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Hungry? Try a Sandwich Year

May 22 2019

This is not a year of eating sandwiches. Rather, it is the opportunity to gain work experience as a part of your undergraduate degree program in the UK. It is called a "sandwich year" because it is sandwiched between the second and third year of an undergraduate degree program.  British...

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Meet our Team

May 15 2019

Ever wonder who is behind those emails you've been receiving?  You can read more about our student advisors here.  Each of us studied in the UK and were changed for the better by that experience.  We are driven by the passion of our own personal experience to help every one of our...

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Across the Pond Scholarship Now Closed

May 1 2019

The Across the Pond Scholarship is now closed!  The Across the Pond Scholarship committee is really enjoying themselves as they review video submissions to see which students will progress as semi-finalists to stage 2 of the selection process. Semi-finalists will be posted on our Facebook...

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Interested in a Webinar Recording?

Apr 24 2019

Between September and March, Across the Pond conducts a series of informative webinars, with titles including:Study in the UK: Reasons Why and How to ApplyCreating a Strong ApplicationThe "Study in the UK" webinar goes into the detail about the high quality of education in the UK, how...

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May 1 UCAS deadline

Apr 15 2019

If you are an undergraduate student who applied to British universities using the UCAS system and received all of your decisions by March 31st,  May 1st is your deadline to choose your FIRM and INSURANCE choice. Don't understand what "firm" and "insurance" means?  We understand. This...

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Have you applied for accomodation?

Apr 2 2019

If you submitted university applications by or before January, it is likely you are entertaining a university offer or two.  Congratulations!Deciding which university to attend can be a hard decision, but our student advisors are here to help. We have visited every single partner campus in the...

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Have you filed your FAFSA?

Mar 26 2019

Did you know before you can apply for your student visa, you will need to have secured full funding of your studies in the UK?  This is why you should fill out your FAFSA application as soon as you submit applications to your chosen UK universities.  UK universities usually...

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Scholarship Reminder

Mar 12 2019

If you're excited about your upcoming year in the UK and want to share it with the world, Across the Pond has the perfect scholarship opportunity for you!  The Across the Pond Scholarship is your chance to share in a creative, entertaining video why you can't wait to study in the UK and how...

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There's Still Time to Apply, but Don't Delay!

Mar 5 2019

Are you hoping to study in the UK this fall? It's not too late to apply . . . but don't delay!  Even though UK universities have a rolling deadline for international students, we highly recommend you apply by March 15th for a variety of reasons.Some of the more competitive universities and...

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Check out our blog!

Feb 19 2019

Did you know Across the Pond has a blog? We do! And it's chock full of great information from current and past students who did their degrees in the UK. From homesickness, to what to pack, to travel tips, you can learn about it all on the blog.Check it out here!

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