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Why study Law in the UK?

I am originally from Canada and decided to study law in the UK. When I applied with Across the Pond originally, I was 21 years old and wanted to pursue my education further and wanted to experience something new. I had lived in the same country and city since birth and ultimately will settle there in the future, but I wanted to go out and have experiences that would benefit me as a person and help me better connect with others. 

The UK is a multicultural country just like Canada, there are other similarities between the countries such as the language and shared history. The UK is also different enough that it would introduce me to new experiences, cultures and would allow me to see how a country like mine has diversified themselves.

The UK has over 100 law schools around the country to choose which is a greater amount than where I lived. Based on where you want to live while studying you have a wide range of schools to choose from in each region. UK degrees are accepted in other common law countries such as Canada meaning that you can study the subjects you want outside of your country and still be able to convert your degrees and use them in your home country after you leave the UK.

An undergraduate LLB degree is three years which is significantly less than some other countries which typically take up to 7 years, this is a quicker and could be a cheaper route for some people. Coming to the UK on a student visa also allows you to work while studying. You can work up to 20 hours a week during term time which allows you to make money during the year but also apply for jobs in the field that you’re studying and do internships that will look impressive to potential employers. Having jobs or internships in other countries may be an asset to some employers and is a good opportunity to network.

The University of Law

I picked the University of Law because they have multiple different campuses throughout the UK meaning that you could travel to different locations to complete your course and get to experience more of the UK. The university offers a wide range of legal courses and offers 2 Canadian courses at their London location which makes it easier to convert your degree over once you return to Canada. They also have a huge international student population meaning that there will be many students in the same situation as you, you will get to meet new people from around the world and share classrooms with locals. They also allow for you to do courses online, in person or hybrid based on the way you want to study.

The class sizes are small allowing the tutor to be able to support students better and for you to make a connection with the tutors and your peers. The smaller classrooms allow for you to ask more questions openly, do more interactive work with others and allows the tutor to make sure all the students are following at the same pace.

The school offers services such as study skills throughout the year to help students improve their grades and develop new skills they may not have had before to succeed in their courses. Many resources are offered throughout the year to make final exams easier for students and there is free counselling and an employability service where they help you build resumes, apply to jobs and internships. Through the school I was able to apply for a 2-day shadowing scheme at the local family courthouse which I was able to put on my resume and gave me an insight into the workings of the courthouse from the perspective of a judge.

Living in Birmingham

Compared to other UK cities such as London Birmingham is much more affordable for students in terms of living costs (restaurants, rent, groceries). If you are looking for entertainment the Symphony Hall is home to the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, if you are looking for culture the Birmingham Hippodrome (musical theatre) attracts over 500,000 visitors a year.  The Bullring is the UK’s most popular shopping destination with more than 160 shops and restaurants in the heart of the city.

Using Across the Pond

I applied through Across the Pond and found the application process to be stress free and easy. I was put in contact with an advisor that talked me through the process of applying and asked me what I wanted to study, where and suggested potential schools for me based on my interests and my previous grades and education. They helped with the UCAS process which is how students in the UK apply to university which was a new process for me. My advisor helped me with my personal statement and made edits where appropriate and there was a lot of advice and pamphlets given on the visa process.

- Komal

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Study Law in the UK

Why study in the UK?

I am a Canadian student who applied through Across the Pond. When I was looking at where I wanted to go to university, I looked at many different countries and cities and decided on the UK which is home to some of the top-ranked universities, world-class education, and good quality teaching.

Another benefit for me was that a UK degree would be recognized worldwide (the UK is a common law country like the one I am from) I could return to Canada once I finish my course convert my degree and work in Canada.

I enjoy living in the UK because I get to experience new cultures, explore new places, and meet new people. Living in the UK I got to experience holidays which are only celebrated in the UK (Kings Coronation, Platinum Jubilee of Elizabeth II), it was very interesting to experience these events of the monarchs and being able to try new foods (fish and chips, Yorkshire Pudding, etc.)

Living in Birmingham

Birmingham is the second largest city in the United Kingdom. It is a safe city to live in with a relatively low crime rate. The monthly cost of apartment rent and food shopping is not too bad compared to a city like London. 

Birmingham has interesting places to explore, such as the Library of Birmingham. This is the largest public library in Europe, it has books, computers and a viewpoint at the top called the Secret Garden (which has a nice view of the city). The library is located next to the Bullring which is a large shopping center for those of you that enjoy shopping. There are many shops to choose from and many places to eat close by. The city has many churches within walking distance, for those that are not religious the architecture of the churches is impressive to look at and each building holds so much history.

Studying at the University of Law

The University of Law provides legal education and has many different campuses around the United Kingdom. The university has tutors who are qualified lawyers with personal experiences that they pass on to their students. I believe that this is very valuable since the tutor can use examples from their past legal experiences to help you better understand a topic. The tutors at the university are very helpful and available every day to help with any questions you have about lectures, workshops, and readings.

The class sizes are small making it easier for the tutor to engage with the students and make sure every student understands what is being taught. The university has a silent library that is open every day from early morning to late night for students to have a silent place to study, as well as a cafeteria that has a computer lab in it where students can eat lunch and study. 

- Pavneet

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