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Surpassed my expectations

I was on the fence about graduate school ever since I completed my undergraduate degree. After exploring a few options that didn't feel "quite right" a colleague jokingly suggested I apply to grad school in the UK. I didn't waste any time! I jumped on my computer and instantly found Across The Pond...

Kay C.

Lincoln, University of

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Surrounded by a truly global community of students

If you are a student considering the opportunity to study abroad, I HIGHLY recommend Across The Pond! Their assistance throughout the entire process - from deciding which universities to apply to, how to contact professors and request supervision for a PhD, to filling out the application, gathering...

Lynne V.

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The best experience of my entire life

Choosing to study abroad and complete my masters degree in a different country was the most nerve racking, but most exciting decision of my life. One that I will never forget! Studying at Roehampton University, London, has been the best experience and has opened my eyes to a new world. Upon...

Michelle Watson

Roehampton, University of

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The best experience of my life

Studying at Swansea is perhaps the luckiest thing to ever happen to me. I happened to meet two representatives from Across The Pond in high school, and before I knew it, I was on a plane to the UK. The British system was incredibly beneficial and changed my entire outlook on education here in...

Ella Wysocki

Swansea University

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The best thing about this course is my professors

I was researching degrees that I was interested in, and Biotech was the main thing that I had been considering. Oxford Brookes offered the degree, and when I saw that it was in Oxford I was just like ‘Oh this is perfect, I would love to live in that city’. I love the architecture of the city –...

Alexandra Alvarez

Oxford Brookes University

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The students are wonderful and the staff were welcoming

Moving away from home and into student halls is a big change. Will you miss your family? Yes. Will you miss your dog? Don't even get me started. But the transition can be even more daunting if home and student halls are 4,000 miles apart. From looking the wrong way before I crossed the street to...

Ben Berry

New College of the Humanities (NCH)

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The support was more than I could have ever bargained for

I first discovered Across The Pond when a close friend decided to attend Durham University. I asked how he made the decision and how he would go about making it happen. That’s when he told me he was receiving help from this program and how much it had helped him. I had always dreamed of studying...

Marina da Silva

Kingston University

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There are so many experiences to be had

Montez is from the USA and studies Entrepreneurship, Finance and Innovation.Why Loughborough University London?Legacy was a huge reason for my venture across the pond. My older brother completed his undergraduate degree at Loughborough University and never had a boring story to tell. He always...

Montez Blair

Loughborough University London

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There is no place like London

When I decided to apply to grad school, I basically had no idea what I was doing or how to start the process. I did, however, know that I wanted to go somewhere in the UK. I have always been addicted to travel and was (and still am) a self-proclaimed anglophile, so it seemed a natural choice to...

Hannah Schneider

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There is so much support and knowledge here

Why did you decide to study at Brunel?After studying abroad in London previously, I fell in love with Britain. I knew I wanted to come back to study further and was searching for a course that would appropriately couple my Industrial and Interaction Design Undergraduate Degree from Syracuse...


Brunel University

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