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Does the bustling big city life of London raise your pulse, or maybe the quaint British villages take your breath away? Well, there’s more where that comes from! The United Kingdom has a wealth of opportunities just waiting to be explored. Instead of just going for a weekend or holiday, why not come to live and study in Britain? 

Your Student Visa

If you’re a non-UK or EU student interested in studying in the UK for six months or more, you will need a Tier 4 Student Visa in order to enter the country.

Interactive Prospectus 2018

US Interactive Prospectus

Kelsey Grode

Kelsey Grode

Kelsey (Student Advisor) is based in Erie, PA.  After graduating from Western New England University in 2014, she attended King's College London for an MA in Early Modern History with the help of Across the Pond. In 2016 Kelsey began working for Across the Pond as a Road Warrior, and continued on as a student advisor to help students experience a life-changing year in the UK.

UK Study Expert Since: 2017

UK Degree: MA in Early Modern History

Charles Chew

Charles Chew

Charles is an artist from Cincinnati, Ohio. He has a BA in Illustration from the Art Academy of Cincinnati. While living in the UK, he found England to be the most beautiful and inspiring place to live. Wandering the streets, the weather worn architecture and history made every day an adventure. He was also delighted how his background in various artforms applied to his Museum and Exhibition Design course at Lincoln.


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