The Graduate’s Guide To Studying For Your Master’s Degree In The UK

May 6, 2015 2:20:00 PM

The UK pulses with history, literature, and top quality education.

With train stations that Harry Potter travelled through frequently, car parks that are hiding monarchs underneath, and buildings haunted by Charles Dickens – Britain is one of the great cultural hubs of the world, so why wouldn’t you want to earn your Master’s degree in the UK?

Here’s a quick guide to the UK for graduate students…

Quality education is the hallmark…

…of the 160 British colleges and universities. Any survey of world education recognizes prominent UK campuses for their high calibre of teaching and research, a point of pride among the British leadership and wider population.

Program options open doors…

…to deeper and broader experiences. Some of Britain’s universities date back to the middle ages. They have been a significant contributor to specializations in the humanities, including: art history, literature, history, the classics, and more.

UK academic research regularly makes headlines in the sciences: physics, astronomy, health and medicine, and economic areas as well.

Travel is cheaper…

…and less of a hassle in the UK, as well as throughout Europe. England is densely populated around the southeast and London, but day trips and weekend adventures on public transport allow you to experience the picturesque countryside and dramatic coastal panoramas.

Graduate students can also purchase a EuroRail Student Pass and travel comfortably and safely from the UK to Paris, Brussels, Berlin, and beyond.

Time and cost…

...make UK graduate schools more attractive than you might think. Tuition varies widely by school, specialization, and length of program, but it is generally lower than or comparable to US grad schools' tuition costs. Living expenses vary depending on the location you choose.

Some scholarships are available, and US government loans can follow to your studies overseas.

Although scholarships and other sources of funding can be difficult to find, the Across the Pond team can help you identify and apply for available funding sources. To find out more, get in touch with your local advisor by clicking here.

Personal tutoring is unique… British higher education. The experience includes a personal tutoring system for support, advice, and individual guidance.

Tutors monitor and meet with students to discuss course and curriculum choices, exam results and progress, and mitigating support in the face of personal problems, poor health, or financial difficulties.

Visas require proof…

...of unconditional acceptance by a UK university. So, you need to have your application completed and accepted in advance. It is important that you do not attempt to apply for a visa until after you have a confirmation of your acceptance to study at your chosen university.

The issuance of the Visa also depends on your proof of English language skills (e.g that you are a national of a majority-English speaking country) and enough funding to cover your fees and living expenses while in the UK.

Across the Pond advisors provide visa guidance and will be on hand to answer questions as you navigate the UK visa application process.

Have a real shot… the UK’s quality education and cultural experience, but remember you will need a Bachelor's degree from an accredited US college or university and around a 2. GPA or higher in order to apply.

You can choose to enrol for a 12 month taught program, including a three month research project traditionally, or pursue a 12 to 24 month research-based program with less classroom time and more self-directed research time.

Your opportunity awaits!

Great Britain is a gateway to Europe. Its tradition of excellence welcomes over 420,000 students from throughout the world to flexible, internationally respected, and personally directed programs that launch real opportunities and promising careers.

Will you be the next international student success story? Your opportunity awaits you…

A Guide for american students for studying in the uk

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