July 1, 2019

Hey Students! Did you missed the June 30th deadline to apply to UK universities on UCAS? Well don’t fear, you can still apply through a process called UCAS Clearing! Although Clearing can be confusing, Across the Pond can help you apply and make the process an absolute breeze.

Starting July 5th, UCAS Clearing begins.

What is Clearing?

It’s a system that helps both the universities and students achieve their academic goals this fall. UCAS Clearing helps universities fill remaining vacancies in their degree programs, and it helps students apply for these programs at the very last minute before the new school year begins in mid-September or early October.  Did you know that often universities will slightly lower their entry requirements in order to fill up those remaining available seats? It’s a special process through which an Across the Pond advisor can guide you, as it can be a rather complicated and confusing system to navigate on one's own.

Students find Clearing frustrating because they can only apply to one university at a time, meaning they would need to know in advance which university would extend them an offer. As such, Clearing is a high-pressure, high stakes scenario where programs fill up quickly, so time is of the essence! The experience and expertise of an Across the Pond advisor will help alleviate that frustration and stress, as we have insider knowledge about university requirements and insider contacts that will fast track your application.

No need to wait in a long line with everyone else - move to the front with the help of Across the Pond. Beat the line and speak to an Across the Pond advisor today about applying through Clearing starting July 5th. We can help you study in the UK this fall - a very attainable dream with our help!

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