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Life couldn’t be better

While I was nearing the end of my bachelors degree, I was telling my roommate about starting my masters in Psychology in the UK. He told me about the wonderful service called Across the Pond. This service would be able to help me apply to universities around the UK while making the application process as simple as possible. Of course, who doesn’t like simplicity. In this service, I was introduced to an advisor who gave me his contacts to my advisor with Across the Pond who was marvelous in helping me understand the sort of universities I can apply to with my GPA, subject, etc. Initially I had some difficulty understanding about the process of getting accreditation through British Psychological society. As only some universities offer accreditation through their courses, I needed to choose certain universities if I were to practice psychology in the UK. My Across the Pond advisor was very patient with me in helping me understand the accreditation process of various societies to work in the UK. I was also indecisive in choosing my subject as I wanted to study either Neuroscience or Psychology. She took her time giving me more courses offered by various universities across the UK for my subject. Overall, I had a great time with my advisor. She was the best advisor anyone could ask for. If the next future applicant were to get assigned to her, you should thank your lucky stars that you’re in safe hands for your applications to universities in the UK.


I chose Durham University because it was in the top 100 in the world, and it was one of the three universities that had a collegiate system like Cambridge or Oxford university. Boy did I have a great time here. I was assigned to Collingwood college where it had the largest student body, and it was the sportiest college of them all. There were many events organized from day one. Every day was a happening day because there had the best gyms, semesterly formals, endless societies, tasty food, and competitive sporty spirit. I started my day off with a couple of buds at the best gym on campus compared to the other colleges overlooking a beautiful meadow. The formals were exquisite with how everyone dressed up in suits and dresses. We would head out to marquee far out in the countryside to eat extravagant dinners made by chefs. We would go on carnival rides as we watched the fireworks at the end of the day. I joined the Durham union where I was met with VIPs from across the globe to give speeches about their life stories such as Dr Olesya Khromeychuck talk about the war and resulting humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. I watched challenging debates about how this society would remove monuments to controversial historical figures. I joined the badminton society where we frequently played friendly matches against other colleges. I ended the day off with some delicious, cooked food in the college food hall with the 20 other postgraduates in my hall. We became very close throughout the year as we shared many common interests. I’ve always enjoyed ending the day off playing some casual card games in our hall. Life couldn’t be better. I only wish I can head back telling myself that those would be good days that I’ll remember for the rest of my life.


As much as the name sounds like a mouthful, it was a challenging course. The course was half focused on statistics, which many showed fear because it dealt with mathematics. But the professors knew how to break down our walls in understanding the programs and languages used to interpret our findings. It was a small cohort of 15 that bonded well as there were many opportunities to get together for group sessions over classes we didn’t understand. The program allowed us to join labs and experience research done firsthand conducted by well renowned professors at the university. My supervisor might have been the best one out there. He answered my emails quickly. He helped me with the programming of my experiment. He explained how I would need to clean my data before processing it through the program. He was meticulous in approaching the problems I faced when I was with my participants. Professors in the university listened to my needs. This led me to join the student representative to raise issues of concern and interest relating to the delivery and organization of the program. I had a wonderful time working with these professionals helping the next cohort have an enjoyable experience in their program too. Not after long, I had interviews flying in from Cambridge University. The professors in Durham university were promptly able to send referral letters to my supervisors. I was able to land my first job as a research assistant in a world-famous university. I highly recommend Durham University courses as they offer great prospects for your career. I’ll always remember the professors and friends that I met in my program.

- Sathish

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