April 2, 2019

If you submitted university applications by or before January, it is likely you are entertaining a university offer or two.  Congratulations!

Deciding which university to attend can be a hard decision, but our student advisors are here to help. We have visited every single partner campus in the UK and can give you detailed insight into what life is like for students on campus - including what housing options are available to you. Obviously, the best rooms on campus tend to go first, so we highly recommend you decide which university to accept as soon as you can, that way you can be one of the first to apply for campus housing.

Expect to pay a small, non-refundable application fee of $500 or less. Or, perhaps you're more interested in living off-campus. This is possible too, although harder to arrange long-distance. While we highly recommend campus housing for a variety of reasons, we can offer limited guidance on securing city housing as well.  

Get in touch with your advisor and have this conversation as soon as you can!

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