Nadia Ibrahim-Taney

Nadia (Short Term Manager and Graduate Student Advisor) is based in Cincinnati, Ohio. She graduated from the University of Louisville in 2007 with a double BS in Law and Sociology. She then attended Suffolk University, where she earned an M.Ed. in Higher Education Administration in 2011. With Ashley Griffith as her advisor, Across the Pond helped her attend the University of Roehampton for her MA in Education, Leadership and Management in 2014. She started working for Across the Pond soon after returning to the US, specializing specifically in shorter term opportunities abroad. 

UK University: Roehampton University in London

Degree Title: MA Education, Leadership and Management

Hometown: Boston, MA

Current Location: Cincinnati, OH

UK Favorite: The TV programmes Come Dine with Me and Gogglebox 

It’s never too late! At 30 years old, I courageously picked up my life, went to the heart of London and was a student again. Best decision of my life.