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Four £5,000 Scholarships Available

Apr 2 2020

The University of Birmingham is extending four £5,000 scholarships exclusively to US graduate students working with Across the Pond. This scholarship will be applied to the tuition fees for the 2020-2021 school year. Candidates should have an excellent academic background. The selection panel will...

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UCAS Clearing - We are here for you!

Jul 1 2019

Hey Students! Did you missed the June 30th deadline to apply to UK universities on UCAS? Well don’t fear, you can still apply through a process called UCAS Clearing! Although Clearing can be confusing, Across the Pond can help you apply and make the process an absolute breeze. Starting July 5th,...

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Tier 4 Student Visa Guidance

Jun 24 2019

One of the most challenging aspects of attending university in the United Kingdom is the complex and sometimes arduous process of applying for the Tier 4 Student Visa. Reviewing your CAS, navigating a sea of online applications, and understanding what constitutes proof of funds all within a 90-day...

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June 30th UCAS Deadline Approaching

Jun 17 2019

Did you know there is still time to apply for a bachelor’s degree in the UK for a Fall 2019 start date?  It's true! But time is running out. Sign up to work with an Across the Pond advisor to beat the UCAS application deadline of June 30th. If you apply by that date, you will still have the...

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Announcing the Across the Pond Scholarship Winners

Jun 1 2019

After a fierce scholarship competition, we are proud to post the winners of the scholarships available from Across the Pond and a selection of our partner universities. Over sixty students submitted a creative and entertaining video telling us how excited they are about studying in the UK and how...

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June 6 UCAS Deadline

May 30 2019

If you are an undergraduate student who applied to British universities using the UCAS system and received all of your decisions by May 2nd, June 6th is your deadline to choose your FIRM and INSURANCE choices, otherwise you will lose all your offers!Don't understand what "firm" and "insurance"...

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Hungry? Try a Sandwich Year

May 22 2019

This is not a year of eating sandwiches. Rather, it is the opportunity to gain work experience as a part of your undergraduate degree program in the UK. It is called a "sandwich year" because it is sandwiched between the second and third year of an undergraduate degree program.  British...

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Meet our Team

May 15 2019

Ever wonder who is behind those emails you've been receiving?  You can read more about our student advisors here.  Each of us studied in the UK and were changed for the better by that experience.  We are driven by the passion of our own personal experience to help every one of our...

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Across the Pond Scholarship Now Closed

May 1 2019

The Across the Pond Scholarship is now closed!  The Across the Pond Scholarship committee is really enjoying themselves as they review video submissions to see which students will progress as semi-finalists to stage 2 of the selection process. Semi-finalists will be posted on our Facebook...

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Interested in a Webinar Recording?

Apr 24 2019

Between September and March, Across the Pond conducts a series of informative webinars, with titles including:Study in the UK: Reasons Why and How to ApplyCreating a Strong ApplicationThe "Study in the UK" webinar goes into the detail about the high quality of education in the UK, how...

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