Top 5 Things I’ve Learned Studying in the UK

May 8, 2017 7:00:00 PM

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Studying abroad in the UK has taught me life lessons that university does not teach. I have learned so much about myself, other cultures, and how to truly make the most out of my experience. Here is a list of 5 things I have learned whilst studying in the UK…

1. I’ve learned about different cultures

Living the UK gives you access to travel very easily and cheaply. As it is more accessible to travel here, I find myself traveling quite often and I’m always slightly different when I return. Traveling to different countries opens your mind and therefore lets you see the world from a new perspective. The simplest interactions with locals in a foreign country give you an insight to their lifestyle, cultural, and traditions. Aside from traveling, London’s international community is wonderful for learning about other cultures. There are many international festivals in the UK where you can try local food, hear the language, and experience the holidays.

 2. I’ve learned to be resilient

Living in a foreign country is an unforgettable experience, yet it does have its challenges. No one is here to walk you through every step once you move so learning as you go is essential. You can prepare up until your flight, but the real test is figuring it all out once you arrive in the UK. Learning to roll with the punches and face adversity has been the biggest lesson for me, personally. Misfortunes happen along the way; whether that is missing a bus or getting lost, learning to figure it out has been the biggest lesson thus far.

 3. I’ve learned to manage my money

Studying abroad has made me more aware of my finances. Eating out can be very expensive and I would much rather save my money for travelling. I have learned to prioritize what I want the most and budget to make all my travel dreams come true. I have even purchased a used bike to cut down on my commuting expenses such as taking the bus or the tube. I see the city up close on my bike and save money – 2 birds with one stone!

 4. I’ve learned how to have fun alone

Living without your family and long-term friends can be lonely at times; however, the independence and self-confidence you gain from living abroad is unlike any other experience. You learn more about yourself, develop amazing social skills out of necessity, and overall, you develop a sense of newfound pride when you take on a solo adventure. Making friends as an international student is pretty easy and fun, but oftentimes you are completely independent. The huge plus to this is everything is on your terms! You can go and do whatever you please; the possibilities of freedom are endless. 

 5. I’ve learned to not be afraid to explore

Coming from a small town in Kentucky, I take every opportunity to explore the UK as much as possible. There is so much to do and see in London; I want to make my time here as useful and packed with as much adventure as possible! On the weekends I will cycle to a market and walk around that area. It is an easy way to learn the diverse areas in London, find new parks, restaurants, and pubs! There is always something going on, it’s just a matter of finding it!

 Each lesson I’ve learned whilst studying in the UK has shaped me into the aspiring young professional I’ve always intended to be. Without studying in the UK, I would not have grown and developed as much as I have if I stayed in the US to study. Why not experience these things just like me? Enquire with an Across The Pond advisor today to start your UK university application.


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