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Hello, my name is Diana, and I am a 19 years old international student at Falmouth University. In this document, I write a little bit about my university experience in hopes of answering some of the question the majority of us have faced at this stage, like for example, “Which university do I choose?”, “What is it really like to study at university?”, “Is this course really for me?”. Furthermore, providing personal insight into different topics related to this subject, which university websites cannot.


I have dreamed of studying abroad for as long as I can remember. I am originally from Portugal and have lived there all my life. However, the opportunities of studying my dream course, Acting, are slim where I come from. So, I decided to apply to study in England, a country with far more possibilities in that regard. Also, where I was already fluent in the language. I hope to travel the world throughout my life, and this is hopefully just the beginning of that adventure.


Falmouth University was my top choice form the very first moment. From the description of the course on their website to the facilities to the location it seemed like the ideal choice. So, once I got accepted, I could not wait to begin my studies here.

I am absolutely overjoyed and grateful to be doing what I love every day. Being able to study what I aspire to most is a blessing I don’t take lightly. The course is exactly what I expected it to be, even if it proves a bit challenging at times. I am currently in my second year, and things are only getting better. Bothe the modules and timetable are well-structured. I have so much free time some weeks that I don’t know what to do with myself. Other are so busy that I barely have time for myself. But, in the end, it’s all worth it because it reflects what can happen in real life. Sometimes you get back-to-back jobs, in others instances, you spend an unknown amount of time searching for them.

The AMATA building, where the majority of my classes are held, is also a very cosy and welcoming establishment with incredible facilities and equipment that you can constantly book and use as you see fit. Prepare yourself to be surrounded by students from all disciplines of the performing arts running around and practising in every available corner. When you walk through those doors, it’s as if you are transported to a completely different and new environment from the rest of the university.

One of my life’s greatest ambitions is to pursue a professional acting career. And this course has only reinforced that notion in me more and more. Not only by the lecturers’ dedication and professionalism but also by the practices taught every lesson. They have broadened my knowledge of new subjects and improved my skills in so many areas of my life so far, I can only imagine what I will achieve by the completion of my degree.


In addition, this establishment where I have spent most of my time for the past couple of years provides amazing facilities and a huge number of resources at our disposal. It is even finer than what I read bout online. The number of resources, in all different areas, provided to us students is massive. One of my favourites is the library. Both online and in person they supply us with hundreds of books, research documents, and help services. These have aided me so much in the past essay projects, especially since English is my second language. They deliver one on one sessions to help you figure out the structure, content and grammar of the text.

But that is not all. I have to say its proximity to the water also influenced my final decision immensely. I’ve always lived near the beach, so it's like a second home to me. I was hooked after discovering that Gilly Beach was only a few minutes away from campus. This was extremely beneficial during the initial transition of this new chapter in my life away from home. The similarities to my home environment made me feel more secure and at ease in the first few weeks.


Falmouth is a small coastal city that thrives during the summer months when the weather is ideal for strolling down to the beach and sunbathing. However, that is not the only advantage of living in this town. It is home to the most stunning views of the hills, sunsets, and sunrises. The cute little shops are also a plus, as are the scattered bars and pubs. Even though it doesn’t have the most exciting nightlife, you can always find something to do, whether you’re alone or in a group. Many of the establishments have weekly activities and quizzes in which you can participate, giving you a wide range of options.


I have to admit that having to speak English everywhere I went with everyone I interacted with was quite frightening for me in the first few days, if not weeks. I had good fluency in the language, but I had never needed to use it constantly, so the first few moments were a little intimidating. But as I began to form friendships and attend classes on a daily basis, it became easier and easier to incorporate it into my daily life. After a little more than a year, I'm speaking it as if it were my first language. I even mix up both languages on occasion. Developing the habit of reading books in English was also an important part of my language development. Mostly because it prepared me for all of the plays, scripts, and research I’d have to read throughout my course.


This concludes my statement. Thank you for taking the time to read it, and I hope it offered answers to some of the questions you may or may not have had.

- Diana

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