Study in the UK


Thanks for taking the time to write about your student experience!

Entries received from international students or alumni of our UK universities between 1 Sept 2022 and 31 Aug 2023 will automatically be entered into our prize draw.

The submission needs to meet the language requirements and follow the instructions on this page. The entries need to be submitted through this form.

We have a total of 6 x £500 awards available. 

Note: the prize draw will take place in September 2023 and winners will be notified at the time. 


We use student feedback to promote the Across the Pond service and our partner universities to prospective students. We will post this feedback on our website mainly, but it may also appear on social platforms, and in print material, such as our university guide. 

We only publish your first name, the profile picture you´ve submitted as well as the university/course you attend(ed). 

You can write as much or as little as you´d like and feedback from potential applicants show that they love reading about other students' experiences. Thank you for helping other students who are currently considering studying in the UK. Please make sure the information you share is relevant to future students. E.g. how student life was like during Covid-19 lockdown is not relevant. Mentions of Covid-19 will be removed before publishing as this will not be relevant to students in the future.

Which language to write in

📌 If you are from Norway or Sweden, please send us two versions. One where you write in Norwegian or Swedish, and a second copy in English. 

📌If you are from Spain, Mexico, Peru, Chile or Colombia, please send us two versions. One where you write in Spanish, and a second copy in English. 

📌 If you are from any other country than the ones listed above, please write in English

Need some tips on what to share?

Please make your own headlines throughout the text (and don´t just use the below as your headlines). Divide your text into sections with titles that describe the content you are including in that section e.g. “Comfortable Accommodation”, “Exciting Nightlife", "Student life at X university" etc.

You can use the below topics to help inspire you when writing your text:

🎓 Talk about studying in the UK and why you decided to study abroad

🎓 Why you choose X university and how you find university life (campus, what facilities you use/like etc.)

🎓 Tell us about your accommodation

🎓 How student life is different from life in your home country

🎓 What you are studying and why  -  talk about your course and why you like it

🎓 Tell us about the town/city and what you love about it

🎓 What you do in your spare time, how you socialise, where your new friends are from etc.

🎓 If English is not your first language, tell us about how you found the transition into studying in English

🎓 Anything else you´d have liked to know before you applied, started university or went to the UK

🎓 If you applied through Across the Pond, feel free to talk about how you found the application process / using our services

Profile picture

We would love it if you submitted a photo of yourself (please do not include other people), either in front of the university, in the city/town or just a headshot. It needs to be a picture that you or someone you know has taken to make sure we´re allowed to publish it (copyright).