March 5, 2019

Are you hoping to study in the UK this fall? It's not too late to apply . . . but don't delay!  Even though UK universities have a rolling deadline for international students, we highly recommend you apply by March 15th for a variety of reasons.

Some of the more competitive universities and departments in the UK actually close their doors to applications by mid-March because they are either over-subscribed or the course is already full. If you apply by March 15th, you will likely avoid this. You could still benefit from the majority of scholarship opportunities that are available by applying by March 15th, and it also ensures you would be among the first to apply for housing (good rooms go fast!).  Finally, it gives you plenty of time to sort your finances and your visa application. This is just our professional advice based on past experience. You can still definitely apply after March 15th, but options are more limited at that point and you might find the process a bit more stressful.  

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