Participating Universities & Award Amounts

You can apply for scholarships from the following (please note that all scholarships are only valid for the 2019 entry):

Across the Pond
Offering three scholarships: £3,000 for an undergraduate student, £2,000 for a graduate student, and a £1,000 Across the Pond Choice award*.  

*Think of the Across the Pond Choice scholarship as a “people’s choice award” that goes to the favorite video of the Across the Pond Scholarship Committee and is awarded regardless of number of votes at the conclusion of stage 2.

Scholarship Dates Tab

Please take note of these important dates in the scholarship competition:

  • January 31st – scholarship opens, video submissions welcomed
  • May 1st – scholarship closes, no more video submissions may be received

Across the Pond will review all submitted videos and will choose the semi-finalists for each scholarship opportunity according to our Voting Rubric. 

Scholarship Overview Tab

We want students to go to the UK to study! We realize funding tends to be the main obstacle in achieving that dream, so we have made scholarship money available to Across the Pond students exclusively via The Across the Pond Scholarship.

Scholarship Copyright Tab

It is likely you will want to use popular music in the creation of your video.  To avoid copyright infringement cases, we suggest you only use music available in the public domain or under the Creative Commons license.  Ensure anything outside the public domain or Creative Commons license would fall under fair use (e.g. using just a segment of a song, rather than the whole thing). If you’re not sure if something falls under fair use, we recommend you don’t use it. 

Scholarship Rubric Tab

Here is what we are looking for as we review your video:

  • Is the video creative?
  • Is the student clearly passionate about their studies and going to the UK?
  • Is the video entertaining, funny, engaging, etc.?
  • Is the student evidently enthusiastic and excited?

Scholarship Procedure Tab

The Across the Pond and ATP Partner Scholarship selection process is executed in two stages:

Stage 1

The Across the Pond Scholarship Committee will review each video submission and judge it according to our Voting Rubric (please see the Voting Rubric tab).  Those with the highest scores will be chosen as semi-finalists and will proceed to stage 2. 

Stage 2

Each semi-finalist’s video will be posted to Across the Pond’s voting page on Facebook.  Participants can then share this Facebook page with their family and friends to get votes.


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