Why You Should Consider Studying Outside of London

Nov 21, 2017 8:00:00 PM

Community Connection

Since living in Mirfield, West Yorkshire, UK, I’ve noticed that it is best to leave my house at least 20 minutes early for anywhere I need to be. Not because of traffic (I walk everywhere). Simply because the connections that you make with the locals in your community are unlike anything that you could experience living in the big city of London. I truly live in a town where ‘everybody knows your name’. 

From my window washer, to the construction workers next door, to the barber down the street, to the local farmer on my morning walks – everyone I pass is eager to know how I’m getting along. Even the folks at my local eye doctor don’t let me pass their establishment without stopping in and havin

g a few laughs together. I ran into a gentleman on the train that works at my local grocery store and he stopped me just to let me know that they finally got some red cabbage in )because he remembered the week before they were all out when I wanted some). The daily interpersonal connections I experience on a regular basis are really something that can’t be compared with any historical building that you see in London.

Nature connection

The best part of living outside the city is being surrounded by nature. My walk to the train station everyday consists 

of me walking on a greenway with trees on one side and green plains on the other. I usually have to step aside a few times on my walk to let a horse or two pass by, which is always a plus! After the greenway, I get to walk along the beautiful canal, which is surrounded by lush plant life and packed with riverboats, before I make my way to the train station. My weekends are spent hiking in the woods with my dog off leash where we are greeted by fellow Yorkshires out doing the same. The great thing is, if I ever wanted to spend the day in the city, Leeds is only 25 minutes by train and Manchester is just under an hour by train. All in all, I would say living in West Yorkshire was a far better choice than living in the city for my lifestyle and I will definitely be back to visit!

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