Top Tips for Funding your Study Abroad Experience to the UK

Published: May 27, 2015
Updated: May 15, 2019 

Don’t let money be the reason you can’t study abroad in the UK!

Follow these top tips for funding your study abroad experience and make sure you’re on the plane to your host UK university soon…

Your university fees are covered

You can typically use your current student loan to cover the cost of studying abroad. There may also be some home university scholarships available to fund your trip too.

Although these will only cover the cost of studying, such as the tuition, it will significantly help you achieve your dream of visiting the UK!

Other things to pay for

Whether you’re staying in the UK for a summer, semester or a whole year, you need to think about the cost of living and how you’re going to fund it.

You will need to pay for accommodation in the university’s residence halls, as well as your food, drink and travel expenses etc.

According to UK student company NUS (National Union of Students), you will need around £310 per week to cover the costs of living depending on where you live.

Get a job and save up!

OK a simple tip, but one that works!

If you’ve got a part time job back home, then make sure you save some money behind to fund your study abroad experience. If you’re staying in the UK for a whole year, you can look at getting a job near your university.

There are rules about how many hours an international student can work in the UK under your visa rules, but that’s something to worry about later!

Ask the bank of Mom and Dad

Are they willing to give you an interest-free loan to help towards your living costs?

Parents and Grandparents are a great source of money, but getting the courage to ask them can be hard!

Whatever money you get from them, write out a receipt and log how much they’ve given you, and when you expect to pay them back. This way, you will feel more comfortable asking for the money, and your parents will know when the money is coming back!

Look for alternative funding

If you need just a little extra cash to make your dream real, why not look at alternative funding streams such as…

Need more tips?

For more tips on funding, visa applications, and more download our free UK Study Abroad Programs: An American Student’s Guide.

This guide will introduce you to everything you need to know about studying in the UK for a semester, summer or year and hopefully set your mind racing about the opportunity that awaits you!