Scholarship Winners

We asked our students to tell us why they are excited about studying in the UK and how Across the Pond was an invaluable help in the process.

The videos below are the WINNERS of the scholarships! Congratulations!

Across the Pond Choice Award Scholarship

Colby Cox

Across the Pond Scholarship

Amanda Price

Kerry Plante

Amberlee Allmond

Stirling, University of Scholarship

Amanda Kennedy

Kaetlyn Rodriguez

Swansea University Scholarship

Benjamin Nichols

Hertfordshire, University of Scholarship

Mia DeMuro

Falmouth University Scholarship

Stuart Bruce-Noble

Essex, University of Scholarship

Laura Smith

Roehampton, University of Scholarship

Meredith Matsen

Middlesex University London Scholarship

Jessica Watson

Kirsten Hubbard

Chester, University of Scholarship

Jacob Fenicle