Why Should You Study at the University of East Anglia?

Published Originally: August 4th, 2020
by ST Tangirala, ATP Student Ambassador
Studying at: 
University of East Anglia

I graduated from college in 2017. I worked for a year and a half in the field of real estate, but due to lackluster results, going to grad school was the only option for me. My thoughts exactly were, “It’s expensive to go to grad school in the United States, with high tuition fees, and would be sentenced to many years of paying off debt and taking forever to pursue that degree.” I decided to apply to several universities in the UK and managed to get into the University of East Anglia (UEA). Spending that year at UEA has taught me more about myself and my strengths and weaknesses. My time at UEA was the most productive I’ve ever been with my life and here are three reasons why you should consider spending your time there:

1. It is a high-quality university combined with rural surroundings and small-town England feel.

When I was at UEA, I dubbed the university as “the second-best university in the East of England after Cambridge” and I thought that was a formidable opponent to lose to. UEA has been in the top 15-20 universities in the East of England for the last 7-10 years and what other places to be in, surrounded by rural countryside and a city that feels more like a small-town than the largest city in East of England. No offense to people who go to Cambridge, but it’s a better place here in Norwich for people looking to get quality education and not feel the pressure of prestige. 

Anyways, when you’re in Norwich, you would enjoy spectacular places to visit such as the Norwich Cathedral and Norwich Castle and several buildings that have existed since the Middle Ages (fun fact, Norwich was the second-largest city in England after London during the Middle Ages) while enjoying highly pleasant walks around the rural areas. Keep this in mind: The countryside in the UK is far more accessible and enjoyable by foot than by automobile. The Norfolk Coastal towns like Cromer, Sheringham, Great Yarmouth, Holkham, and many more are a good place to go to when you need a local area to relax. This is one of many reasons why you should consider coming to UEA, whether undergrad or grad, you can truly enjoy yourself if you need to. 

2. Supportive people in every department regardless of student or faculty

As a Master’s student, being able to study with many supportive people, regardless of student or faculty, is what made the experience far more exciting over everything else. Being an international student has its challenges such as trying to find the local post office or setting your bank account and telephone number but if it weren’t for the support of people in every part of your journey, I feel my experience at UEA wouldn’t have been possible. I studied Marketing and Management and some of the professors were ready to answer questions regarding my projects and what I need to do and don’t need to do and as a result, I’ve properly succeeded in completing my Master’s Degree. If you’re interested in a program at UEA, I highly recommend the business programs. 

3. The campus has some interesting features and amenities. 

One thing that UEA is known for is its brutalist architecture which has been a fixture since its opening especially places like the Ziggurats. This style of architecture is in sharp contrast with the traditional and historic architecture in Norwich. Amenities such as the Enterprise Center, Sportspark provide some of the most exquisite places for a student to go to. The Enterprise Center offers up opportunities for students to help develop businesses of their own while Sportspark helps students take part in many of the different sports that are offered at UEA. It also has the Sainsbury Center which was set as the backdrop for the Avengers films. 

One thing that sets UEA apart from a lot of other universities in the UK is the presence of nature at the very doorstep of campus. The UEA Broad is a spectacular place for students to walk around and relax if they don’t want to put in the extra effort to go to different places. The area also attracts locals who are in need of relaxing from their daily grind. 

So there you have it, future students of the UK. This concludes the presentation of my case as to why you should consider studying at UEA.

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