United states student scholarships across the pond

Across the Pond offers several scholarships every year. These scholarships are exclusive to students using our services, so it is an additional opportunity for you to receive funds towards your studies! 

We have two types of scholarships:

  1. Partner Scholarships: These scholarships are offered in conjunction with our partner universities. Some of our partner universities generously set aside a sum dedicated to Across the Pond students that are committed to their university. The participating universities vary annually.  

  2. The Across the Pond Scholarship: We  offer scholarships to students that participate in our video competition. These scholarships can be used at any university, so this gives every student an opportunity to win additional funds towards their time in the U.K.

More information about the 2019 scholarships will be provided in the winter. If you’d like to be eligible for an Across the Pond scholarship, register for an advisor here and they will keep you updated! 

View the Winning Videos from the 2018 Scholarship competition here!

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