Creative Writing

Undergraduate degree

Studying creative writing, you’ll learn to write in many different literary styles. A university degree in creative writing gives you the opportunity to explore a many different writing styles from classical to modern. This gives you a solid basic knowledge of the subject so that you can discover and further develop the author in you. As a student you will gain a thorough understanding of the writing process. Several of our partners have highly qualified lecturers, some also award-winning, published authors. 

Computer Science

Undergraduate degree

Computer Science programs give you valuable knowledge about how computer systems are developed and function, as well as how different solutions are linked to networks. Information and communication technology are important in both business and public sector development. Studying data, IT and Computer Science is an option at both undergraduate and graduate levels.  

Media and Communications

Undergraduate degree

Studying media and communications will allow you to explore the context of human interaction and representation in cultural and societal environments. By studying media and communications in the UK, you will have access to many different practical and theoretical elementals of the subject. Students will also be able to look at the structure of the communication as it works internationally throughout the world in its different forms of media and industry.

Business and Management

Undergraduate degree

Business and management programs are among the most popular subjects American students chooseto study in the UK. And with good reason! Studying Business in Britain comes with a range benefits. 

Biological Sciences

Undergraduate degree

Biological Science can be defined as the study of living things. It is the ideal subject for someone who is interested in how all living things, from the smallest microorganisms to largest plants and animals, live and interact with each other. Biology is an umbrella term that encompasses myriad branches of study such as anatomy, conservation, microbiology, and pharmacology, among many others.


Undergraduate degree

Are you interested in fieldwork and learning about cultures and eras that existed hundreds or thousands of years ago? Then archeology is for you. At an archaeological site, you’ll explore everything from towns and villages to the seabed. Most people think studying archaeology is about doing archaeological excavations or registering older remains. However, this is just the beginning: description and analysis of findings, in order to describe the culture and the community the objects are from, is an even greater part of the work. 

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