postponed starting the application process because of how cumbersome I found preparing to apply for a study program of these characteristics. On one occasion, it occurred to me to search on Google for some type of advice to apply for postgraduate degrees in the United Kingdom and thus I managed to find Across the Pond. I am tremendously grateful for the professional advice received, plus it was completely free. They gave me the necessary push to transform the dream into a real fact.

I was clear that I wanted to study an MBA in the United Kingdom, but I didn't know where. The world ranking of the program in the Financial Times, the fact that it was located outside London so that it was a smaller city and therefore friendly for my family, the cost of the program, the GMAT test requirement, and even whether the university had some type of support for the student's family, were all relevant on making the final decision. I applied to Durham University and University of Edinburgh, where my first choice was the one located in Durham. My application to Durham University was accepted before being interviewed at the University of Edinburgh, so I did not complete the application process at the latter.

Durham's MBA year of study was much more than an academic milestone. It was an enriching experience, both for me and my family. During the program I shared with classmates of more than 20 different nationalities, in a cohort of less than 50. If I can summarize my personal learning in simple words, it would be that never judge another person, but seek to understand the reason for their actions or words within the framework of their culture.

My family and I lived in an apartment that belonged to the university. This was very supportive for my wife and daughter, not only to find companionship in a country far from where they were born, but also to be exposed to a diverse culture. Additionally, it served to force them to improve their English.

Living in the historic city of Durham was something extraordinary, which my family and I remember with happiness and nostalgia. We were able to have a car, which helped us get around the city better. In addition to the above, we will not forget the historical events experienced: the celebration of the 70 years of reign of the beloved Queen Elizabeth II, and later the national mourning for her death.

In life there will always be ups and downs, and what we experienced in Durham was no exception. However, there are many more pleasant moments experienced and, in summary, they justify my positive brief description of them.

- Juan Pablo

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Do a PhD in Geology abroad

Energy, a door to the future!

My name is Jorge, and I am a PhD student in the Department of Earth Sciences, which is among the top 50 programs in the QS World University Rankings by Subject this year: Earth & Marine Sciences. I have always believed that the area of energy is one of the topics that must be fully developed in a multidisciplinary manner, since without energy there is no future!

Why I decided to study in UK?

The main reason why I decided to study in the United Kingdom is that its universities have a high academic level which allows them to be among the best universities worldwide, in addition to the fact that many of the topics they develop are cutting-edge knowledge.

In this case, my university has a program strongly focused on reducing CO2 emissions, where I had been understanding techniques and methodologies that are not yet available in Mexico and they are developing in UK. An example of this is that there is already well-developed regulations in the UK and Europe on CO2 capture, so for Mexico it represents a challenge, since an effort must be made to standardize the fields of frontier knowledge in research and in the development of public policies.

Choosing a University

It is very important to select the program that one chooses, especially due to the topic that one wishes to develop. In my case, the selection of my supervisor was made according to his background due to the breadth of topics that he has developed and the multiple multidisciplinary works that he has done, especially in areas of energy, geosciences and economics at national (UK) and international level.

Advisors and Department

It is important to have a cordial and respectful relationship with both the advisors and the department staff, since as your project progresses, the need may arise to request help from them in order to develop and fulfil the project and achieve with the objectives and deadlines of the proposed project.

Adaptation and accommodation

In my case, I was lucky to find a room in the university colleges, since I arrived late in Durham (late January), in a period when room availability was low. In this sense, my adaptation process was very fast since I immediately had to interact with locals, and at the same time interact with international students in the department.

The first two weeks were a bit of a shock, because I had some difficulty understanding English, I assumed at the time that English wasn't too difficult, but each region has a different accent and here in Durham people speak fast.

Whatever, during these days I learned to adapt to the climate (I am still adapting), identify groceries, go buy a jacket, learn to use public transportation, get a SIM card; fortunately, one of my supervisors was very concerned about my adaptation process and gave me a lot of advices. For example, contact with the Mexican society at the university. As a recommendation, always check if there is a society from your country, because it can also help you to adapt quickly and understand some additional details.

Enjoying Durham

Durham is a beautiful place with a lot of nature around, so you can get to different places just by walking! It has an Oriental Museum, a botanical garden and there are many restaurants, so you can taste many cousins. Plus, people in Durham are very friendly, so you can easily talk to local and international universities.

It may seem like it is not important, but I have seen that many of the students have a very active life linked to sports, so you will not feel strange if you like to practice them all the time, even on a Friday at 10 p.m. it can be an excellent time to exercise in this city!

- Jorge

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Study Cognitive Neuroscience abroad

Life couldn’t be better

While I was nearing the end of my bachelors degree, I was telling my roommate about starting my masters in Psychology in the UK. He told me about the wonderful service called Across the Pond. This service would be able to help me apply to universities around the UK while making the application process as simple as possible. Of course, who doesn’t like simplicity. In this service, I was introduced to an advisor who gave me his contacts to my advisor with Across the Pond who was marvelous in helping me understand the sort of universities I can apply to with my GPA, subject, etc. Initially I had some difficulty understanding about the process of getting accreditation through British Psychological society. As only some universities offer accreditation through their courses, I needed to choose certain universities if I were to practice psychology in the UK. My Across the Pond advisor was very patient with me in helping me understand the accreditation process of various societies to work in the UK. I was also indecisive in choosing my subject as I wanted to study either Neuroscience or Psychology. She took her time giving me more courses offered by various universities across the UK for my subject. Overall, I had a great time with my advisor. She was the best advisor anyone could ask for. If the next future applicant were to get assigned to her, you should thank your lucky stars that you’re in safe hands for your applications to universities in the UK.


I chose Durham University because it was in the top 100 in the world, and it was one of the three universities that had a collegiate system like Cambridge or Oxford university. Boy did I have a great time here. I was assigned to Collingwood college where it had the largest student body, and it was the sportiest college of them all. There were many events organized from day one. Every day was a happening day because there had the best gyms, semesterly formals, endless societies, tasty food, and competitive sporty spirit. I started my day off with a couple of buds at the best gym on campus compared to the other colleges overlooking a beautiful meadow. The formals were exquisite with how everyone dressed up in suits and dresses. We would head out to marquee far out in the countryside to eat extravagant dinners made by chefs. We would go on carnival rides as we watched the fireworks at the end of the day. I joined the Durham union where I was met with VIPs from across the globe to give speeches about their life stories such as Dr Olesya Khromeychuck talk about the war and resulting humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. I watched challenging debates about how this society would remove monuments to controversial historical figures. I joined the badminton society where we frequently played friendly matches against other colleges. I ended the day off with some delicious, cooked food in the college food hall with the 20 other postgraduates in my hall. We became very close throughout the year as we shared many common interests. I’ve always enjoyed ending the day off playing some casual card games in our hall. Life couldn’t be better. I only wish I can head back telling myself that those would be good days that I’ll remember for the rest of my life.


As much as the name sounds like a mouthful, it was a challenging course. The course was half focused on statistics, which many showed fear because it dealt with mathematics. But the professors knew how to break down our walls in understanding the programs and languages used to interpret our findings. It was a small cohort of 15 that bonded well as there were many opportunities to get together for group sessions over classes we didn’t understand. The program allowed us to join labs and experience research done firsthand conducted by well renowned professors at the university. My supervisor might have been the best one out there. He answered my emails quickly. He helped me with the programming of my experiment. He explained how I would need to clean my data before processing it through the program. He was meticulous in approaching the problems I faced when I was with my participants. Professors in the university listened to my needs. This led me to join the student representative to raise issues of concern and interest relating to the delivery and organization of the program. I had a wonderful time working with these professionals helping the next cohort have an enjoyable experience in their program too. Not after long, I had interviews flying in from Cambridge University. The professors in Durham university were promptly able to send referral letters to my supervisors. I was able to land my first job as a research assistant in a world-famous university. I highly recommend Durham University courses as they offer great prospects for your career. I’ll always remember the professors and friends that I met in my program.

- Sathish

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Study Biology abroad

Studying in the UK is an enormous opportunity

Study Biological Sciences in the UK

After having a wondering experience during my master’s at University of Nottingham, I decided to pursue a PhD in Biological Sciences at the Department of Biosciences, Durham University.

I chose Durham because I really liked the project that was advertised at Professor Przyborski Laboratory. Furthermore, the group has an excellent reputation in the field of Tissue Engineering.

Durham is a small town located in the North East very close to Newcastle. The prettiest things from Durham are the city centre and the botanic gardens. Furthermore, you can find lots of shops, restaurants and coffee shops in the city centre. Living there is very quiet and peaceful. For a night out, the best option is going to Newcastle, which is located 10 minutes by train.

On the other hand, Durham University is well ranked not only in the UK but also in the World. Also, it has 17 colleges that are responsible for the domestic arrangements and welfare of the students. Moreover, there are lots of activities within the University thanks to the many societies in Durham.

Depending on what you are studying, your day might be different from mine. In my case, a regular day for me is going to the Department for 6-9 hours to do lab work. After that, I usually go to the gym, attend to salsa and bachata lessons, or just hang out with friends to the pub or for a coffee. Talking about accommodation, the first year of my PhD, I used to live in a student accommodation. The following years, I got different private accommodations with different housemates.

Finally, studying in the UK is an enormous opportunity and experience that will help you to grow in every aspect of your life. However, there are some challenges to take into account. For example, the british food which is not 100 % great (my recommendation is to bring some food from your hometown, so you won’t miss it). Another tough part is when it gets dark around 4pm during wintertime. Nevertheless, studying and living in the UK is a unique experience that you will remember for the rest of your life.

- Alejandro

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Study Criminology abroad

Across the Pond was there to help me every step of the way!

Study Criminology in the UK

Across the Pond was highly recommended to me by a friend, and it was an incredibly useful resource throughout my application process. Coming from an American high school, my college counselors didn't have a lot of experience with the UK applications system, so I mainly worked with Across the Pond on my personal statement and application. The information they provided me was critical, as it allowed me to complete my application with the confidence that I was doing it correctly. Additionally, they were vital when it came to applying for a student visa. The visa webinar was helpful, and I relied on those instructions throughout my visa application process. I honestly don't think I could've done it without their help. I'm now at Durham University studying Criminology!

I picked Durham because it's located in a beautiful, historic, small town, but is close enough to Newcastle that I can travel easily. I love walking along the river in Durham, especially when it's sunny, and I've taken up rowing so I can spend more time outdoors. Durham University also has a residential college system, which I absolutely love! It helped me make friends easily in my first year, and it creates a great sense of community that, especially as an international student, was very important to me. Deciding to go to Durham was obviously a big decision for me, but Across the Pond was there to help me every step of the way!

- Sara

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Study in Durham, England

Life changing

Study in Durham in the UK

My experience studying in the UK has been life changing, and Across The Pond was a huge help in making it happen. From applications to visas and all of the rest they made my experience run so smoothly - I can't imagine applying without them. Durham University has been incredible so far. With a 1,000 year old Castle and Cathedral as part of the University, you really can't lose. Doing a Masters in the UK means less class time, which gives you the freedom to study on your own schedule. This means that you have to be more proactive, but if you take advantage of the experience you can really get a lot out of it.

The long breaks built in to the UK university schedule also leaves lots of time for traveling. I have had the opportunity to explore a lot of the UK and Scotland, and am about to depart on the trip to Ireland. Travel in the UK is affordable and helps provide a rewarding extra curricular experience to add to your studies. The friendships I have made here will last a lifetime as will the memories. In the end, studying in the UK gives you so much more than a degree, and I would suggest it to anyone.

- Noah

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Study Medical Anthropology abroad

Hard to say goodbye

Study in Medical Anthropology in the UK

When deciding to pursue a master's degree in the UK I was really excited for my year-long adventure, but very stressed about the path it would take to get there. Browsing the Internet, I stumbled upon Across the Pond and their services are definitely what helped me get to where I'm at now. The advisors that assisted me with my applications were very helpful with all the questions I had, and I could tell they were really interested in finding the university that best suited my wants and needs.

Through lots of research and a few YouTube videos, I decided that Durham University was the best fit for me and what I wanted out of a postgraduate university. Coming from the southern US, I was not used to the history and beautiful architecture that we have in Durham, so being exposed to the Durham Castle and Cathedral on a weekly basis has made me fall in love with the town.

My college is University (Castle) College, and it blows my mind to know that I can study and hang out with my friends in a thousand-year-old castle! My time in the UK has taught me how to use public transport, that sometimes a pint at 11 am is acceptable, that recycling is important, and that international friendships are the best. My journey at Durham is coming to an end which is making me reflect on all the things I need to cherish in the time I have left, but how good it is to have had something that makes saying goodbye so hard.

- Laura

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Study International Cultural Heritage Management abroad

I cannot be happier with my choice to come to Durham

Study in Cultural heritage in the UK

Even though I have been to the UK many times and stayed for a few months at a time living in the UK was a completely different experience. Making friends and getting settled was easy at Durham, everyone was friendly and helpful and the city center I live near has all the amenities I need, however sorting out my banking in the UK was extremely difficult. I highly recommend you look into getting a letter of recommendation (which you need as an international student setting up a bank account in the UK) ahead of time, and look into booking an appointment at the bank of your choice to set that up as soon as possible, because it took me nearly 3 months to get things sorted and it was incredibly stressful.

I chose Durham partly because of its beautiful location and setting, its world renowned reputation and for the unique and multi-disciplinary program it offered, International Cultural Heritage Management. The professor who runs the program also has a varied and rich background and has proved to be vital in giving us as students a great background to the industry and well as setting us up with great contacts through the placement module. I haven't found any other program like this and I cannot be happier with my choice to come to Durham. Its a collegiate university as well, and the college I am a part of has given me such a supportive and rewarding life outside of school; I was able to get involved with the postgraduate student society and its again one of the best decisions I have made here. 

I have also had a lot of opportunities to volunteer and get experience in my field and build a network that I could use to get a job after this. There are several museums in the area and tons of opportunities to present research or papers, or participate in conferences, or even publish in my college journal. I can't stress enough to go out and take advantage of every opportunity you can, to make he most out of your experience here

I live in college accommodation, and while its a little more expensive than private renting in the town, the location is close and setting up the lease, having things around the house fixed and other issues are never a worry to me because I can simply go to the college and have it sorted out.

The cost of living is higher than in Canada, but thankfully my friends, family, the university and my advisers at Across the Pond all advised me of this ahead of time so I was able to budget accordingly. You have to be careful when deciding to eat out or not, but since I am a good cook I usually offer to host potluck dinners or lunches, which cut down on the cost of eating but still allow for socializing.

I haven't been able to do a lot of travelling as my course keeps me busy, but I have flown to Dublin and have enjoyed a number of visits within the UK with my program. You won't be short of willing travel buddies however if you need to go further out into Europe, and flights are usually pretty cheap, you just have to shop around for the best deals and make sure you plan ahead for hostels or hotels.

That's really all I have to say I think, other than saying that one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life was coming to the UK to study, and choosing Durham to study in was second.

- Krystal

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