Why You Should study Creative and Cultural Industries in the UK

I chose to go over to the United Kingdom to study because I felt like I was missing something from school: I felt I needed more from my education. I also felt I needed a little adventure and new scenery! I have actually been to university in both the United States and the United Kingdom now, and I have to say there are definitely some advantages to studying overseas. I am studying Creative and Cultural Industries at Kingston University, and below I will share some of my experience studying this subject in the UK.

1. The course is more hands-on than theoretical
I am not someone who likes to write essays. In the United States, I felt like that was all I was doing! I knew that other students were making their art hand-son, but I was not really being taught how to do it myself. Here I have only been given projects as assignments, which I really enjoy!

2. You learn more software
The typical software you learn on a course like mine is anything in the Adobe Creative Suite like Photoshop and Illustrator. Contrastly, here on my program they have asked us to go out and discover and learn more than just Adobe: I’ve found several new programs that I will be using over and over. I wouldn’t have found them if I hadn’t been pushed to stay away from using only Adobe!

3. They have top-of-the-line workshops
I have never had a school where they offered so many free workshops for students. We have photography studios, ceramic workshops, 3D printing workshops, and more. All of them are free you just have to bring the materials you’d like to use.

4. All skills are available to learn
Here you are encouraged to partner with students from other courses so they can help you learn about other skills to bring into your course. You are also told that if there is something you’d like to learn from another course to ask. The staff here are more than happy to help students learn as much as they can.

5. Free equipment to borrow
Another thing they offer is free equipment rentals – They have laptops they loan out in case you don’t have one and they also have a loan room where you can borrow all kinds of equipment. There are several top-of-the-line cameras and tripods. They offer backgrounds for photoshoots like a green screen. They also have several types of light kits that professional photographers and videographers would use!

6. The opportunity for adventure and new scenery
It might sound silly to say that’s why you should study over here, but it is maybe one of the best reasons – I knew I needed a little something different! I was in a bit of a creative rut before I came over here. Having new adventures in new places has really helped me, and there is also so much art everywhere over here! It just offers so much inspiration.

I have learned a lot since being here. I’ve also had more than just learning from school. Coming over here has been a great way to learn more about myself and more about my course and how I fit into it. I’ve also learned what it is I want to do with my degree when I’m finished. It’s an amazing opportunity!

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Published Originally: December 8th, 2020
by Morgan Childers, ATP Student Ambassador
Studying at: Kingston University