January 22, 2018

Great news!  Oxford Brookes University has added two new courses to it’s portfolio:  an online, distance-learning version of their MA in International Relations and a new MA in International Security. These two courses join their already existent MA in International Relations course.

Graduate students on any of these three courses will benefit from being taught by a team of research-active scholars who publish in their areas of expertise. Brookes’s master’s-level teaching is informed by these research activities, which are co-ordinated through the work of The Centre for Global Politics, Economy and Society.

During these courses, students gain an insight into critical perspectives on contemporary theory and practice. These are then employed to critically evaluate a range of contemporary issues. All three courses also include a grounding in research methods, which provides valuable skills for both the MA dissertation and potential research-related career paths.

In addition to the taught classes, students on Brookes’s campus-based courses also have the opportunity to go on a four-day study tour to Brussels and The Hague. This includes visits to key institutions of the European Union and a range of international organizations, such as the International Criminal Court and the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, which was awarded the 2013 Nobel Peace Prize. This trip enables students to get a first-hand experience of how these important international institutions work.

Oxford Brookes also holds an Annual Postgraduate Day that is attended by all campus-based MA students.

During the courses, Brookes also offers support to help students plan for the future. This includes a dedicated careers workshop for campus-based students, which includes contributions from alumni talking about their own experiences. Meanwhile, students on the distance-learning MA are able to get e-guidance from Brookes’s Careers Service. Skype, or longer telephone interviews are also available, by referral, following initial contact with Careers.

It goes without saying that Oxford is a wonderful city in which to study. Students on Brookes’s campus-based MA courses have access to excellent learning resources, both at Brookes and through Oxford University's Bodleian Library. They also make extensive use of e-learning facilities to complement their time in the classroom. Distance learning students benefit from a range of online teaching methods. Most classes also include 8-10 hours of online seminars, which provide students with the opportunity to interact in a live environment with staff and other students.

Best of all, all three of these programs can offer applicants a scholarship opportunity. Each one is worth £6,120, or roughly $8,500.

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