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These pages will give you all the information you need in order to sign up for the various fairs and events with Across The Pond for the upcoming academic cycle.

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University Information for the US market

University Information for the US market

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This information will help us better assist students who apply to your university.

If you have any questions, please contact our University Liason Manager Mark McGrath (

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University Information for the US market


We can help you with every aspect; from finding a university, choosing a program and all the way through the application process.

How is Across The Pond able to offer a free guidance & advice service?

Across The Pond can offer this unique free service because our funding is provided from the British universities that have appointed us to represent them in the USA. This means we can offer students a choice in terms of programs, institutions and geographical locations in the UK.

Studying in the UK

Why choose to study in the UK? Across The Pond has always known just how successful a UK study abroad experience can be but now a recent report commissioned by the British Council cements just how powerful gaining a UK degree is. In the USA, 73% of hiring managers view UK degrees as the same or better than those gained in the US....


Have a question? Ready to start applying? Our Personal Advisors are on hand to help. By providing the information below we are able to respond to your query with the most relevant details for you.

How do I apply?

Applying is surprisingly simple with the free guidance and expertise of the Across the Pond team.

In order to apply to our partner UK colleges and universities, make an enquiry and one of our UK Study Experts will respond to you. Whether you have a question about studying in the UK, would like more information on specific universities or programs or you are ready to start the application process, we can help!

Once we have received your initial enquiry, you will be assigned a Personal Advisor who will assist you with the next steps should you wish to progress forward.


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