Why Edinburgh Is The World’s Best City To Study Ecotourism

Nov 24, 2015 10:30:00 PM

Ecotourism at Edinurgh University

The City

What is the city like?

The City of Edinburgh is often voted as the most desirable place to live in Britain, with a historical heart and a thriving, modern culture. The Old and New Towns of Edinburgh were added to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation’s (UNESCO’s) list of World Heritage Sites in 1995.

Edinburgh manages to retain a small-town feel whilst boasting all of the attractions and facilities of a larger city. Whilst in Edinburgh you really can experience the true city life, albeit a historical and extremely cultured one, you are also in the heart of the countryside, surrounded by hills and picturesque villages, perfect to explore – and perfect for an Ecotourism student.

There are dozens of museums and galleries with unique collections in Edinburgh, or if you’re into your documentaries (as I can imagine you are as an Ecotourism student), there is a cinema that specializes in only these! How great is that?

And in terms of gaining practical experience for your Ecotourism course, you will never run out of different landscapes to explore. From the rolling hills of the countryside, the city, quaint villages and unspoilt beaches, Edinburgh has everything an Ecotourism student could dream of.

Campus Life

Did you know that over 35% of the overall student population at Edinburgh Napier University are overseas students? With students from over 100 countries, it really is the best place to gain a truly international experience.

University isn’t just about learning – despite what your parents might say… And with hundreds of restaurants, clubs, shops and art venues, Edinburgh really has something for everyone, so you’ll never run out of things to do. Plus your Ecotourism Master’s degree is definitely more than enough to keep you busy!

World Class Offerings

Edinburgh Napier University has…

  • Excellent laboratory facilities
  • Strong links with industry
  • High employment rates amongst graduates
  • Personal development tutors
  • 24-hour access to the computer centre
  • An online working environment
  • Links to universities worldwide
  • Specialist staff for all your university needs

AND, Edinburgh Napier University was voted the Top university in Scotland for environmental performance (People & Planet Green League 2012), making it the perfect place for you to study your chosen course.

What more could you possibly want from your university?

The Course

The Ecotourism course at Edinburgh Napier university takes a science framework with a business perspective. Furthermore, it gives you the chance to go on a journey… With the practical aspects of the course, you could have the chance to go on a field course in Tobago, which would give you invaluable experience into the world of Ecotourism in a different setting.

With staff who have years of experience working worldwide in wildlife conservation, there are plenty of experiences that will be shared with you, helping you to develop to your full potential! This, combined with interesting modules that will not only equip you with valuable life skills such as management and critical analysis but will also turn you into a leading Ecotourism graduate. Read more about why this is the right course for you in our recent blog, How to find the right Ecotourism degree in 5 steps.


Are you in agreement that Edinburgh is the best place in the world to study Ecotourism? After reading this blog, how could you not be?

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