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University of Stirling

Of the many reasons students come to Stirling, academic reputation and research standards among them, one factor is always cited: the outstanding beauty of the university's campus.

The essence of the University of Stirling is its great people: graduates, staff and students are helping to shape the world. Founded by Royal Charter in 1967, the University of Stirling was the first genuinely new university in Scotland for over 400 years. They retain their pioneering spirit and a passion for innovation and excellence in all they do. Built in the shadow of the Ochil Hills and Wallace Monument, the Stirling campus is situated on a magnificent 310-acre estate, centered around a large loch and 18th-century Airthrey Castle.

Academic Subjects

The university’s five core research and teaching areas are:

  • Culture and Society: Education, English Studies, Film & Media Studies, Journalism, History, Languages, Philosophy, Politics, Religions, Social Sciences
  • Enterprise and the Economy: Accountancy, Business, Computing Science & Mathematics, Entrepreneurship, Economics, Law, Management, Marketing, Publishing Studies, Retail
  • Environment: Including Aquaculture, Biological & Environmental Sciences, Studies and Tourism Management
  • Health and Well-being: Including Cancer Care, Dementia, Nursing & Health, Psychology, Social Work
  • Sport: Sport & Exercise Science, Sports Studies, Physical Education

The Stirling academic program arms students with the skills and confidence to shape their world beyond the University. On campus, they encounter fellow-students from over 80 countries, ensuring that the formal and informal aspects of their education are international in outlook. Perhaps this helps to explain why Stirling’s retention and completion rates are amongst the best in the UK.

Their central location, at the very heart of Scotland, ensures that students, staff and visitors from the USA enjoy excellent rail services to and from the city of Stirling. Stirling, which received city status in 2002, is at the geographic heart of Scotland – dramatically positioned at the point where Lowland and Highland Scotland meet. A fascinating mix of old and new, the city of Stirling has a reputation as one of the most attractive places to live in the UK. The city is a thriving, compact and welcoming community and boasts a wide range of commercial and cultural facilities, including Stirling Castle and the William Wallace Monument. Stirling has excellent direct rail and road links to the rest of Scotland and the UK, while London and the other great capitals of Europe are a short hop by air from either Edinburgh or Glasgow airports, both of which are within easy reach of the university.

If you're interested in studying at Stirling University, contact one of our Across the Pond Advisors today!

Student population: 14,000

City population: 100,000

Date of establishment: 1967

Location: Residential campus located two miles from city of Stirling

Centers of Excellence: History, Scottish History, Film and Media, Journalism, Environmental and Aquatic Sciences, Psychology and Accounting & Finance. At undergraduate level there are over 300 degree combinations, with few restrictions on which subjects are studied together.

Cost of Tuition (per year): from £13,100 per year (2020/21)

Estimated Living Costs (including accommodation): £800 per month based on UKBA required funds outside London

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Study photojournalism at Stirling

Research undertaken by the University of Stirling’s renowned Communications, Media and Culture division has found a surprising gender difference in the field of Photojournalism, where men dominate jobs and receive higher wages.

The Centre delivers a wide range of Journalism, Communications and Public Relations degree courses. Contact us now if this is your area of interest and we’ll find appropriate courses that match your profile.

University of Stirling Overview

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