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New College of the Humanities (NCH)

New College of the Humanities is an award-winning, university-level college based in London, which is leading the way in UK higher education.

NCH offers a liberal arts-inspired undergraduate curriculum taught by inspirational academics who are enthusiastic about teaching through one-to-one tutorials, small group tutorials, and interactive lectures.

Major and minors offered:  

  • Art History
  • Creative Writing (minor only)
  • Economics
  • English
  • History
  • Law (Single & Double Honours)
  • Philosophy
  • Politics & International Relations
  • PPE (Philosophy, Politics & Economics)
  • PPH (Philosophy, Politics & History)

All students combine their degree studies with the College’s diploma, designed to develop the insights required to lead a fulfilling and successful life. The diploma offers a rich mix of Core Courses including Applied Ethics, Logic & Critical Thinking, and Science Literacy, as well as the LAUNCH professional skills program, which teaches students the core skills and behaviors that will give them a head start in the increasingly competitive graduate recruitment market, and that can easily be transferred to any field. 

At NCH, students choose a combined honours degree comprising a ‘major’ subject and a complementary ‘minor’ subject alongside it. All undergraduates at NCH combine their degree studies with the College’s unique diploma, which is designed to give them the insights that will enable them to lead a rewarding and fulfilling life.

NCH offers an intensive learning experience and immense opportunities for individual growth. Students who choose to study at NCH develop into assured, well-rounded, eloquent individuals with a capacity for independent critical thought and intellectual debate, impressive research skills, a range of interests and passions, and an understanding of how to apply their studies to the world at large.

Over 80% of NCH’s graduating students have jobs or graduate study lined up. 2014 HEPI research showed that the NCH academic experience had exceeded the expectations of 63% of students - more than twice the comparative statistic for Russell Group university students.

In 2015, NCH was awarded best 'Course & Lecturers' at the Whatuni Student Choice Awards, and also come fourth in the overall 'University of the Year' category.


Situated in a terrace built between 1776 and 1781, The Registry is NCH’s main campus building. It is a Grade I listed five-storey townhouse, and home to most of the College’s teaching and administrative facilities. The two-storey Mews to the rear of The Registry is the social hub for students. The first floor of the Mews houses the Junior Common Room (JCR) where you can chill out, watch TV, eat lunch or finish an assignment. It is also the venue for student bar nights, film nights and parties.

As a student at NCH your experience is personal, not anonymous. The smaller scale of the College means that there isn’t the same sense of isolation that students might sometimes feel at other universities. All members of staff are friendly, responsive and easy to contact. Whether you need guidance on day-to-day student life, academic matters, illness or other worries, whatever your question there is always someone who will listen and offer support.

Students at New College of the Humanities are richly provided with library facilities, including the Registry Collection, Senate House Library SHL), and the British Library.

New College of the Humanities has the great fortune of being in one of the best locations for a higher education institution in the UK. Situated in the heart of Bloomsbury, the main building is mere steps from the Senate House Library and the British Museum, and just a few minutes’ walk to Oxford Street, Covent Garden, the West End and an array of galleries and museums.

While the NCH Student Union has clubs and societies which cater for a variety of pursuits, there may be times when you want to enjoy an activity requiring specific equipment or a larger number of students. The University of London has more than 120,000 students and Student Central provides you with the opportunity to participate in a wide range of clubs and societies with students from other colleges.

It’s recommend living in shared accommodation during your first year at NCH so that you can experience living with fellow students and get straight into the swing of student life. London offers a huge range of accommodation options for an even wider range of budgets, and we recommend three accommodation options to reflect this range.

In your second and third years many NCH students choose to share private accommodation with fellow students. If you choose to live outside of halls our student support team can help you find accommodation and other students to share with.

If you would like to find out more about studying at the New College of the Humanities, please contact one of our Across The Pond Advisors today.

Student population: 220

Number of international students: 15 percent

City population: 8.6 million

Location: London, urban

Closest airports: London Heathrow, Gatwick Airport, Luton Airport, Standsted Airport, London City Airport

Date of establishment: September 2012

Areas of expertise: Humanities teaching, Professional development

Cost of Tuition per year: £14,000 for international students but possibility of scholarships up to £2000 (based on academic merit) (2018/19)

Accommodation cost: £120.51 to £625 per week

Introducing New College of the Humanities

There’s no better place to study the Humanities – that is, English, History, Politics, Law or Economics – than the United Kingdom.

So many students apply to Oxford or Cambridge unsuccessfully, not realizing there are other quality British universities from which to choose, institutions that also offer a superior education with big name professors and promising career prospects.

Seeking an intimate study experience?

New College of the Humanities, London, continues to accept applicants for the 2016-2017 academic year. If you seek small group and weekly one-to-one tutorials with top academics in subjects such as Economics, English, History, Philosophy & International Relations, or Law, consider applying or adding NCH to your list! Opportunities still exist for a prestigious Grayling Scholarship for undergraduate study, worth up to £9,000 per year towards your tuition fees. The deadline is March 31,2016 to be considered for a scholarship. 

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