Why You Should Study at Brunel University London

When choosing a university in the UK, there was no doubt that Brunel University London was the one for me. Brunel offers several things that appeal to me; The diversity, plethora of societies, and location are a few of the significant reasons I chose to study at the university.


Being an international student I wanted to ensure that I was attending a university that highlights and prides itself on diversity. Brunel University London has a diverse student body that includes nearly 2500 international students that represent more than 150 countries. Diversity is celebrated throughout the school year by several events. For example, October is full of Black History month activities, and several worldwide holidays are acknowledged and recognized on campus throughout the academic terms.

Additionally, having such a diverse campus allows you to meet new people from different cultural backgrounds and enables you to become a more well-rounded individual.


Brunel University London has a variety of societies that everyone is welcomed to join. Brunel also gives students the opportunity to create societies based on their interest, if there isn’t one set into place. Prior to arriving on campus, I explored the university’s website and found several societies that sparked my interest. Being a member of societies, I have made friends and made connections in the UK that will have an everlasting benefit to my life.


Brunel University London is in Uxbridge which is in West London. Uxbridge is a small town that has an intimate vibe. I enjoy being in Uxbridge because I am not tempted to go be a tourist every day but I am a convenient tube ride away from the Central London location. Uxbridge has everything one may need to live comfortably and get adjusted to living in a different country without feeling overwhelmed.

While I have only named a few things that are important to me, Brunel University has a lot more to offer. I strongly encourage students to take a further look at Brunel University London to realize the greatness of the university.

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Published Originally: July 7th, 2020
by KeyAna Washington, Across the Pond Student Ambassador
Studying at: Brunel University