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I got a high-quality education

Estudiar en Reino Unido

I can’t thank Across the Pond enough for guiding me through my decision to study abroad in the UK. I was looking for a career change and decided that I wanted to pursue a full-time master’s abroad first. I knew I wanted to go to the UK due to the high standards for education, the language, and since the postgraduate degrees take around half the time as in the US, but knew little else.

One of the Across the Pond's advisors guided me in narrowing down universities according to the program that I wanted and gave me insight into the quality of the universities and cities they were located in. She also helped me through the application process, especially in understanding the differences between the expectations and the process compared to the US. She also gave me the tools to successfully apply for my student visa, and I was able to go to her with any questions. It made the process much smoother and stress-free.

Now I am about to graduate from the University of York with a Master’s in Global Marketing, and I couldn’t be happier about my experience here. I was able to find my own flat off-campus, the cost of living is manageable, and I found a campus environment that I knew I couldn’t have found in London. Not to mention I got a high-quality education and met some lifelong friends. I would highly recommend Across the Pond and am so thankful for the experience and support they provided!

- Andrea

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My advisor took med step-by-step through the process

Estudiar en Reino Unido

My friends and family must have thought I was bonkers when I told them I wanted to attend graduate school in the UK. I questioned my sanity a bit myself. Once I'd made the decision, I wasn't quite sure where to begin.

One of the universities I was looking at directed me to Across the Pond. From that point on, my Across the Pond advisor took me step-by-step through the process of not only applying to university, but considering and accepting the offers I was made, getting the financial aid ball rolling, getting my visa, and even prepping me for my journey overseas.

Every aspect of living and studying overseas was considered, and even unusual questions were met with a willingness to find resources to help me out. I am a planner, and making a move this big was nerve-wracking, not to mention hard work! It was all made so much easier knowing that I had a support network in a personal advisor during the whole process. It was a wonderful opportunity to be able to work with them, and I highly recommend it.

- Aimee

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